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#20. An Immortal Hero


tl by danluffey

#20. An Immortal Hero

1: [With the development of a spaceship where long-term life is possible, the human race has finally taken its first step toward a space city.
2: [This shuttle will take 100 technicians and astronauts on a two-year trip to a space station.
3: Sure, the pay's good, but... two years is a long time.
4: I won't be able to go on any dates up there... I never thought I'd be spending the rest of my youth in outer space.
5: But we'll be able to watch TV within the shuttle!

1: So what if you can't go on dates?
2: After two years, you'll come back as a hero! You'll be able to marry whoever you want!
3: Oh yeah?
4: Yeah!
5: (I can't wait! A huge bonus, and a beautiful wife!
6: /A hero, huh...?
7: /But...
8: /in exchange for the chance to become a hero, I'll live in danger for two years.
9: /It would be so lame of me to say "I'm scared, I don't want to go" at this stage. But... it's two years! Over 700 days!

1: /I mean...
2: /With space construction... you never know what'll be happen.
3: /An accident may happen on one of those 700 days.
4: /I'm scared...
5: What's eating you?
6: You look pretty down.
7: Nnn...

1: I don't want to die. I'm afraid of dying!
2: All humans die someday.
3: So they need to work hard when they're alive.
4: If humans knew they'd never die, they'd probably just spend all their time sleeping and laying around.
5: That doesn't change the fact... that I don't want to die!
6: How about helping me to forget? How much, baby?
7: I'm not that kind of woman.
8: Oh. Well, anyway... you're really charming.

1: Put me at ease.
2: There she goes, letting another one fool her like that...
2: Anna's just too good-natured.
3: Whenever she sees a guy who's down in the dumps, she always runs to cheer him up.
4: You're going to that space station that everyone's talking about?
5: Yeah...
6: And you'll be back in two years... I'll wait for you!
7: Huh...

1: Uhh...
2: I know you'll come back alive. Here, I'll give you this. It's an "immortality elixir" that's been passed down through my family.
3: What?
4: My ancestors were originally witches in Europe...
5: This is the most treasured elixir that they created.
6: It's been protected by my family for hundreds of years.
7: You're the man who's going to become my husband, so I'll give it to you.
8: /This sounds insane... but what could it hurt? Even if it doesn't work, I won't be any worse off than I am now.

1: I promise I'll marry you when I come back.
2: I'm so glad... I thought you might just be playing around. I'm sorry for being suspicious of you.
3: What are you saying, Anna?
4: /Hah! You think I'd marry some bargirl?
5: /It's all bullshit. Just like this elixir.
6: [7 weeks before the departure...
7: Gilbert! Gilbert!

1: What's wrong?!
2: Wahhh, he woke up!
3: Hooo...
4: I can't believe there oxygen tube malfunctioned. It was a one-in-a-million chance! Technically, he should have died from loss of oxygen.
5: I got a little dizzy, and my head started to hurt, but I'm fine now.
6: It's a miracle!
7: /The elixir worked!
8: /I'm immortal now!
9: Mr. Gilbert Ashe claims he does not know anyone named Anna, so unfortunately, we cannot connect you to him.
10: But...

1: /So he really... was just playing around...
2: /I'm a hero! I'll never die!
3: /I'm not afraid of anything now!
sfx: shoooooo
4: /Bye bye, Anna! I'll think of you every now and then.
5: [Shuttle #10 launched, and safely got on track to its destination.

1: This is bad.
2: The antenna axle won't turn! Someone will have to go outside and fix it.
3: I'll do it!
4: /Now I'll be a hero on the news!
5: A meteor shower! At a time like this?!
6: The antenna's all messed up, so I didn't notice it!
7: Be careful, Gilbert!
8: /I'll be fine. No matter what happens, I can't die!
9: /My life rope won't snap, either.
10: Wahh! Gilbert!
11: Hiee!

1: Wah... waaaaaaaahhh!
2: Help meeee!!
3: Waaaahhhh! Help... me!

1: Help me! Everyone! What's going on?!
2: Answer me!
3: /Did the meteors hit the ship as well?! What happened to everyone?!
4: /What's going to happen to me?!
5: It hurts... I'm losing oxygen... it hurts...
6: /The pain eventually made me lose consciousness.

1: /But suddenly, a violent headache woke me up.
2: /Then, I realized I couldn't breathe, and I collapsed once more.
3: /As soon as I fainted, though, my head pain woke me back up again.
4: /I... can never die, can I?
5: /I'm immortal!
6: /No matter how much I suffer...
7: /it'll never end!

1: /The ship might come back and find me...
2: /But there's no telling when that will happen...
3: /How much time passed since I lost sight of the ship?
4: /Help me!
5: /Hurry, bring me water, air, and food!
6: Yikes... wonder how long that one's been floating around out here.
7: Want to pick him up?
8: Nah... it's not worth changing our course.
9: Space is an astronaut's graveyard. Just let him rest in peace.
10: And pray for his repose.
11: /Why are they going away?!

1: /My head hurts... how many years has it been since I last saw someone?
2: /10 years..? 100...?
3: I can't think about anything anymore.
4: /My throat's parched, my eyes are dry, and yet somehow I'm still alive. I wish...
5: /I wish I could just
6: /die already...


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