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#14. Jealousy Magic


tl by danluffey

#14. Jealousy Magic

sign: Dinner Show - Joe Takami's Magic Show
sfx: flutter
sfx: wooow...
1: Now, for the climax, I'll be cutting a beautiful girl in half!
sfx: da-da-daaaaah
2: If I screw up here, her body will be split in two!

sfx: daaaaaah slice
1: Kyaaa!
2: Hiieee!
sfx: pop

1: That was the young prince of the magic world, Joe Takami! Please give him one more big round of applause!
2: He was wonderful.
3: And so handsome, too! Isn't he just dreamy?
sfx: clap clap clap
4: Yes. He certainly is handsome.
5: He's just my type...
6: What a big success that was! Our contract with this hotel is only good for one month... but after that, I'm sure they'll give us another month next year.

1: Don't you think so, dear?
2: Mika... don't call me that. It's not like we're married.
3: I'm sorry... sensei...
4: It's just... you promised that once we became famous magicians together, you'd marry me...
5: Ah...
6: Coming.
sfx: knock knock
7: Yes, manager?
8: Excellent work out there. The crowd loved you, Takami-san. Additionally...

1: The daughter of a local man of influence requested to have dinner with you tonight.
2: It's... already past midnight...
3: Hic!
sfx: click
4: You're so drunk...
sfx: hic
5: Shut up! Water!

1: You smell like alcohol...
2: That woman... she was really pretty, wasn't she?
3: She's the rich daughter of a city councilor. She's famous around these parts.
4: If things go well... she'll become our sponsor.
sfx: clap clap

1: My assistant, Mika? Oh, she's nothing more than my assistant.
2: It's alright, you know... you don't have to hide it. I don't care about people's pasts.
3: Although... the future is a different story.
4: Ruriko-san...
5: My father has ties with TV stations too, you know.
6: I could make you a star, if I wanted...
7: After playing around for years and causing lots of trouble for her father... his one and only daughter has finally found a man she wants to marry.
8: If I was to introduce you to him, I'm sure he'd do anything he could for you.
9: Ruriko-san...
10: Am I not good enough for you?

1: What's... going to happen to me?
2: I... I worked as hard as I could for you!
3: I even risked my life doing all sorts of dangerous magic tricks!
4: Of course you did. You were my assistant.
5: I stayed with you for four years... because you said you would marry me!
6: Didn't you love me?!

1: If YOU love me so much, then how about you start thinking about MY happiness for once! I don't want to spend my whole life as a no-name performing on these tiny stages!
2: Dear...
3: Thanks to her, I'm finally getting a chance to have what I really want! Stop trying to ruin my happiness!
4: Tomorrow, she's bringing her father and a bigwig from the TV station to watch us. We need to show them our best. I'm expecting you to work your hardest tomorrow!
5: If you really love me... that is.

1: And now! It's time for the grand finale!
sfx: da-da-da-daaaaan
2: He isn't half bad!
sfx: bzzzzzzz...

1: And he's handsome too. He'll look great on TV, sensei.
2: Well, my daughter certainly seems to have taken to him. I hope you can manage something too.
sfx: bzzzzzzzz.... crunch snap
3: Ahhhh...!
4: Gyaaaaaahhhhh

1: Kyaaa...
2: Waaaahhhh!
3: Waaahhh!
4: Hiiiieee!

1: Uuu... aaaahhhh!
2: Mika!
sfx: whiiiirrr
3: He's finished! I don't want an embarrassment like that to become my son-in-law!

1: Neither do I...
2: What a failure... I'm going forget I even met him.
3: How could that trick have messed up? It always goes perfectly!
4: And I know Mika memorized what she was supposed to do...
5: How... how could this have happened?! I don't understand!
6: /Good... it's going perfectly... no one's even considered the possibility that I purposefully made the trick mess up...

1: /I told you, my dear... I risked my life to follow you. I really, truly risked my life...
2: /And now it's all over for you.
3: Fufu...
4: Hey! Stay with us!
5: /It's all... over...
6: Hey... miss! Miss!
sfx: whiiiirrr
poster: Magic Show - Joe Takami


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