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#15. If I'm Going to Die, Then...


tl by danluffey

#15. If I'm Going to Die, Then...

1: /I'm just another run-of-the-mill office lady, living out another run-of-the-mill life.
2: Please sign this, section chief.
3: Mmm...
4: /I go to work at 9 AM and leave at 5:30 PM. Before I leave, I fix up my makeup, then I ride the city subway for 45 minutes, change trains, and ride another private railroad for 25 minutes and go home.
sfx: ding dong
5: /After work on Thursdays, I go to flower arrangement class -- basically, my training to become a good wife -- and sometimes, on Fridays, I go out to discos or pubs with my co-workers.
6: Hey, I heard that Tsuchiya-san from accounting got married
7: to Kanda-san!
8: Whaaat? But Kanda-san's such an elite guy!
9: /No...!

1: /Kanda-san...! I liked him...
2: Awww...
3: snap
4: sigh
5: /Oh well. Tsuchiya-san's a beautiful girl, and she comes from a rich family... ahhh, if only I was beautiful and rich, I'd be able to have more confidence in myself!
sfx: droop...
6: /I'm sick of living an average life! I want something exciting to happen!
7: (Like a harlequin romance!
8: /And then, something exciting DID happen! When I went to do my company health check-up...
sign: Doctor's Office
9: Nishizaki-san. Come here...!

1: Something seems to be wrong with your stomach. According to our x-rays, you've developed some kind of ulcer.
2: Wha...?
3: I think you should get a more detailed exam, as quickly as possible. How about tomorrow? I can introduce you to a specialist.
4: (Wha...?
5: /A stomach ulcer...
sign: Doctor's Office
sfx: click
6: The poor girl... she's still so young... if it ends up being stomach cancer, it'll be too late...
7: At the best, she'll have three months left.
8: /What...?!

1: /Three months left...?! But how...
2: /How could I be so unlucky?!
3: How long are you going to keep sleeping for, Kumi?!
4: (Ah!
5: Look at you, all dazed and confused. And you wonder why you haven't gotten married yet!
6: /How could I just die like this, without anything special happening to me?!
7: You're so mean! I can't believe a parent would say something like that to their own child!
8: Well you never do anything to make us proud! You always just coast along! As your mother, it's embarrassing!
9: You really care about what people think that much? Don't you care about hurting your own daughter's feelings?!

1: If... if I died tomorrow, you'd really regret saying that!
2: Haaahaha!
3: You aren't making that much money, and you haven't even gotten married yet! There'd be no real difference even if you did disappear!
4: (Ignore, ignore...
5: I don't believe you!
6: /Mom's the worst! And my dad's so cold-hearted, sitting there and ignoring us!
7: /Fine, then! I won't tell them about what happened at the doctor's. That way, if I do die, they'll really be sorry!
8: Section chief, please stamp these.

1: Mmm...
2: /That's all he ever says! He just mumbles! He never gives me a real response!
magazine: Penthouse
3: /I might die soon...
4: Stop slacking off and read the documents already!
5: And please don't look at nude pictures during work time!
6: /If I'm going to die, then I might as well enjoy what time I have left! I want to die knowing that I've been honest with myself!
7: /Before I die, I'm going to do everything I want, without any restraint!
sfx: Decision!

1: /I'm going to say whatever I want! I'm going to do whatever I want! What does it matter, if I'm just going to die anyway?!
2: If you splash water all over the sink counter, then the least you can do is wipe it up!
3: What is it with you new girls these days?
4: /I'm not afraid of anything anymore!
5: /I'm going to wear the most stylish clothes I can find!
sfx: fwump
6: These, please! Charge them to my credit card!
7: /I'll die before I have to pay them off! What do I care about what happens after that?!

1-2: I'll take all of them. Put it on my credit card.
sign: The Milk Screen series, to make your skin shine.
3: Make my hair look really flashy! Wavy and gorgeous!
4: Yes ma'am.
5: /I'll spend all my money and make myself look beautiful. Stylish clothes, the finest cosmetics, and treatment from the best beautician in town!
6: /I'm just going to die anyway...

1: Kanda-san... congratulations on your engagement.
2: Woah... wait, Nishizaki-kun, is that you?
3: I didn't recognize you!
4: I have something to talk to you about, Kanda-san. Do you have a moment?
sfx: ufun
5: 30 minutes should be enough.
6: What is it?
7: I can't talk about it here... I guess it'd be rude to your fiance if I took you out for a whole 30 minutes?
8: No, it's fine.
9: She's not that thick-headed.

1: Kanda-san... I've always liked you...
2: Nishizaki-kun...
3: But... Tsuchiya-san and I...
4: So what?
5: I just want to be with you. Even if it's only for one day.
6: Just for one moment...
7: I got engaged to Tsuchiya-san because I love her. I can't betray her like that.
8: Don't you care about anyone besides yourself?!
9: Kanda-san...
10: Goodbye.
11: /It... it's alright. I'm not embarrassed! Because I'm just going to die anyway!

sign: Nishizaki
1: Where did all this come from? Who paid for it?!
2: Don't come crying to me later! I'm not dishing out a cent for this junk!
3: Fine with me.
4: Hello! I brought the high-grade sushi you ordered!
sfx: rattle
5: No one ordered that!
6: I did.
7: Put it on my tab.
8: Well? Eat up.

1: /I'm going to live the rest of my life in luxury! I'm going die enjoying myself to my heart's content!
2: You're putting our drinks on your tab, miss?
3: Yes. I'll buy you whatever you want...
4: /I'm going to go on a trip overseas, too! Before I know it, I won't even be able to move my body anymore, so I should go while I still can!
5: You want us to give you two weeks off so you can go on a trip? Are you kidding?!
6: Fine then!
7: I quit!

1: Hey! Nishizaki-san!
2: Oh, Nishizaki-san!
3: Ah, doctor!
4: Did you go get that detailed exam?
5: If you let stomach ulcers go, they can get worse, you know.
6: What's the point? I know I only have a little bit of time left...
7: I heard you talking with that nurse, you know...
8: Huh? Whatever could you mean?
9: Wha...
10: We were probably talking about someone else. You just have a little stomach ulcer. Nothing more.
11: What?!

sign: General Hospital
1: Please, rest at ease. It's only a little stomach ulcer.
2: /Rest at ease...?! But...
3: /What should I do?
sfx: Loan Hell
4: No job!
5: If you can't pay off your credit cards, then just return everything.
6: You'll still have to pay for whatever you used up, though.

1: This is the money I saved up for when you got married. You can use it now.
2: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry! Thank you!
3: Hurry up and find a new job,
4: and then pay it all back monthly!
5: Okay...
6: /This sure taught me a lot... but it sure was expensive! Ahhhh...
sfx: Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. No use crying over spilt milk. You reap what you sow.


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