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1. [The Book of Awakenings]


tl by danluffey

Until the Moon Sets
1. [The Book of Awakenings]

1: /I have no name.

1: /Just like how each serving cup is not given its own name.
2: /I am
3: /simply called thus...
4: White child.
5: Should we bring our wars with our neighbors to an end?
6: Please, tell us the word of our Lord God...
sfx: tap
7: /When the priests pour the holy wine into my lips,
8: /I leave myself,

1: /and a piece of God fills me.
2: /I simply place it on my tongue, mixing it with air, and spit it out,
3: /with no understanding of what I'm actually saying.
4: /By the end of the day, I am debilitated.
5: /The priestesses cleanse my body, and I sleep like the dead.
6: /Then it happens again,
7: /and again,
8: /and again.

1: Next! Enter!
sfx: clack
sfx: clack clack
sfx: thunk
sfx: smack crack
2: Where's Zeal?!

1: Far to the west.
2: Go with the golden butterfly,
3: and open the gate of night.
4: On yesterday's tomorrow...
sfx: slam
5: You...
6: false prophets...!

1: What?!
2: The white child was kidnapped?!
3: You mean she was taken out from the temple?!
4: Why didn't you stop this?!
5: Where were the guards?!
6: High Priest, I...
7: umm...

1: I see the light of the enemies.
2: Blood...blood soaks soars.
3: I'm turning into snow, and leaping from my mama's arms!
4: Deccar incense...?
5: Yes. After inspecting the vault, we found that one bag had been stolen.
6: A bag of pana leaves, a sobering agent, was also missing. He probably chewed on them to retain his consciousness as he committed the crime.
7: Just...
8: who was he...?

1: Someone connected to the temple?
2: We don't know, but he somehow knew the secret to leaving the temple.
3: Find him at once...
4: No matter what it takes!
sfx: slip
sfx: rustle
sfx: rustle
5: Uwahh!

1: Woahwoahwoah! It's me! Me!
2: Og, master! It's Og!
3: You?
4: What are you doing here?
5: What am I doing? Come on, ow...
6: I heard that you came home with a head sickness.
7: I was just so worried, I couldn't help myself. So I came to
8: check up on you...
9: Hah.
10: I believe you came to check up on me because you were worried...worried that you may lose your source of income, that is.
11: It's really too bad...

1: My father's dead.
2: R...really? When did that happen?
3: Last night. I buried him this morning.
4: W...
5: Well...
6: Don't let it get you down, master.
7: If there's anything I can do...
8: There isn't.
sfx: whap
9: Leave.
10: N...now, now, no need be reserved!
11: You think I'm being reserved here?
12: Unfortunately, I'm not as prolific as my father was.
13: I have no intentions of getting involved with an informant who does nothing but sell lies to make a living.

1: Wah...that's dangerous!
2: Wawawah!
3: That wasn't very nice...
4: Hm?
5: Huh...?
6: What?!
7: Th...this child...
sfx: grab

1: Go and tell someone about her! I dare you...
2: You tell anyone about this, and you're a dead man!
3: Heh...heheh...
4: Those are some scary eyes you've got there...
5: Come on now. You think I'd leak a secret this juicy?
6: She's a "white child," right? An oracle whose prophecies are never wrong...
7: You sure know how to aim high, master.
sfx: grin
8: Hey, why don't you team up with me?
9: If we tell a rich man about this, we could make a fortune!
10: Do you know how many people are out there dying to hear the answers to certain questions they could never ask in the presence of those priests?
11: You may be a skilled thief,
12: but when it comes to haggling with a rich man, I know you'd be out of your league.

1: Huh?
sfx: step
2: You sure?
3: Heh...heheheh!
4: That's what I thought.
sfx: rustle
5: Uuu...
6: Hey...
7: Hey, master...
8: Why don't you be a little more gentle with her?

1: She's technically a girl, isn't she?
2: /What...?
3: /Who...
4: /Where...am I/
5: Heh...heheh. Sorry about this.
6: But you'll have to bear it until you get used to your surroundings.
7: Don't worry. Despite how I look, I'm actually a very gentle old chap!
sfx: pat

1: Hey.
2: Stop being creepy. You're just scaring her even more.
3: The hell I am!
4: That face of yours is scaring her more than I ever could!
5: I guess it helps that she's a quiet one, though.
6: Usually, they cry and wail more, you know.
7: It's not
sfx: whoo
8: that she's quiet.
9: White children are trained never to speak except for when they channel God.
10: Wow, you sure know a lot. Guess you really are the son of a priest.
11: Shut up. I'm not.
12: Huh? But that's what the boss told me.

1: /Pr...iest?
2: I just can't believe they haven't put out a ransom for her.
3: Talk about cold-blooded!
4: /What's going on? What does it have to do with me?
5: /Is this some kind of special training?
sfx: tap
sfX: rattle
sfx: clunk

1: If there's something you want to ask me,
2: then speak it!
3: This isn't the temple.
4: I don't want you to ever use "finger speak" again.

1: "Even if you suffer..."
2: "you can't let yourself feel like you're suffering."
3: "You were chosen by God. You are a vessel for Him."
5: "You must not befoul that vessel with your own suffering."
6: /But...I feel bad.
7: /I want to smell the incense again.
8: /There was one priestess who had gentle eyes...
9: /Yes...
10: /I'll just think about her eyes.

sfx: tap
1: Hey.
2: Come on.
sfx: whap
3: Eat up.
4: Og, it's no use.
5: White children don't eat mundane foods.
6: What?!
7: Apparently, unless the food they eat is blessed, they become "corrupted."
8: And God can't enter "corrupted" children.
9: Are you kidding me?! What do they eat, then?
10: Stuff they shouldn't
11: Uuu...

sfx: jerk
sfx: twitch
sfx: awooooooo
1: Out of the way!

1: /What?
2: /It hurts...
3: /It hurts...!
4: /Why is this happening to me?!
sfx: thud
5-6: Uuu...
7: Damn, she's strong.
8: What's going on?
9: Did something bad happen?
10: Bad...
11: Grrrrr
12: Hieee!

1: Og!
2: Don't go out there! The wolves will eat you alive!
3: But if we stay in here, we'll just end up as werewolf food!
4: She's just having a fit. She'll calm down soon!
5: We just need to wait!!
6: Until when?!
7: Until the moon sets!

sfx: snap
sfx: thud

1: Haa...is it finally over now?
2: Yeah...for now.
3: Haa...for now?
4: Does that mean
5: it's gonna happen again?!
6: Is that girl really gonna be any use to us?
7: I don't know. We need to strengthen her a bit first.
8: Strengthen her?!
9: I'm hungry, Og. Make some food.
10: Eh, for heaven's sake...

1: /Where am I...?
2: Perfect white hair.
3: There isn't a single mark on her body. Not a scar or a mole.
4: Now,
5: come.
6: You have been recognized as a White Child.
7: /Mama....is mama coming with me?
8: /Why isn't she saying anything?
9: /Ma
10: /ma...

1: /Who...
2: /are...you?

1: I'm Zeal.
2: Zeal...?
3: A thief and a merchant.
4: I practice both trades.
5: "Where's Zeal...?"
6: You don't
7: know where you are...either?
sfx: slip
sfx: pop

1: Tch.
2: She was just mumbling to herself...?
3: Hm-hm-hmmmm.
4: She must be able to eat something out of all this, right?
5: C'mon now!
6: Uncle Og did his best to fix you up a capital dinner!
sfx: glance...
7: What?
8: If there's something you want to say, then speak.

1: It...it all stinks. I can't...eat it.
sfx: crack
2: It'll corrupt me.
3: Whaaat?! Do you know how much work I...
4: You
5: won't survive, you know.
6: You'll have another fit.
7: Even if you can only take a few bites, you still need to eat.
8: ...I'll have another one?
9: Yeah.
sfx: rustle
10: Do you know
11: what this is?
sfx: snap

sfx: whoo
1: Ahh...
2: Woah there.
3: G...give me that!
4: I...can eat that!
5: No.
6: Og!
7: Listen carefully...that's called a "deccar root."
sfx: snap
8: It makes people hallucinate. It can be made into incense, boiled into tea, or ground and mixed into food.

1: It makes you lose your mind, see strange things,
2: and mutter unintelligible things.
3: No matter who you are.
4: Using it repeatedly makes you addicted
sfx: Hm?
5: so that you want it all the time.
6: Withdrawing makes you violent,
7: and all other food starts to smell bad.
8: Whatever you eat or drink...you eventually throw up.
9: ...no matter who you are.

1: Even if you weren't born as a pure white child.
2: Even if you're a child with different-colored hair...
3: Wh...what are you trying to tell me?
4: The truth.
5: Liar...!
6: O...oracles are chosen by God.
7: O...only special children can...
8: You really think that's the truth?
9: When I kidnapped you from the temple,
10: what did you see?
11: You should have seen other priests saying strange things.
12: I doused them with a smoke bomb that was filled with incense.

sfx: shiver
1: /Go with the golden butterfly. Open the night gate.
2: /He's lying...
sfx: crash clang
3: She's having a fit!
4: Ahh!!
5: What a waste!
6: /He's lying...!
7: /Then why...
8: Read this book every day.
9: You mustn't speak to anyone.
10: You mustn't look at anyone.
11: You mustn't hurt your body, or you'll become corrupted.

1: And God will stop coming to you.
2: You're dirty...!
3: Don't touch me, you dirty man!
4: Dirty...!!
sfx: stuff
5: Uuu!
6: H-hey now, master...
7: Oh yeah?
8: Uuuuuuu...

1: Guess I'll just make you dirty too, then...!
sfx: drip
2: Dehhhh
sfx: bite
sfx: slap
sfx: guehhh
3: Ugyaaahh!
4: Og! Water!
5-6: cough
7: Go fetch some water for her to drink!
8: Ahhh, goddammit!
9: How long is this going to go on for?!

1: Why...
2: why did they...
3: take me...
4: I dunno. I suppose temples
5: need their oracles to appear like proper oracles.
6: Wasn't that...all...
7: the word of God?
sfx: hooo

1: I'm a merchant, so I've traveled around.
2: I've seen people administering deccar to an old man on the verge of death.
3: They used deccar not to hear the word of God,
4: but to hear the last tales that old man would ever tell.
5: As they listened, children laughed,
6: while those who knew the old man well cried.
7: Because no matter how mundane his words became, they still revealed bits and pieces of his past.
8: I spent some time in that village and listened to three separate people.
9: All of their stories were more or less interesting.
10: But you know whose stories are really boring? White Children's.
11: They don't get to experience anything.
sfx: step
12: They're just shut up in a room and forced to read the same book over and over.

sfx: sway

sfx: clatter
1-2: Ahh...
3: Those were the first steps I took outside
4: since I became a White Child.


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