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tl by danluffey

top: Youth explodes!! A 32-page one-shot!
side: Why don't I have a boyfriend? Why? Why?
bottom slanted: A new fresh appearance!
Anno Moyoko

1: This month's Love Inspiration!
2: You'll get a huge boost to your charm and have the opposite sex staring endlessly at you!!
3: Your ideal boyfriend will zoom right to you!!
4: You'll be so popular you'll shout from joy!
5: Seriously?!
6: How about this one?
7: What?! A big chance is coming for girls without boyfriends?!
8: What should I do? My love luck is at its peak!
9: Shigeta-san.

1: You're working right now!!
sfx: Sssshhh
2: Welcooome.
3: /Ahh...
4: /Fortunes are always the same...'this summer you'll meet a wonderful gentleman.'
5: /That's never happened once to me.

1: Hm?
2: /Ooh...he's not bad.
3: /Take me away to a distant village on the beach...
4: Sorry, did you wait long?
5: /Geh!

1: /That's the girl who always comes
2: /and never buys anything but telephone cards!
3: Where do you wanna go?
4: /Grrrrr...
5: /Why does everyone have someone?
6: /And why don't have I anyone? Why?!

1: Shigeta-san.
2: What are you brooding about now?
sfx: stare
3: Takahashi-kun.
sign: Book Fair
4: Yes?
5: Do you have a girlfriend?
6: No.
7: /Yeah. That's what I thought.
8: Why do you ask?
sfx: thunk
9: ...no reason.

1: /There's nothing but couples outside...
2: /Anyone who isn't with someone is either...
3: [a mom
[an old person
[or out of the question
3: [Takahashi (20) Owner
4: /And these are the only two men who work with me.
5: /I used to work with all women, but I quit and came here. It's been a whole month now...
6: /so why haven't I met anyone?!
7: Ummm.

1: I'm looking for a book.
2: /What?!
3: /He's perfect! (Not too sweet or spicy!
4: Yes, what kind of book?!
5: Um...hold on.
6: Huh...that's strange.
7: /Is this the guy that's supposed to zoom right to me?

1: That's strange. Did I forget my note?
2: Guess I forgot it...
3: /I like where this is going!
4: Do you remember the title?
5: The title...
6: Nope. Someone asked me to come buy it.
7: Ah well.
8: /Uuuu!
sfx: grin
9: I'll have to come back again.
10: /What a wonderful smile!
11: /swoon
sfx: wham
12: Shigeta-san! (Not again!
13: You're working right now!

1: /Maybe the rose quartz that I've kept on my person ever since last autumn is finally working!!
2: (Ufufufu!
3: /Everyone probably forgot about theirs, but I still have mine!!
sfx: bish!
4: Yay!
5: [customer
6: Shigeta-san!!
sfx: hop
7: Please, just go on your break now!
8: /Last summer, I got dumped.
9: What?
10: Umm
11: Like I said...I have a girlfriend...didn't I tell you?
sfx: shake
12: You didn't!
13: You didn't tell me at all!!
14: /What about when we made love in the moonlight in that park by the ocean?

1: /What about when he suddenly came to my house and pushed me down?
2: /The fact that he never used a condom? Wasn't that a symbol of his love?
3: People call that "getting fucked a few times."
4: But!
5: Not "a boyfriend."
6: But he said he loved me!!
sfx: waaaaaan
7: /I don't ever want to experience that again.
8: /I want the real thing...a real boyfriend.

sfx: clack
1: /That's right!!
2: /I'm going to put chips down on that clean-looking guy!!
3: Good work today!
4: Ah, Shigeta-san.
5: Back to what we talked about at lunch today...
6: Shigeta-san...
7: do you have a boyfriend?
8: /Why is he asking me this?

1: Not
2: right now...
3: /Don't tell me...
4: O,
5: Ohh.
6: I seeee...
7: /This reaction...is he happy to hear that?
8: /Sometimes I see people walking and smiling to themselves...
sfx: ufufufu
9: /It must be something like that!
10: /Wait, I don't have time for this!
11: Ah...
12: I'm in a hurry now, so please excuse me!

1: /Sorry, Takahashi!! But I already found a man today.
2: /I need to shape myself up for tomorrow.
3: Welcome back, Fuku-chan!
4: You look like you're in a good mood.
5: I had a meeting with love!!
6: (Ahhh, I'm tired!
7: He was a customer! Super lovely and super clean-looking!
8: He made me swoon just by smiling at me!!
9: Here she goes again...
10: Hey,
11: he might come again tomorrow...

1: Let me borrow some makeup and teach me how to do makeup like a cute girl!
2: You're a beautician, aren't you?
sfx: whiiine
3: You don't know for sure that he'll come tomorrow.
4: But...I need to be ready for when he does!
5: (Time for a bath!
6: He won't, he won't.
7: Besides, he's just a customer, right? It's not like you really talked with him.
8: I talked with him!!
9: You're so mean, Fuku-chan!! And you use too much makeup!!
10: I'm taking a bath first!!
11: /I can't believe she's 24...
12: Hmph! He's going to come! Just you watch!
sfx: splat
13: My arms...are fat...my stomach too...
14: /Am I...fat?

1: /And ugly?!
2: /What's going on?
3: /I thought I was a little cuter than this!
4: /At least a little more...
5: /I've gone a year without love now...Maybe my anger towards him and my jealousy towards other couples have made both my body and my heart ugly!!

1: /What should I do? I can't stay like this...
2: Fuku-chan! Let me borrow your Svelt!
3: I mean, give me some!
4: Now what...
5: And that Clarins stuff that makes your boobs bigger!
6: But you said you'd never use it...
7: /After that, I woke up Fuku-chan and had her teach me how to do makeup,
8: /and tied up my hair....
9: /am I cute now?
10: (This is Fuku-chan's makeup...
11: /I look kinda scary.
12: /Did I go overboard? (I'll look out of place in the store...)
13: ...Welcome...

1: (It was on TV last night!
2: /That's the girl from yesterday...now that I look closer, her man isn't all that great...
3: /What does she look so happy for?
4: /Shut up already!
sfx: Huh?
5: /Ugly!
6: /If my heart's ugly, then my face will be too!
7: /I bet I look really ugly right now.
8: /I want to go home...to somewhere where no one can see me!
9: Shigeta-san, you look really pretty today.

1: I mean, you always look pretty, but...
2: Are you blind?
3: What?!
4: What about me looks pretty?!
5: Huh?!
6: I look twisted, don't I? The filth in my heart is seeping out through my skin!!
7: Really?
8: I think you look pretty, though.

1: Maybe you just have low standards.
sfx: sigh
2: /I hope he doesn't come today...please, please don't come!
3: /I don't want him to see me like this.
4: I brought the note today...
5: Can you help me?
6: Give it to me, I'll take care of it...
7: Sh...
8: Shigeta-san!! (Get out from behind there!)

1: Please write your name, address, and phone number here.
sfx: skritch
2: Takada-kun...thats his name. He really is cool.
3: Here.
sfx: slip
4: /Shigeta-san. Please call me.

1: See ya.
2: Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!
3: I did it!
sfx: whoom
4: Shigeta-san, you have a customer.
5: /It's finally here...love...

1: /Finally, I'm going to be happy too!
2: Welcooooome!
3: (That'll be 720 yeeen!
4: /It's been three days...I can't wait to call him.
5: Huh? You ordered that book, didn't you?
6: /The book hasn't come, and he hasn't come back, either...
7: You seem to be in good spirits lately, Shigeta-san.

1: That hairstyle looks good on you too.
2: Ah!
3: snap
4: /If Takahashi likes me, and things go well between me and that guy...
5: Sorry, but the truth is, I do have a boyfriend...
6: /Takahashi will have to suffer just like I once did.
sfx: thunk
7: /I'm going to tell him.
8: Umm, the truth is...
9: Kayoko?

1: Long time no see.
2: You work here now?
3: /Geh...it's the guy I saw a few times over summer!
4: See ya.
5: Work hard now...
6: snicker
7: frizzy hair
8: no makeup / the same t-shirt as last year / apron / fat arms / fat legs / hasn't shaved
9: He could at least ask me if I got a boyfriend! He brought his own woman in with him!!

1: /Ugggggh...this is really bad...
2: Is that a friend of yours?
sfx: glare
3: I don't know him at all!!
4: /I'm not alone either. I have a (person who might become my) boyfriend now!!
5: /Who cares if the book hasn't come yet?
6: /All I need is passion, a chance, and
7: Hello?

1: Hey.
2: /timing!
3: I've been waiting.
4: snicker
5: Ahhh...

1: /Ahh...I'm so happy...
2: What?
3: Do you love me?
4: Hmmm...
5: Yeah, I love you.
6: Then am I your girlfriend now, Takada-kun?
7: Hmmm...let's not talk about that.

1: I want you to go on being the girl at the bookstore.
2: Let's not get to know each other too deeply.
3: That way it'll stay exciting.
4: You look better with your hair down, you know. Not up like you had it earlier.
5: It makes you look like one of those sexy girls.
6: One of those sexy girls?! What's that supposed to mean?!

1: And besides, what I want is a BOYFRIEND!!
2: NOT a sex friend!!
3: Hey...what's wrong? Don't get so mad...
4: I don't need this either!!
sfx: smack
5: Idiot!
6: You make no sense...
7: (Rose quartz
8: Uuuu...
9: /This again?
10: /Where's my real boyfriend?

1: /Why do I always end up alone?
2: Shigeta-san?!
3: /No, this isn't what I want...I want someone cooler! I want a cool guy who would never fall for a girl like me!
4: Waaaaaahhh!

1: /Fuku-chan was shocked.
2: That's why I told you
3: NOT to go over his place!!
4: /And Takahashi...
package: Anpan Bread
paper: To Shigeta-san
5: /'They say that people grow up after crying a river of tears.'
6: /'Cheer up!!' -Takahashi.
7: Siiiigh...
8: /You can do it, Shigeta-san!
9: /Why can't I get a boyfriend? Why? Where is everyone finding theirs?
10: /When will I be happy?


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