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Chapter 01.


tl by danluffey

(*Oiran: A type of yūjo, "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, they are distinguished from the yūjo in that they were entertainers, and many became celebrities of their times outside the pleasure districts. Their art and fashions often set trends among the wealthy and, because of this, cultural aspects of oiran traditions continue to be preserved to this day. The word oiran comes from the Japanese phrase 'oira no tokoro no nēsan,' which translates into "my elder sister." -Wikipedia)
1: My oiran's the prettiest!
2: No!! My oiran is!
3: Nooo!
4: Ahh! Oiran!
5: Oiran!! Yooo!
sfx: snatch
6: Shuddap!!

Chapter 1

1: Oiran

1: What's going on?
2: Ma'am.
3: Kiyoha-san
4: punched Takao-san's child, Shigeji, and made him cry.
5: Pipes are so conveniennnnnt...
6: [Kiyoha works at Tamagikuya. She's a high ranking suite holder (zashiki-mochi) who costs double.
7: I can lay on my back and smoke, and no ash falls anywhere!
8: [She's far from cultured, but she's the No. 3 girl at this brothel.

sfx: squeak
1: Owww!
2: What are you doing, barging into someone's room like that?!
3: What do you want?!
4: That's my line. What's the big idea?
5: Trying to oppose ME, of all people!
6: I wasn't trying to oppose you, exactly. I just don't like you.
7: You
8: and that little shrimp next to you.
sfx: snap

1: /This way...come this way...
2: /That's it...he's coming...
3: Tch!
4: Hey.
5: Do you know that guy? He's our oiran's
6: lover.
7: He's a ukiyo-e painter or something, but he's a really melancholic fellow.
8: I can't believe she'd pay out of her own pocket for someone like him.
9: She must not have some veteran granny trying to keep her down like we do.
10: Kiyoha!!

1: What?
2: How about you stop babbling nonsense and try to attract a customer for once?
3: You're too picky with your customers, you know that?!
4: You may as well be serving tea to the other girls.
5: You're absolutely pathetic!

1: Oh no! Kiyoha!
2: Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, bitch?!
3: Someone!
4: Are you alright, oiran?!
sfx: waaah
5: Why is she so quick to pick fights like that?
6: If she'd just sit and shut up, she'd be a perfect catch.
7: There's nothing wrong with her physically.
8: Look, she even pissed on her!

1: Do that again, and you're outta here.
2: I'll throw you into one of those run-down huts by the riverside.
3: What are you so unhappy about,
4: Kiyoha?
5: Haha...
6: The world of prostitutes is a world of suffering.
7: There isn't a single thing
8: to be happy about.

1: What about you,
2: Seiji-san?
3: What makes you happy?
4: Well?
5: Save those tricks for your clients.

1: Shigeee!
2: Shigejiiiii!
3: Deliver this letter for me!
4: I saw...
5: I saw her...
6: Saw what?

1: Kiyoha was rubbing Seiji, the supervisor's crotch
2: in the futon room.
3: You're really a sharp one, you know that? Digging up dirt on Kiyoha at your age...
4: Don't tell anyone, now! Save a nugget like that for when you really need it.
sfx: Yoh!
5: OK, got it!
6: Oiran!
7: Now deliver this for me.
8: Yes ma'aaaam!

1: Is Kiyoha the girl you've been bullying?
2: Yes, that's right.
3: I heard you and her got into a fight today.
4: When I passed by the girls today.
5: She was staring at me...with THOSE eyes.
6: It was pretty creepy...
7: Owwww!!
sfx: yoink

1: Trying to get someone's attention through jealousy is such a low-level tactic.
2: Not necessarily.
3: She isn't like you, someone who's made a name for herself through her feminine wiles.
4: She's good-looking, and she's stubborn.
5: Mitsu-san.
6: You know it, too.
7: So why are you being such a bully?
8: No matter how many customers there may be, you're the only one I truly love...
9: Why won't you believe me?

1: Haa...
2: No...don't start moving again...
3: More, more...suck harder...
4: Ahhh...
5: That's it...
6: I'm going to die...I'm going to die...

1: Yes...I really want to, too...
2: I want to kill you...and die with you...
3: It's closing time, and you're still awake?
4: Ahh!! The evil Kiyoha!
5: What are you calling me evil for?
6: I'm not afraid of you anymore! I've got dirt on you now!
7: Ohh!
sfx: yoink

1: Well then GET afraid...
2: Because you're in upside-down land now!!
3: That's where I'm gonna go when I die!
4: I wonder where my oiran will go when she dies?
5: She said she was going to commit suicide with sensei.
6: That's a good one.
7: Painters are all perverts, you know.
8: They'd never die for some cheap whore.

1: Kyaaa!
2: Someooone!
3: This is terrible!!
4: Sensei disappeared!
5: He's not gonna get away with this!
6: Shigeji!! Don't look!!

1: He...killed her!
2: This is horrible...absolutely horrible!
3: Lord, please have mercy on us!
4: I've seen Mitsunobu around with other girls, so I knew something was up.
5: Funny, she was always saying
6: "falling in love is against the law," or something like that.
7: She got killed by the man she loved. I doubt she'll rest in peace now.

1: You bitch! Don't say bad things about my oiran!
2: So what if one or two whores die? Who cares?
3: My oiran was beautiful, nice, smelled good, and...
4: Hieeee!
5: Hey...
sfx: grab

1: ...oiran...
sfx: thud
2: I said shut up with that shit!!
3: Your oiran is dead and gone!
4: Ehoh...

1: Kiyoha-chan, you're going too far! She's only a child!
2: If you feel so sorrow for her, then how about trading places?!
3: /Oiran have to be beautiful, obviously. They also need to be educated, elegant, and stubborn. Otherwise they won't make it.
4: She worked so hard from her first day of training as a hikkomi-kamuro,
5: and now, just when she had finally bloomed...
6: Things had really just begun for her.
7: She wouldn't have ended up
8: like us old whores.
9: She could sing waka, haiku, knew tea ceremony and flower arrangement, could play shogi...
10: Maybe Wakagiku-san could take her place.

1: Yeah right.
2: Ahaha! Then it'll have to be you, Kiyoha-chan!
3: Can you even imagine what a pain in the ass it must be to carry the entire fate of this place on your shoulders?
4: It's no wonder she was desperate for some shithead lover. There's no way I'm doing that!
5: Someone just came and bought Wakagiku's freedom,
6: Kiyoha.

1: ...so?
2: We need you...
3: We need to put someone in our top spot in order to stay on the ranked list.
4: You're all we have!
sfx: slide
5: Kiyoha!!!

1: What does it matter who you pick? Go grab someone else!
2: We can't do that!
3: I like things the way they are!!
4: I like being second or third and complaining about it!!
5: You're the only one we can really trust!
6: Seiji!!
7: C'mon, back me up here!
8: Oiran.

1: Please,
2: oiran.
3: /Oiran!!

1-2: Oiran...!!
3: Cut it out...
3: Oiran!
4: Oiran!!
5: Wait!
6: ...so Kiyoha's an oiran too...?
7: [Eventually, she would come to be known as Higurashi of Tamagikuya, the top oiran in Yoshiwara.
8: Would you quit it already?!
9: [but at this time, she was still just a zashiki-mochi who costed double.
10: Chapter 1 / END


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