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#18. Asses are Asses


tl by danluffey

#18. Asses are Asses

1: Asami, for our honeymoon, let's go to an island in the south!
2: Oh, Masaki-san... I don't care where we go, just as long as we're together!
sfx: splash
3: Asami...
sfx: dawww
sfx: blub
4: /I'm so happy...
5: /This is like a dream come true! I have a bright new future together with my beloved...
sfx: pffft
6: Let's swim in to the shore!

1: An octopus, an octopus!
2: Wooow!
3: If you do this, it tightens them up and makes 'em yummier!
4: squeee
sfx: bash
5: Poor thing... but octopuses are so good! I can't wait to eat it!
6: Let's work up a good appetite now!
7: Don't swim too far out, or it could be dangerous.
8: I'll be fine!
9: I'll be... ahh!
sfx: splash

1: Ah...
2: Aaaaahhh
3: Ahhh...
4: Ah...
5: Where am I?
6: Who am I?

1: Asami!
2: /Ah! Masaki-san's voice!
3: /I'm right here!
4: Asami!
5: The poor girl...
5: Asami!
6: (Poor girl... she was so young...
7: Huh... that's me?
8: Did I die? But... no...

1 Masaki-saaaan!
2: Asami!
3: /Masaki-san!
4: Ahhhhh!
sfx: vroooom
sfx: vrooooooom
sfx: splat...

sfx: bzzzz
1: /Oh no... that's a terrible picture of me! It makes my nose look so flat...
sfx: bzzzz
2: /Why did they put that one up? Ohhh, mom!
3: /Masaki-san!
4: /I'm right here! I was reborn as a mosquito!
5: /C'mon, notice me!
sfx: bzzz
sfx: smack
6: /Ah...

1: /What the...
2: /I feel like I've seen this place in a photograph somewhere before. Like in a tourism advertisement for Greece or something...
3: /Ahh, I'm tired...
sfx: stagger
4: /Isn't anyone going to notice me?
5: /I'm a human!

1: /I know, I'll write them a message.
2: /There we go!
text: I'm human
3: What the?
4: /Please notice me!
5: What are you doing?!
sfx: wham
6: /Oh no! He can't read Japanese!
7: /Ah! Japanese tourists!
sfx: Yaaay ooooh
8: /Ahhhh!
sfx: skritch
9: /Please!
sfx: whinny
10: /Notice me!

sfx: whinny
1: What's this ass doing?!
2: Ewww! are you kidding me?
3: Kyaaaaa!
sfx: tonk
sfx: skritch
4: What the hell are you doing? Is the heat frying your brain? C'mon, it's time to work!
sfx: yoink
5: /Ahhh...

1: /I tried time and time again to get someone's attention, but in the end, not a single person noticed me...
2: /And as time went on, my mind became more and more like that of a ass's.
3: /At this point, unless I think really hard, I can't even remember how to write.
4: /Uhhh...
5: /Am I just going to die like this?! I wonder how Masaki-san's doing...
6: Here you go, sir.
sfx: whap
7: /Ah...
8: /Masaki-san...!

1: He came to see me!
sfx: whinny
2: Want to ride on the ass?
3: Sure.
sfx: smack
sfx: dong
4: It was always my dream to come on a honeymoon to the Aegean Sea and ride on a ass. I'm so happy, Masaki-san!
sfx: shiver
5: Take a pretty picture now!
6: (snap) No matter how I take it, as long as you're in it, it'll look pretty!
7: /Masaki-san!

1: Kyaaa!
2: /Masaki-san!!
sfx: whinny
3: Woah! What the?!
4: /It's me! Asami! Read this!
5: /Ahhh... I forgot how to write... ahhh!
sfx: shiver
6: Are you alright, Ruriko!
7: Yes, Masaki-san.
sfx: whap
8: How dare you hurt my precious Ruriko?!
9: /Ah! Masaki-san...!!
sfx: This is too much! Oh, the humanity!

1: What's wrong with you?!
sfx: whap
2: Wait!
3: The heat must have made it exhausted.
4: Please, take this and let it rest.
5: Why, thank you.
6: /She's nice... Masaki-san... must be happy...

1: /Now that I've forgotten how to write... I have no choice but to be happy that Masaki-san's happy...
2: /And then live out the rest of my life as a ass...
sfx: whinny...
3: /As soon as I realized that... I started noticing the other asses around me...
4: /Several of them seemed to be 'ex-humans,' just like me.

1: /And not just asses, but cats, dogs... birds, bugs... everywhere I looked, I saw 'ex-humans.'
2: /All ex-humans have the ability to notice each other like that.
3: /It's because we're all the same that we're able to get along well like this.
4: /That's all I can tell you. For I've long since forgotten how to write, and I'm slowly forgetting how to speak as well. as of now, I'm nothing... but an ass...


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