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#19. Tears of the Merman


tl by danluffey

#19. Tears of the Merman

1: I'm the greatest in the sea! The fish who everyone calls a true modern boy!
2: Kyaaa! It's Prince Bellaf!
3: Look at how manly his dorsal fin is!
sfx: swoon
4: And those gallant lips!
5: Who will be able to win Prince Bellaf's heart?
6: Is there really any girl capable of matching such an intelligent, dreamy prince?
7: /Intelligent... yes, I am overflowing with intelligence! I'm a perfect prince, one who never slacks off at his studies!
sign: Library
8: Good morning, Prince.

1: Ah, Meryl! Got any new books today?
2: Yes! A deluxe cruise liner shipwrecked recently in the Adriatic Sea, and a lot of books fell overboard. I put them in waterproof coverings the minute I got them!
3: I got a lot of new magazines, too.
4: Magazines? Wow! Magazines are the barometers of culture, you know!
5: Wow, Prince Bellaf! You know so many beautiful phrases!
6: Naaah... hahaha!
7: I want to learn as much as I can about human culture.
8: Why are you studying the human world?
9: We fish will never have a chance to have an audience with any of them...

1: By learning about other cultures, we can stimulate our own!
2: And then, one day, we fish will join hands with the humans on land, and protect our earth together!
sfx: staaare
3: Look, Meryl! This is the hairstyle that's popular on land these days!
4: Ah, stop! It grosses me out!
5: Why do humans have hands? They're so disgusting!
6: Hands...? True, I was surprised the first time I saw them too...
7: But...
8: But?
9: Nothing...

1: /The first time I saw a human hand, all my scales stood on end!
2: /Maybe they feel the same way when they see scales?
3: /Everyone judges beauty by what they know. Denying the beauty of other cultures will only shrink your perspective. I've spent many years trying to understand human culture...
4: /And finally... I think I've begun to understand the beauty of human women!
5: What a babe...
6: gulp
7: I want to get closer...

1: How about going for a cup of tea, my lady?
sfx: fwip
2: Kyaaaa
3: A sea monster! A alien! A mutant fish!
4: Huh...
5: Run! Call the police! Catch that thing!
6: No, kill it!
7: What...?
8: Ahh, scary!
9: It's a sea monster!
10: A sea monster!
11: What...

1: There's a sea monsterrr!
2: Be careful!
3: (Call the news! The TV stations! This'll be the Wednesday special!
4: sniff
5: I just wanted to get close to a human female...
6: Is it impossible because of the way I look?
7: I want to be human...
8: hic hic
9: You want... to be human?
10: Prince Bellaf!
11: Becoming a perfect human through plastic surgery is impossible with modern technology.

1: But if you change my tail into feet, sow lips on me, and take off my dorsal fin and scales, it should make me look pretty human.
2: And make this part small, like ears.
3: After all, they say Matsumoto Seicho's a proper human!
4: I can do that... but are you sure it's what you really want?
5: Yes... just do it!
6: You'll have to buy a wig when you get on land.
7: Mmm...
8: Pu... hah!

1: Fufufu... well? I look pretty human, now don't I?
2: Ooooh! There are lots of cute girls here!
3: /Oh no! I forgot! Humans wear underwear!
4: Kyaaaaaaaahhh
5: Monster!!
6: Huh...

sfx: flash
1: And you can talk?
2: (What's your name? How old are you?
3: How have you been living up until now?
4: /I probably shouldn't tell them the truth here...
5: Uhh... I have no memories. All of a sudden, I woke up, and I was on the beach.
6: To tonight's program, we welcome Sea Monster-kun!
screen: Special Guest Corner
7: Hello everyone!
8: Sea Monster-kun got a nickname recently: "Bellaf-kun!" He requested it himself!
9: Call me Bellaf!

1: The film he's starring in just got finished!!
poster: The Merman Bellaf
Starring: Bellaf
Cast: Satonaka Machiko
Battler Ooishi
David Myers
2: It's going to be an unprecedented hit!
3: They've already started filming the sequel!
sfx: pat
4: /Sheesh, I shouldn't have bothered taking off my scales and fins...
poster: Just in!!
5: /Bellaf dolls are all the rage!
6: /And this week's number one hit is "The Way of the Merman," sung by Bellaf!
7: (At the bottom of the ocean where I was born... it does not rain... there are no rivers...

1: The Bellaf series keeps making waves!
poster: Bellaf 2: A Merman on Mars
poster: Bellaf 3: Sorrow of the Merman
2: It holds the top number of tickets sold for Japanese films this year!!
3: I'm rich now!
4: You're so wonderful, Bellaf! Your slippery skin is so charming...
5: Hey, buy me a car.
6: Eeheeheehee! Whatever you say.
7: It's nice to have money! Now I can choose all the women I want!
sfx: Kyaaaaa

poster: Bellaf 4: The Merman Superhero
1: No more movies...?
2: Everyone's tired of you now.
3: But...
magazine: Where are they now?
Ms. M. Satonaka
Bellaf, the famous merman
Frilled Bird

1: You're not interesting anymore now that you have no money.
2: Now you're just a gross lump of meat!
3: (Just be thankful we stayed with you as long as we did!
4: Ah... ahhh...
5: Bye bye!
6: Uuu... I should have never come here... I'm going back to the ocean...

sign: Library
1: Prince Bellaf... I wonder how he's doing?
2: He's probably forgotten all about me... even though I really loved him...
3: And still love him now...
4: Meryl...
5: I finally figured it out! You're my companion for life!
6: Ah...
7: Prince Bellaf?
8: That's right! Meryl, I love you!
9: Nooo, get away from me! You're gross!

1: What happened to your manly dorsal fin? Your powerful tail? Your beautiful scales?
2: And your gallant lips? You aren't Prince Bellaf anymore! You're just some weird in-between thing!
sfx: thunk
3: I'm sorry. that must have sounded so cruel... but... I wish you had had more confidence in your own culture...
4: That's the Prince Bellaf that I loved...
5: [Filled with regret, Bellaf began studying hard again and turned back into a fine Prince. Eventually, Meryl was moved once again by the hardworking, single-minded Prince, and became a very gentle, soothing wife.
6: I'm not redoing your surgery.
7: So be it!
8: /However... yep...
9: I won't kiss you unless you wear that suit.
10: OK.


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