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#17. The New Cinderella


tl by danluffey

#17. The New Cinderella

book: The only girl in the kingdom who fit into the glass shoe was Cinderella! "You are the prince's bride!"

sfx: ding dong
1: [When the clock struck twelve, Cinderella hurried home.
2: [The magic will wear off!
3: [She was in such a hurry, however, that she lost one of her glass shoes in the process.
4: [It was a tiny adorable glass shoe.
5: [The Prince made every girl in the kingdom try on the glass shoe,
6: [declaring that whoever fit the shoe would become his bride, the princess.
7: [The Prince had fallen in love with the beautiful Cinderella, who ran out in the middle of the ball... you're all familiar with this 'Cinderella' story, aren't you?

1: Cinderella! Cinderella!
2: Yes, sister?
3: Umm... you can have these sweets. I know you always work so hard for us.
4: Huh...?
5: In exchange, I have a favor to ask of you.
6: Last night at the ball, there was some beautiful, unknown woman there.
sfx: twitch
7: She was wearing glass slippers.
8: She ran out in the middle of it, and everyone started talking about her.
9: She was so pretty!
10: I wonder who she could be?
11: I'd love to make a pair of glass slippers as beautiful as those.
12: I've always been interested in glasswork.

1: Sir Robert, the son of Duke Julian! He was such a gentleman...
2: I'm Robert.
3: I want to meet him again...
4: So please, Cinderella! Go and investigate him for me! Find out if he has a fiance, or if he remembers me...
5: Sir Robert? He's out fishing at the lake.
6: Sir Robert?

1: From yesterday's ball?
2: Yes. My sister Eileen would love to meet with you again.
3: What did she look like? She doesn't seem to have made an impression on me.
4: Will you court her?
5: I can't even remember what she looks like, how could I court her?
6: Not even... a little?
7: What should I do?!

sfx: sniff
1: Hey, I understand how you feel, but... I can't court someone that I don't like.
2: I'm sorry for trying to push you.
sfx: sniff
3: I'm very sorry.
4: (Oh, how sad... I was sure that if things went well, sister would be happy and buy me some more sweets.
5: You're really that concerned about your sister? You're so gentle-hearted...
6: Oh... no, I...
7: Your hands are chapped... you poor thing.
8: Ah...
9: You know, I wouldn't mind courting you...
10: What? But...

1: Y... you can't... do that...
2: Am I not your type?
3: No, that's not it. I just know it'll hurt my sister.
4: (If I said yes, she'd bully me even more than she already does!
5: Farewell!
6: Wait!
7: He said no? Oh my...
8: Ahhhh...
9: I'm sorry I wasn't of more help...

1: Is that all you have to say, you worthless girl?!
2: I'm sorry!
3: Ow!
4: sniff, sniff...
5: What's wrong, Eileen?
6: I'm not hungry...
sfx: caaaw
7: sniff...
8: How about some sweets, sister?
9: I don't want any. You can have them.
sfx: sniff...

1: We'll share them.
2: [And so, once she began eating her sister's sweets every day, Cinderella became a bit plump.
3: [Meanwhile, her sister's appetite just kept going down and down, and she lost a lot of weight.
sfx: drag
4: This is the last house.
5: (Welcome!
6: Is there a girl here who might fit into this glass slipper?
7: /That's the glass slipper I lost!

1: Uuu... I can't fit into it!
2: Please, give it a try.
3: Whoever fits into this slipper will become the prince's bride.
sfx: pitter patter
sfx: bulge...
4: Huh?
5: /I can't fit into it!
sfx: jiggle
6: /I ate so much that it made my feet fat!
7: Here, give it a try.
sfx: drag
8: (Just try it on already!!

sfx: slide
1: Ohh! You are the new princess!
2: Hooray, Eileen!
3: /She got so thin that her feet shrunk...
4: Me... the prince's bride?
sfx: Ah!
5: How wonderful! I was rejected by the one I loved, anyway...
6: We can marry into a wealthy family now! Hooray! I'm a princess!

1: [And so, Cinderella's sister became the new Princess.
2: /She seems a bit different from the girl I danced with at the ball...
3: /But Eileen was the only girl in the kingdom who fit into the slipper...
4: /Hmm...
5: /Oh, I know! She must just act differently after the sun sets.
6: /Now I get it!
7: [Nobles don't think too deeply about things. And so, the Prince was very happy at receiving the thin-legged Eileen as his bride.
8: twitch

1: Ahh, I'm the one who should be up there right now!
2: Getting fat only brings pain and despair!
3: Oh well...
4: The ball was fun, but honestly, I don't really know much about that prince.
5: He's a daring guy to choose the person he's going to spend the rest of his life with after just dancing with them once.
6: Whether you're a gorgeous prince or a beautiful girl that stands out at the ball, you can never really tell what a person's like until you spend a decent amount of time with them!
sfx: cough
7: It's good that my sister seemed happy about marrying him, though.

1: Hello?
2: cough
3: Yes... ah!
4: I knew it was you! I've been searching for you.
5: Do you remember me? I'm Robert.
6: You came to me asking about your sister...
7: Ah!
8: I'm very sorry about that.
9: I've been searching all over for you.
10: And now, I've finally found you!

1: Please allow me to court you.
2: I...
3: [In the end... after that whole mess... Cinderella married Robert...
sfx: chu chu chu
4: [And lived happily ever after...
5: [Meanwhile... the prince and his new princess...
sfx: rumble

sfx: grrrowl
1: I'm hungry...
2: You can only eat one crumb per day! You need to get on a stricter diet!
3: I love your tiny, thin legs!
4: You're not allowed to get fat!
5: Yes, my prince...
sfx: grrrowl
bg: Hungry want to eat need food
6: [It turned out that the Prince had very eccentric tastes. That should come as no surprise, though. After all, he chose his wife based on the size of her foot!
7: (I should have just told them that the shoe wasn't really mine...


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