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Someone Comes to Kill Me

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---Page 1---
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Translator Notes—Please Read!

Japanese names are written in their original order, with the family name coming before the given name. In other words, it’s…
[Last name] [First name]

---Page 2---
Title at Bottom: Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 3---
Under “Contents”: Someone Comes to Kill Me
Flesh Doll
The Green Coffin
Wishing Meat

---Page 4---
Chapter Title at Bottom: Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 5---
T: Suzuki Emiko,
you are the sixth who I will curse.

M: The seventh will be you.
The eighth will be you.
I’ll become a vengeful spirit and drag every last one of you who bullied me down to the other world.

B: I always thought this girl was creepy, but this is too much.
So is this the opening of Harasaki Hiromi’s suicide show?
(Ahahaha) You’re not gonna die, so just cut it out already.

---Page 6---
T: …I’ll do it.
Yeah, yeah. We gotcha. Give it up already.

MR: Quit it before the teacher comes back.

ML: Stop screwing around

B (black bar): Ky….

B (main): Kyaaaaaa!

---Page 7---

R: [3 years later]
Newspaper Portion:
Top Line: Newspaper
Article Title (top to bottom): Young Girl Stabbed to Death
Article Body (top to bottom, right to left): On the night of the 16th at approximately 9PM in the city of XX, Suzuki Emiko (24), a company employee, was returning home when she was attacked by an unknown assailant and stabbed to death.

Emiko, you’re alive?!

TL: Yukiko~, don't say stuff like that.

MC: But today’s newspaper said…
That was just someone with the same name.
The age is totally different, right?

ML: Ah! It’s true!
But the fact that even the location of the murder is close by to you is a crazy coincidence, isn’t it?
Think so? Even in the last place I lived before I moved, there was someone with the same name as me.
Before you moved?

BL: Before I started junior high, I was two stations out.
But more importantly, all I’ve heard since this morning is people telling me about this incident. I’m fed up with it.

---Page 8---
TR: Even so, it was close by, so you should still be careful on your way home.
I’ll be fi~ne.

TC/L: Besides, unlike you, I have a boyfriend I walk home with a lot.

M: Just maybe the criminal was actually aiming for you and stabbed someone else by mistake.

B: Unbelievable, right? Who says something like that to their friend?!
Well, no need to get upset.
She was probably just jealous because she doesn’t have a boyfriend of her own, ya know?

---Page 9---
T: (Seriously…) How could someone hate me so much that they would want to kill me...
[I curse you.]

M: What’s wrong, Emiko?
Ah… It-It’s nothing.

BL: [Now that I think about it, whatever happened in the end with that incident when Harasaki killed herself?]

---Page 10---
TR: [We moved right after that, so I can’t really remember…]

TC: Hello.

TL: I was trying to kill you, but I messed up.
SFX: Click

M: Beeep beeep beeep

BR: Wh-what the hell…
Who’s prank calling me?!

---Page 11---
Main Panel: It’s XXX.

---Page 12---
Top Right Panel: SFX: Flop

T: Ah…

B: Eh…
Just now…

---Page 13---
TR: That prank call was probably just some creep who saw the newspaper article.
Doesn’t it seem like something that girl Yukiko you were telling me about could have done?

TC: B… But-

TL: Aside from that, you just mistook the car for something else. You’re oversensitive because someone with the same name as you was killed.

M: [It was… a hallucination?]

BR: Well, try not to think about it.
Easier said than done

BL: Mom?

---Page 14---
TR: Mom,
if you need to use the phone, I can switch to my cell, but…

TC: …Mom?

TL: [Those legs…]
[Aren’t they a little too small to be Mom’s?]

B: SFX: Clunk

---Page 15---
T: Eh?

M: Aaaaaa,
it’s XXX.

B: You can never make this go away. It's useless to run. It's too late now.
SFX (Large, under head): Thunk
SFX (Small, x5, scattered): thunk

---Page 16---
R: Iyaaaaaah!

TC (small): SFX: Opens

TC (large): W-what’s wrong?!
Mom! The head… There was a head!!

TL: ………..

ML: What are you saying?

BL: There’s nothing there.

---Page 17---
TR: [That head was definitely Harasaki’s!!]

TL: But… Why right now?

M: [You are the sixth who I will curse.]

BR: [Could it be…? Is it my turn?]

BL: It’s not my fault.
It’s not like I actively joined in on bullying her.
I just watched…

---Page 18---
TR: [That’s right. I didn’t do anything wrong.]
[If I apologize and offer a stick of incense, maybe she’ll let me off the hook]

TC: Mom! Where’s my elementary school register?!

BR: She… went out?
SFX: Ba-dump

BL: [Hurry! Call quickly! I have to call and apologize!]

---Page 19---
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(Logo with character): Comic Terminal


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