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chapter 1.


tl by danluffey

1: Who's in love right now?!

1: /Who's in love right now?
2: /Itami-senpai!!
3: /I've been watching him for three weeks.
4: /Could now...be my chance?
5: /I like him.
6: /It's almost winter vacation, and after that, third-years will stop coming to school. And right after that...

1: /he'll graduate.
2: /I have to get in contact with him before then.
3: /He should know my face...we live in the same apartment complex, after all.
4: /I can't mess up here.
5: Senpai.

1: I like you.
2: Please go out with me!!!

sfx: dash
1: /What should I do? My heart...I can't breathe, I couldn't even say my name! I just like him so much!
sfx: haa haa

1: ...my acting was flawless!!
sfx: whap
2: Now he'll definitely come and ask what my name is.
3: It's perfect!!!
sfx: hahahaha Yaaaay
4: What was that?
5: Weirdo.
6: Who was she, anyway...?

1: I'm hooooome!
2: Guess I'll think up another plan before cram school.
3: Kufufu...what should I do to him next?
4: That last one should have left an impact on him.
5: /After studying a ton of romance movies, TV shows, and books, I, a normal second-year middle schooler, have discovered a fundamental rule!
6: Nao, go to sleep already!
7: Just let me stay up a little longer!
8: /Just thinking hard and staring at the object of your affection won't cut it. But if you come on too hard, they'll just end up using you.
book titles: Fall in Love / Thinking like Oedipus / How to Love Properly / Theories of Love / In Love
9: /There's only one answer.
10: /You need to make them fall in love with you!!

1: If you take a highhanded approach and just make them think you're into them, you might not be able to withdraw later.
2: So you need to tell them you like them at first and make them think about it,
3: and then wait for true romance to happen!
4: It's perfect...a truly masterful plan, even for me!!
5: Maybe I should start giving lectures on middle schooler love in my advanced seminar.
6: Grandpa, what are you doing?
sfx: thwack
7: Oww!
8: This is the good part! A middle school girl is just about to awaken to her sexuality...
sfx: whisper mutter
9: I can't miss this precious moment! I've been watching Nao day and night now...
10: Grandpa!!
11: Hey, that hurt!
12: Look, mom's calling you!

1: You were peeping on room #12 across from us, weren't you?
2: You have to stop it, they've been complaining to us!
3: Hmph!!
4: ME, peep?
5: I'll have you know...
6: I was merely gazing at a star!
7: A little star.
8: Why are you lying?
9: I know you went and saw her the other day.
10: You can't lie to me.

1: I'm smart enough to know
2: when I'm being cheated on!!
3: Huh? NTV? Yeah...
4: Why are you changing the subject?
5: We're the Gal-Gal Team!
6: From the right! Takaido Mayumi!
7: You'd better be here to pick me up today.
8: No matter what!!
9: Akiyama Serikaaaa!

1: Ahh, it's Serika-chan!
2: Finally, she's started to appear regularly on these shows.
3: In the beginning, all the other women would make such a fuss, but then she'd only be on for two or three seconds.
4: Hey, it's a tough industry. She's doing her best.
5: ...you've really become a big fan of hers, haven't you?
6: C'mon, don't be silly.
7: She's representing our town! It's only natural that I'd want to support her.
8: You two haven't been getting along between the sheets, have you?
9: Grandpa!!
10: Tetsu, where's your sister?
11: Cram school!

1: I heard Takeda-sensei has a girlfriend.
2: Yeah...I bet he does. He's a cool guy...
3: Nao!!
4: Oh...yeah, I guess there's no point in talking to you about it.
5: I just can't believe someone could hate Takeda-sensei.
6: I don't hate him. He's a good teacher.
7: My rank went up after he started teaching me, you know.
8: It's just...pseudo-romance with a teacher is kinda...
9: (Mmm...
10: (Grrr...

1: Your little thing with Itami-senpai is no different!!
2: Yes it is!!
3: Hey, class is starting!
sfx: click
4: Close your books!
5: Huh?
sfx: silence
6: What? No smart comments this time?
7: In these cases, you need to put parenthesis around the formulas and think of them that way.
8: /Yes, of course, Itami-senpai is in the next class over, which starts 30 minutes after ours. (That's why I entered this cram school.)
9: Well? Who wants to try this high-level problem?
10: /If only he'd turn my way when he walks to class...

1: Nozawa Nao!
2: OK!!
3: That's the answer.
sfx: oooohhhh
4: Fufu...not bad...I knew you could do it.
5: Because of him, I missed my chance! (To look at senpai!)
6: Sensei was staring at you the whole time you were watching the hall, you know.
7: Yeah! That's why I got so worked up.

1: Huh? Aren't you going home, Nao?
2: Hm? It's ambush time!
3: Woahh...you never cease to surprise us. Stalker!
4: Don't catch a cold.
5: Bye bye!
6: See you tomorrow!
7: /I like waiting for him like this. All I need to do is think about him. I like being that kind of girl, too. We spend so much of our life studying...devoting some time to love is also necessary for us, I think.
8: I'll need to think up a better plan since I couldn't glance at him earlier.

1: You need to add a tag question when negating the previous sentence.
2: Use the negative form when affirming, just like Ikebukuro station.
3: The west exit leads to the East Tobu line, and the east exit leads to the West Seibu line. I always get confused.
sfx: ahahahaha
4: Now for the next example sentence.
5: Ahhh, I use this sentence a lot. I think it'll come in handy for you guys, too.
6: Kyaaa! Sensei, you're so perverted!

1: This is the important part, Itami-kun.
2: If you have any problems, you can ask me later.
sfx: chatter
3: /Ambushing him twice in one day would be a little too much, so I'll pretend like I'm going back to the classroom to get my notebook. I'll cut through the third-years, go back inside the cram school, and then bump into him...

1: Is it a girl?
2: It's alright. I know how to keep secrets.
3: That's not what I mean...
4: What else could you mean, then?
5: You should be able to get into the high school you want with no trouble at all, and when your parents came to talk to me, they seemed to be getting along well.
6: Hm?
sfx: slip
7: I have homework, so I need to go home.

1: Alright then. God night!!
2: Let me know if you ever have any problems.
3: Huh? Senpai...when did he get out there?!
4: Nooooo!
5: When did I miss him?
sfx: thunk
6: Ahhhh! He's gooone!
7: Itami Arata, huh? You really like cracking the tough nuts...
8: I should say the same to you, Takeda-sensei.
9: Akiyama Yurina was too high a hurdle, huh?
10: Who did you change targets to?

1: That second year...Nozawa Nao, was it?
2: Uuuuu...
3: I couldn't catch up to him...
sfx: haaah...

1: Maiji, you liar...
2: Haah
3: Ahhh
4: No...
5: Yes! That's it!!

sfx: wham
1: You're doing it wrong!!!
2: You need to slide it! Not flick it back and forth!
3: How many times do I need to tell you?
4: Serika...
5: Ahh! I'm tired, I'm going home.
6: Wait, Serika.
7: Don't go.
8: Can you stop that? This isn't love, romance, or anything.
9: It's sex. Sex!
10: And I was just trying it out.
11: Don't be like that...

1: I like you, Serika. I love you.
2: I think about you all day.
3: I also love myself.
4: And I think about myself all day too.
5: Kekeke!

1: Hey, Arata!
2: How's that studying going, eh?
3: Shut up. What are you in such a good mood for?
4: I thought I told you already.
5: I got this milf customer that looks kind of like Tanaka Yuuko from those Suntory commercials...
6: She always picks out these little flowers.
sfx: bend
7: While I was wrapping up her flowers, she bent her body this way to sniff them.
8: Like this!! Isn't that cute?
9: You're creeping me out...
sfx: slam

1: What's been eating him lately?
2: He's nervous about his exams.
3: He's just stressed out.
4: Geez...I wish they'd just shut up.
5: Idiots.
6: Ahhhh.
7: Shit...
book: Akiyama Serika Photo Collection

1: Fufufu...
2: Heeey.
3: What's going n?
4: He said he designed his hair to look like Nao's...
5: He said he was cosplaying! He actually said that!
6: Kyaaaa! Ewww!
7: Hamamatsu is so creepy!!!
8: What should we do? He's in love with Nao!
9: This is so scary!
10: /I can't breathe...I'm suffocating every day...give me some oxygen!

1: There's no way he's actually in love with me!!
2: He just thinks he is, that's all!
3: But what if,
4: he's like, thinking of you when he masturbates?
5: Kyaaaaaa!
6: Are you alright, Nao? Are you alright?!
7: Someone! Sensei!
8: Asano, this is all your fault! You can't say stuff like that!

1: Mmmmmm...
2: Mmmm...
sfx: snap
3: Grrr, it's already fourth period! (mutter)
4: (mutter) I guess everyone's in the music room now. I don't want to come in halfway through class...

1: Why are you ignoring me?
2: /That's senpai's voice...!!
3: Let me go.

1: Just give up already.

1: Akiyama Yurina...a popular, beautiful girl who's been scouted by dozens of agencies.
2: Her measurements are 75/53/78. She likes Maiji, the vocalist of the visual kei band Slyme.
3: Too bad, huh? Nothing but unrequited love for you!
4: Ufu!
5: /What's with him?!
6: /I'm not really shocked...just sort of disappointed. It's really weird!!

1: /If he likes Akiyama Yurina, that means he's just a normal guy...
2: /And she rejected him. That's so lame.
3: /Senpai was the only reason I've really been going to school and cram school.
4: /I don't feel like going anymore.
5: /I was late today, so I must as well cut.
6: /What could I do to support him now?
7: Screw you, Itami-senpai!!
8: Oh, I feel so stupid!
9: Ah!
10: /What have I done...

1: /That's strange...now, after my feelings have cooled off...
2: /I met up with him so easily.
3: You're cutting cram school today?
4: Yeah...
5: Why do you like me?

1: /He's only asking me this because he was rejected today. He's trying to make me say I like him again.
2: Because you're cool...
3: I guess...
4: /But I don't want him now...I wish he'd just stop it...

1: Maiji from Slyme was walking up there!!
2: No way...
3: Haa...
4: Ah!
sfx: turn

1: See ya...
2: later.

1: I DO like him!!
2: /The moon's rising...
3: /Oh no...I forgot to ask her name again.
4: /The clouds are flowing, and I can hear the wind.
5: /Who's in love right now?
6: Maiji!! You came to pick me up?
7: Yeah, because you were crying.

1: I'm not crying...
2: Stop crying.
3: /Geez.
4: /Love this, romance that...
5: /I love senpai.
6: /My love's been reborn?!
7: /What's so fun about this?
8: /I don't get it.


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