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#16. A Silent Pas de Deux


tl by danluffey

#16. A Silent Pas de Deux

poster: Ondine
New century Ballet Group
Takami Azusa
Mizukami Jun
1: Takami Azusa is so beautiful! So entrancing!
2: That's what you call a girl who was born to be beautiful. It's like she isn't human!

1: Takami Azusa and Mizukami Jun are the perfect couple!
2: I heard they're going to get married.
3: They're perfect for each other!
4: That was a great success. Congratulations!
5: Your breathing is always in sync.
6: Is the rumor about your marriage true?
7: I intend to take it slowly and propose to her in time.

1: But what will you do about her reply? Will she just write it out for you?
2: H-hey!
3: Oh... excuse me, I was just curious.
4: No...
5: All I need to do is look in her eyes to see what she wants to say to me. We've been together for a long time, now.
6: The poor thing. She can't speak a word. Apparently she can hear, though.
7: Of course she can. How else would she be able to dance? Anyway, what's the big deal? Ballerinas don't need to talk.
paper: Japan's genius ballerina - her throat was ruined during an illness when she was young

paper: This week's heroine - the ballerina, Takami Azusa-san - I chose to become a ballerina so that I could express myself with my body, without words
1: This is a great article. But there's nothing written about me.
2: I'm just kidding. I'm happier when you're in the spotlight, after all.
3: You're the kind of person the whole world can embrace.

1: God's got it all thought out.
2: In exchange for a voice, he gave you your beauty, your ability to show subtle expression, and your dynamic legs.
3: You're a ballerina that will go down in history, Azusa.
4: Genius ballerinas may not need marriage, but I still want to propose to you.
5: Azusa... what do you say?

1: I know. You want me to let you think about it. It is something that will change your life... but I'd like to hear your reply as soon as possible.
2: After you lost your parents, you became all alone. You need someone who can call for help for you, in case anything happens.
3: I'll be more useful than a buzzer. Anyway... I'll be waiting for you to say yes.
4: Good night.
sfx: click

1: /He proposed to me... he loves me... the gentle, dreamy Mizukami-san...
2: I'm so happy!

1: /I really can speak... but...
2: My voice doesn't sound like a human's!
sfx: graaaaooh
3: She beat me!
4: /When I was little, everyone made fun of me...
sfx: ALONE
5: Ruuuun! If you hear her voice your ears will rot!
6: My children get fevers when they hear your voice!
7: /Once, I got a cold, and during my fever, I became unable to speak.
8: It'll be better for her if she does lose that terrible voice...
9: Don't say that!
10: /And so I decided...
11: /That I would pretend like I couldn't speak for the rest of my life.

1: /When I started practicing ballet, I really cheered up, because I realized I wouldn't have to say anything.
2: /All I had to do was dance to express myself.
3: /And so, I happily drowned myself in ballet.
4: /And then, one day, people started calling me a genius girl ballerina, and I realized that this was the path I had to follow.
5: /My parents died of disease one after another, but they died in peace, knowing that I would have a stable life. The only worry they had was about my marriage...
6: Marriage!

1: Ahh!
2: /If I get married, we'll be together all day! What if I mumble in my sleep?
sfx: jerk
3: Ngaahh!
4: /I don't want him to know that I have this voice... I'm sure... he'll hate it...
5: /I just can't tell him the truth. But I love him, so I don't want to lie... what should I do? Oh, what should I do?!
6: Your steps are slowing down... stay... with me...
7: /He always supports me... and always loves me...

1: /I'm going to speak to him... and tell him the truth!
2: Ummm...
3: Wh... what?!
4: Did... did you just hear something?
5: It sounded like gas exploding out from a pipe... or a wall crumbling... or an elephant falling down, or something like that.
sfx: shiver

1: It... it sounded really weird... and made me a little nauseous...
2: Just what was that sound? How creepy!
3: /I can't tell him the truth... I can never speak in his presence again...
4: /I'll stay silent for the rest of my life.
5: /Ah! Oh no! The floor's crooked!

1: /Watch out, Mizukami-san! Ahhh, but I can't say anything to him!
2: /I don't want anyone to know what my voice sounds like!
3: /What should I do? He's going to hurt himself!
4: /Oh no!

sfx: bam
1-2: Kyaaaaa
3: /I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
4: /Forgive me!

1: He died.
2: Filled with shock and regret,
3: on that day, I truly did lose my voice.
4: And then, I descended into true loneliness.


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