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2. [The Book of Forests]


tl by danluffey

2. [The Book of Forests]

sfx: fssh
sfx: fzz
1: /That night,
2: /I got a terrible fever.
sfx: haa
3: It isn't going down...
4: Is she going to be alright?
5: She threw up the medicine and the food.
6: Hey, master...
7: You sure we shouldn't mix some deccar in with her food?
8: Not even a sailor could survive three days without eating or drinking...
9: Shut up! Fine, boil some!
10: Og, chew on one of these while you do it.
11: What's this?
12: A sobering agent for the deccar.
13: I don't want to have to take care of you once you start tripping.

1: /Haa
2: /Haa
3: /What...
4: /Light...
5: /Everything's crumbling...
6: /Go away...

1: /Get out of me...!
2: /It's hot...
sfx: snap
3: "It's hot...!!"
sfx: haa
4: "Am I...going to burn up?"
sfx: crack pop
5: "I...I..."
sfx: grind

sfx: snap pop
1: "I'm not even a White Child anymore..."
sfx: gulp

1: /Wa...ter...
2: Want some more?
3: /Water...!
4: Don't rush yourself. Go slowly.
5: That's it.
6-7: It's alright now.
sfx: dong

1: His Majesty is experiencing deep pain
2: in regards to the White Child kidnapping.
3: Do we have any leads?
4: I am deeply ashamed to say...that we do not.
5: Because the thief used the secret technique to escape, there is a high possibility that he is connected to the temple somehow.
6: But we can only go so far in investigating the families of our personnel.
7: The truth is, His Majesty has given us the right
8: to hire skilled scouts and infantry in order to find the White Child.

1: Y...you mustn't!
sfx: jerk
2: The temple has never allowed secular entities to interfere with our work!
3: ...yes.
4: But...
5: This is an unprecedented scandal, is it not?
6: At this rate, not only the temple...but also the empire and its protectionist policies will lose their reputations.
sfx: clunk
7: Trust me, this is for your own good. I would accept the courtesy of His Majesty with open arms if I were you.
8: His Majesty is very firm in his decision.
9: Refuse, and some drastic changes may come your way.
10: I don't believe my ears...

1: Do you know how much His Majesty has relied on the word of God for his own convenience?!
2: How could you say such a thing?!
3: High Priest!
4: Is something the matter?
5: Regardless of what His Majesty's priorities may be, our high priority should be locating the oracle.
sfx: clink
6: Right now...you have no choice but to accept this truth.
7: And, just in case...you should begin searching for a new White Child.
8: We're always searching the empire for new ones, but...
9: Then search other countries, or farther east! It matters not at this point where she comes from!
10: If we are without a White Child, we are without the word of God.
11: If this absence continues, the people may come believe that their God has abandoned them.
12: In order to unify the empire...

1: the word of God is vital!
2: /Once I got over my fever, Zeal started forcing me to eat food without deccar in it again.
3: /Slowly, I was able to bring myself to eat it.
4: /Then, one day,
5: /that terrible smell disappeared.

1: Og.
2: What is this...?
3: ...huh?
4: It's...the same stew I always make...
5: It's exquisite...!
6: Ex...?
sfx: munch
7: She means it tastes good.
8: Heh...heh! Heheheheheh!
9: 'zat so?
10: H-here you go, my lady, have some more! How does that taste?
11: Exquisite!
12: /And then, I started to enjoy having meals.

1: /My fits gradually became weaker.
2: /Og taught me how to play, and I became entranced in his games.
3: /Zeal fed me bitter medicine
4: /and made me draw water from the well.
5: /The next thing I noticed,
6: /I was following Zeal with my eyes.
7: /Even though I knew I wasn't supposed to look at people...
8: She's staring again.
9: Let her be.
10: She isn't used to seeing people's faces.
11: Hmmm...

1: Seems like you've gotten more comfortable lately.
sfx: fssssh
sfx: rustle mumble
2: Hey,
3: don't go any farther than that.
sfx: fwap
4: What are you doing?

1: Drawing water...
2: I told you to wear the cloak and bandanna. Your hair makes you stick out like a sore thumb.
3: So I can keep drawing water if I wear it?
4: Yeah.
5: I like drawing water.
sfx: tap
6: You mean you like the acorns.
7: C'mon.
8: I'll teach you how to walk through forests.
9: Unless you learn, you'll just keep getting lost.
10: /And so,

1: /Zeal started taking me out for a walk every day.
2: /Whenever he's outside,
3: /Zeal is gentle, and easier to talk to. He teaches me lots of things.
4: Hey...what are you doing?
5: N...nothing! I was just looking for some more clothes for the girl to wear.
6: I thought some of your old clothes might still be in here.

sfx: slip
1: I-I didn't take anything!
2: Th-think about it! Boys' clothes could double as a disguise for her!
sfx: fwip
3: Oww!
4: They're in this drawer.
5: Don't go rummaging through my things again!
6: A...alright, alright, I won't.
7: Sheesh, why do you always have to be so scary?
sfx: slip
8: C-come now, miss.
9: /Inside, Zeal's face is tense. He never shows me the kinds of faces he does outside.
10: I've got some nice new clothes for you over here.

1: There you go.
2: Put it on over top, like that.
3: /Zeal...?
4: There!
5: Then just tie the belt here.
6: /Zeal...was once as small as I am?
7: /It's warm...
8: /And easy to walk in.

1: Heheh...she sure looks happy.
2: Girls really are cute.
3: Just having her here has really brightened up this bachelor pad, wouldn't you say?
4: And if she ain't a beauty, then I don't know what is.
5: C'mon, master, you've gotta agree with me!
6: Og...
7: Really?
8: Don't you dare touch her.
sfx: pfft
9: What?! Just what do you take me for?!
10: The way you've been trying to get so close to her is rather unsettling.
11: B...but that she's because she's our golden egg! She's our ticket!

1: You know what I think?
2: We can make a fortune off her oracles while she's a child, and then when she grows up, we can sell her off to some millionaire from another country.
3: Think about it! She's an ex-White Child, she's beautiful, AND she's a virgin!
sfx: rattle
sfx: pop
4: She's worth her weight in gold!
5: Hmmmm...
6: That's a surprisingly patient plan you've come up with...
7: H-hey, I've been thinking the best I can here! What do you say, huh? Let's do it! If she goes off to live with some rich man, she'll be able to live a life of luxury as well!

1: /Did Zeal collect these?
sfx: roll
2: /They're all perfectly round, without any bug bites.
sfx: crack
3: /Who are those people in the paintings...?
4: /I guess I'll ask "Outside Zeal" after I draw water tomorrow...
5: /I hope tomorrow comes soon.
sfx: chirp chirp
6: /Oh no...

1: /He's walking faster than usual.
2: /What should I do? I don't know if he's really Outside Zeal or not right now, unless I see his face.
sfx: haa...
3: /"You mustn't run."
sfx: dash
sfx: dash
sfx: haa
4: Wow...
5: /Outside Zeal!
6: You're a pretty fast runner.
sfx: Hm?
sfx: pop
7: Umm...these...
8: Why did you gather so many? You really must like acorns...
9: (Leave some for the bugs and squirrels!
10: N...no.
11: Huh? They're mine?

1: Ohh...maybe you're right. When was I about your age, I really liked playing with my slingshot.
2: Slingshot...?
3: Yeah...all you need is a pronged branch and a legband to make one.
4: Just watch.
5: Why do you have so many daggers...?
sfx: rustle
6: Just...in case. This area of the forest is safe, though.
7: Now then...
8: Ah!
sfx: yank

sfx: snap
sfx: fwwwssh
sfx: tonk
sfx: bounce
sfx: tonk

1: What are you staring at?
sfx: gape...
2: Go pick them up.
3: Og's going to make some exquisite baked apples for you.
sfx: dash
sfx: tonk
sfx: tonk
sfx: staaare haa haa
4: Hahah!
5: Keep it up.
6: Oops, I missed!
sfx: pssh

1: /Flower petals...!
sfx: fssh
sfx: yank...
2: /Come...
sfx: pssh
3: /Come...!

1: /Flower petals...
2: /come inside me...!
3: /So that you don't forget yourselves...
sfx: stagger
4: /So that
5: Hey!
6: /you can stay with me forever...

1: Did I
2: have...another fit?
3: They've really gotten lighter...
4: Looks like I pushed you too hard today.
5: We won't go for a walk tomorrow. You should rest inside.
6: N...no!

1: What? It's just for one day. You can take it.
2: N...no!
3: You'll do as I say!
sfx: snap
sfx: drip
4: /Wh...what?
sfx: drip
5: /That's strange...
6: /Why are so many tears coming out?
7: Uuu...
8: Got it...?
9: Fine then.
sfx: hic
10: We're going home.
11: /I won't be able to see Outside Zeal for one day...that's all...

sfx: fsssh
1: /We can't go on walks when it's raining, either.
2: Look at this, missy! I got the master to open this drawer up for you.
3: You can put whatever you want in here now.
4: Whatever I want...?
5: /Because we had been going on walks every day, I came to have a lot of things.
sfx: rustle
6: OK!
7: It won't fit...? What won't?
8: The Og Rock.
9: Huh?
10: This long black thing is the Zeal rock,
11: and this green bumpy one is the Og rock.
12: Looks just like you, right?
13: What about me looks bumpy?!

1: /Walks right after it's rained make my feet wet, but it feels so good.
2: Today we're going to collect things that look like these.
3: /I loved looking for mushrooms in that sparkling forest.

1: That's a grave.
2: It belongs to my father...
3: Your father...?
4: That's right.
5: The man next to you in that painting?
6: Yes.
7: His name was Bel Fran.
8: He died recently.
9: ...you mean he isn't here anymore?
sfx: squeeze
10: That's right.
11: Flowers are blooming.
12: Those are senna and thistles.
13: They work well on wounds...

1: My father had a bad back...
2: /Suddenly...
3: /I felt a shadow on my heart...
4: Welcome home!
sfx: step
5: Og.
6: Tomorrow we're going to prepare for winter.
7: What?!

1: Y...you don't intend to spend the winter here, do you?!
2: /What should I do?
3: Why yes, I do.
4: Pickle those in salt.
5: /What should I do?
6: Another fit?!
7: No.
8: Apparently she had a dream...
9: She's just overreacting.
10: /If Zeal were to leave me...

1: and then,
2: as I kept picking the senna and thistles,
3: I found myself back at the temple.
sfx: pfft
4: Wh...what's funny about that?
5: To you, the temple's become
6: a graveyard.
7: It's alright. It was just a dream.
8: You'll never have to go back to the temple again.
9: /How...do you know so much about me?

sfx: rustle
1: /When I still...
2: /know nothing
3: /about you...
4: Stay here.
5: Don't follow me.
sfx: ahh
6: Hey.
sfx: jerk

1: Where do you think you're going...?
2: Heh...heheh!
3: Oh, come on. I'm just going to do a little shopping for winter.
4: Our stock and what we can take from the mountain will be more than enough.
sfx: step
5: Come back, Og.
6: What are you sneaking around for...?
7: Come on, master...
8: Let's be reasonable here...
9: There's absolutely no reason for me to hole up with you all winter, is there? It's a waste of time! She won't be a child for very much longer, you know...
10: Besides, she's been in good spirits lately.
11: Don't you think it'd be wise for me to start searching for a rich mister who's in need of an oracle?

1: It's still too early. Her fits haven't gone away yet.
2: Aww, come on!
3: I knew you'd say something like that and try to fight me on this.
4: But if that's what you want, master, then I'll tell him to wait until spring.
5: That way I can search for more customers while you nurse her. It's two birds with one stone!
6: I don't know about this...that means she'll have to give prophecies without the assistance of any dekkar. We'll have to teach her how to act.
7: So what? All you need to do is give her a little lip service, and we'll be set!
8: One winter should be more than ample time.
9: She adores you. Remember, she's still nothing but a kid.
sfx: shiver
10: Alright...
11: Off you go then, Og.
12: Be careful in choosing our customers.

1: If you bring me a really good one, then I'll give you half the profit.
2: ...heh.
3: Heheh!
4: That's what I like to hear!
5: Leave it to me, boss!
6: Give the girl my love!
sfx: dash

1: Wait!
2: /Why didn't I think about this up until now?!
3: /Why didn't I think about why he brought me here?!
4: I'm a thief and a merchant.
5: /That's exactly what he told me...!
sfx: thud
6: /He...

1: /steals
2: /and sells.
3: /He's a liar.
4: /A liar!
sfx: wham
5: /He said I'd never have to go back...!
6: What's wrong?!
7: Uuu...
8: Uuuuuu...

1: Tell me...
2: Owww!
3: Say what you want to say!
4: You nameless wretch!
5: Do you want me to treat you like a beast?!
sfx: slap
6: I...
7: I'm
8: not going back...!
9: I'm never going to be an oracle
10: ever again!!

1: Never...
sfx: shiver
2: Ne
3: ver...
4: You're having a fit. Quit it.
5: Here...chew on this.
6: Noooo!
sfx: wham
sfx: thud

1: Hey...
sfx: haa
2: I have absolutely no intention
3: of making a living off your stupid prophecies...
4: That's just what Og started believing
5: after he saw me bring you back here.

sfx: clunk
1: I didn't want to move you anywhere else,
2: so I just went along with his story to keep him quiet.
sfx: rumble... fsssh
3: Once he gets off the mountain, anyone could find out about us.
sfx: glance fsssh
4: It's happening earlier than I expected, but we'll have to pack up and move now.
5: If someone finds us, you'll be returned to the temple.
6: So if you never want to go back there again,
7: then you'll come with me.

1: Now chew this.
2: Otherwise you'll bite your tongue.
3: All you need to do is give her a little lip service, and we'll be set!
4: Don't believe me?
5: Can you stand?
6: She adores you.
7: Let's go.
8: Remember, she's still nothing but a kid.

1: Are you in pain?
2: /It hurts...
3: /that I don't understand you.
4: /Why did you take me,then...?
5: /Where are you taking me now...?
6: /Am I being
7: /lied to again...?

1: /I can hear your heart.
2: /The rustling of your clothes, the sound of your breath...
3: /The more I hear it, the more I feel like I'll lose my mind.
4: /But I don't mind...
5: /I just want to stay with you.

sfx: clink
1: Head Priest!
sfx: click
2: Please report to the
3: First Royal Concubine's chamber at once.
4: She was approached about receiving a White Child's prophecy.
5: I just figured I'd give it a try. I mean, what do we have to lose? I purposefully spread a rumor that I was looking for an oracle to tell me whether my son would become the Crown Prince or not...
6: and it quickly made the rounds in the black market.

1: Of course, I offered to pay whatever they asked.
2: Your wisdom knows no bounds, my lady.
3: It attracted a lot of people, so it was quite a hassle. Anyway, enough of your flattery. I want you to take a look at the man who came today.
4: That's him...
sfx: click
5: He looks like another onerous scam artist.
6: Yes...that's true. He came to me with full knowledge of my situation, and he also claimed to know something about a White Child.
7: It was his unusually confident air and giddy countenance that caught my curiosity. Doesn't his face look like that of a man who's already gotten his hands on his prize?
8: I see...
9: Please listen to what he has to say, then. We may learn something.
10: Please use this wine.
11: It'll make him more talkative...
12: Ooh, scary.

1: Damn...
2: I...can't go any further.
sfx: thud
3: Zeal?!
4: It's alright. I'm just tired. I need...to sleep for a bit.
5: You've...gained weight...
6: How do you feel?
7: /Outside Zeal?
8: I'm...fine.
9: There's food in the pack for you to eat. There's a river near here, so feel free drink from it.
10: If you see torchlight, be sure to wake me. And...
11: Don't...leave...this thicket...
sfx: slump

1: /It's Outside Zeal...good...I was afraid I'd never see him again.
2: /He looks tired. Carrying me must have exhausted him...
sfx: touch...
3: I have no intention of making a living off your prophecies...
4: /Why is he taking me with him, then?
5: /If Zeal wakes up and he's still Outside Zeal, then I'll ask him.
6: All you need to do is give her a little lip service.

1: /No...I can't. I'm too afraid to ask anything.
2: /No matter the cause,
sfx: munch
3: /when Zeal wakes up, I'm going to have to start walking on my own again.
4: smash
sfx: rustle
5: /While Zeal's sleeping, I'll warm him up.
sfx: rustle
6: /I need to watch for torchlight.
7: /The old me...
8: /couldn't look at anything.
9: /couldn't touch anything.
10: /couldn't say anything.

1: /So for Zeal...I'll do everything.
2: /Except lie...
3: /I know I can do whatever you need me to.
4: /So please...
5: /just stay as
6: /Outside Zeal...

1: You know...
2: If people were to find out that I was secretly consulting an oracle, it would be a catastrophe. You mustn't let her come here.
3: O...of course, not. I'll prepare everything in a separate place.
4: And what kind of place will that be, I wonder? I simply want to hear the word of God, and nothing more. I have no intention of prying...but I'm curious as to whether or not you truly have a genuine White Child.
sfx: rustle
5: I thought you'd say that.
6: Here are some locks of her hair.

1: This appears to be the real thing.
2: But wait.
3: Does this mean she's in good health?
sfx: sip
4: Oh yeah! I guarantee it! She's in tip top shape!
5: She runs around the forest every day!
6: Drawing water from the well...
7: She loves it!
8: Hoh...that sounds like a very fun forest to be in. I'd love to pay a visit...
9: (Drawing water?!
10: Oh, by all means, please! We need more beauties down there.
11: Thistle Forest is
12: a great place! It's been Master Bel Fran's stronghold for many years now!
13: Bel Fran...?!

1: /Oh no, I fell asleep.
sfx: jerk
sfx: silence...
2: /Zeal...?
3: /Rock signs? They're like signals.
4: /This means "I'll be right back."
sfx: glance

1: /It's OK. The pack's still here.
2: /And his cloak, too.
3: /He'll be right back...
sfx hoooo
4: /Wait! Don't
5: /leave me alone again...!

1: Zeal!
2: /No!
sfx: jerk
3: /White hair...!
4: White hair...

1: Zea...l?!


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