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tl by danluffey

text: I want to be chosen by a QUEEN BEE!!

bototm text: Special extra pages

1: Pack, pack!
sfx: peel
sfx: shave
2: Eyebrows, eyebrows!
3: Mmmmmm!
sfx: smack

1: /Woaaaahhh!
2: /She's so cute!

1: But...uhhh...
2: there was this really cool guy next to him.
3: Seriously?
4: If it was me, I'd get her attention and steal her in no time.
5: You've got no game, Komatsu!!
6: I'd steal her before she knew what hit her!!
7: Like BAM!
sfx: jerk
8: /Yamada...I feel sorry for you.
9: /Guess he's gotten tired of thinking realistically...
bottom line: *This is a work of fiction.

1: /We're in the "boring guys" category of our class...
2: /Girls won't even look at us!!
3: /And you think you could steal her before she knew what hit her?!
4: What school does she go to?
5: Maybe I'll ambush her.
6: You really think she'll talk to you?!
sfx: uraaaahhh
7: Know your plaaaaaace!

1: /...is what I'd like to say to him.
2: /But I can't.
3: /This is why I'm a boring guy.
sfx: heheh
4: I bet...she's got a sadistic streak to her.
5: Oh yeah? Those types are easy to snatch up.
6: Komatsuuu!
7: /And even when they do talk to us once in a blue moon...
8: Your hair looks weird.
9: Gyahaha!
10: You're so mean, Sakura!
11: But come on, it looks like a helmet or something.
12: (Where do you come up with this stuff?
13: I was just trying to help him.
14: /Dammiiiiiit!

1: /That's always how it goes...
2: /Is this how it's always going to be, too?
3: /Despised by violent women
4: /and ignored by the cute ones!
5: /I don't want to live my whole life
sfx: Nuooooohh
6: /like this!

1: /But...
sfx: fufu
2: /I know what kind of a guy I really am, sadly enough.
3: /No matter how hard I try...
sfx: ufufufu
4: Your hair looks weird!!
5: Like a helmet, huh?
6: I was trying to copy off GLAY!!
7: I'm gonna go home and build a plastic Gundam model!!
8: That's my favorite thing to do.
9: /Huh?
10: (He's good-looking!

1: /That's...
2: /I'd never forget that face... (because he's good-looking.)
3: /the guy that was with that girl!!
4: /Yamada's with this guy...
5: /There's no way I can talk to him, though.
6: /He looks like he's strong, and he's wearing cool clothes too...
7: /Maybe he's going to meet her...

1: What's in this building?
sign: Men's Aesthetic Salon - Beautiful Man World
2: What...but I thought he was a cool guy...
3: A salon?!
4: So he's that kinda guy, huh?
5: Wahaha! What a loser!
6: Wahahahaha...
7: ha...

1: Welcooooom!!
2: No...I...I just wanted to take a peek...
3: Please, let me go!!
4: /What's going on?! Who are all these creepy old men?!
5: Sshhh!
6: It's alright, you don't need to be shy!!
7: (C'mon!
8: So what if you're a little embarrassed?

1: Don't you want to be popular?
2: Popular?!
3: That's right!!
4: They say that what's inside is important when it comes to men...but if you look bad on the outside, no one will take time to look at what's inside!!
5: Women are such bitches!!
sfx: kiiiiii
6: Uhhh...
7: But...I'm nothing special on the inside, either...so I don't really think a salon would...
8: help much...
9: That doesn't matter!!
10: (Stooopid!
11: All you need to do is make yourself look good, and you'll be popular!!
12: /True...the first thing to do is make sure they notice me.
13: Umm...how much does it cost?
14: Oh, you'd like to join our program?
15: Kyaaa! Magnificent!

1: /I'm such an idiot...
1: Good morning!
2: Your eyebrows...I'm cut just a little bit off, OK?
3: You've got to change yourself little by little...
4: Kyaaaaa! He looks sooooo handsome now!
5: That'll be 8000 yen.
6: Gaaahh?!
7: /I can't help but hide them...
8: /And of course, no one says anything...
9: /I knew it...no matter how hard boring guys try...
10: /I guess I should just be happy that no one's laughing at me.

1: /Wh..what? She's looking at me!
2: Ahhh.
3: You messed with your eyebrows, didn't you?
sfx: twitch...
4: Now, if only you had a cool haircut...
sfX: throb

1: /What...?!
2: Sakura, let's go buy some food.
3: Okie dokie.
4: I'll be right there.
5: /If only I had a cool haircut? What's she talking about?!
6: /Don't tell me...she...
7: If just changing myself a little bit got me that far,
8: /I got results this fast?!
9: then what'll happen if I change myself even more?
10: /Could I really get a date with her?
11: Just, uhh...

1: /I'm going to withdraw every last yen I have!!
2: change me as much as you can!!
3: As much as I can...?
4: Does this mean you've prepared yourself?
5: (Is it really that big of a deal?
6: Y...yes!!
7: Your life will change forever, you know.

1: First, we'll have to do something about that haircut.
2: Indeed!!
3: /No, tell me how you REALLY feel...
4: It looks like a wig, or something.
5: What were you thinking, honestly?
6: Y-you guys have weirder haircuts than I do!!
7: Oh my!!
8: So you CAN be honest if you really try.
9: Uuu...
10: That's it! Keep it up!!
11: You can do it, Komatsu-kun!!

1: /Be honest...?
2: /I'm going to be honest to Oota Sakura...
3: /and to Yamada!
sfx: snip snip
4: /Yes! I'm going to be cool!
5: /I'm not just thinking this! I'm really going to change myself into a guy who can say whatever's on his mind!
sfx: snip
6: (Man, this is itchy!
7: /HUH?!

1: /Hold on a minute!
2: /Do you even have a beautician's license?!
3: I know exactly what you're thinking.
4: This haircut looks weird.
5: Th-then...(why?!)
6: Why do you think this establishment is called "BEAUTIFUL MAN WORLD?!"
7: In this case, the length of your hair
8: matters not!
10: Your hair doesn't matter! All you need to do is think "I'm cool!"
11: Do that, and girls will start to think so too!

1: Now you need to touch yourself up!
2: Eyebrows and hair styling!
3: Styling...?
4: (Hey, mister...
5: No matter how I look at this...
6: It just seems like some amateur's half-assed attempt at cutting hair...
7: You need to fix yourself up with your own power!!
8: That'll make you more beautiful!!
9: /I'm an idiot...I can't believe I let them fool me like that...
10: They took 10,000 this time...
11: /They forced me to style myself...it took me two hours to fix everything...
12: /I managed to salvage myself somehow, but...
sfx: whisper...
13: /I should have just gone to a barber...
14: That looks cool!

1: That!!
2: Oota...
3: (Morning!
4: See, I told you so!
5: I got a call from this girl I used to date...
6: Yamada...
7: She still can't get over me. Poor thing...
8: Wake up and look at yourself!!
9: /I can do this...I can do this!!
10: ...huh?

1: /I've changed myself.
2: /Guess it really was necessary to spend two hours...
3: /Is that Beautiful Man World's secret?
4: Umm.
5: If...you're free right now, would you mind having a cup of tea with me?
6: /Woah?!
7: I...I'm not trying to sell a product or anything.

sfx: smack
1: Ah!
2: It's OK if you don't want to.
3: /An older woman...just hit on me!!
4: /I'm so moved I can't speak!
5: /Shit!! What am I doing?!
6: I'm popular!!
7: All I did was cut my hair and mess with my eyebrows a little!!
8: Everyone's staring at me...
9: /Girls
10: /are looking at me!

1: /They keep looking at me...
2: /If their eyes are on me, that means...
3: This is amazing!!
4: /I'm in their firing range?!
5: Beautiful Man World is the best!!

1: /The time has finally come!
2: /I need to talk to her...

sfx: pitter patter
1: /No...wait...
2: /If I really want her to look at me...
sfx: fwah...
3: /Then I need to wait for her to speak to me!!

1: /Then I'll know that I really have true love!
2: I need to wait!!
3: That guy's eyes looked totally insane.
4: Did you see him? He was totally staring at you.
5: Huh...?
6: Really?!
7: What kind of guy was he?

1: He had really thin eyebrows, the kind that's popular right now.
2: The kind that guys who go to those aesthetic salons have.
3: I went to one recently in order to pass out some fliers.
4: They're pretty popular, I guess.
5: Wow, there are men who actually
6: go to aesthetic salons?!
7: What would you do if a guy like that tried to talk to you?
8: Are you kidding me?
9: Who cares?

1: I don't even look at
2: guys like that.
3: Welcoooome, Komatsu-sama!!
sfx: wham
4: Excuse me!
5: Is there anything else you can change about me?
6: Welcome to Beautiful Man World!!


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