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#21. Wicked Woman


tl by danluffey

#21. Wicked Woman

1: [This is a story about a wicked woman.
2: Ah... it's not about me, is it?
3: [She was very beautiful, and also very rich.
4: Nope, definitely not me.
5: [But all her wealth was simply inherited from her late father. She never put forth any effort to earn it herself.
6: This is one of my estates.
7: It's so old, I just can't bear to use it.
8: [In any case, she had so much money, she didn't even know what to do with it. And she was so stunningly beautiful, that she was also popular with men.
9: [Did I mention she was wicked?

1: [And just how was she wicked, you ask?
2: This isn't hot enough...
sfx: twitch
3: [Once after her maid set out a cup of coffee for her, she forgot about it for half an hour, then tried to drink it...
4: You're fired.
sfx: crash
5: An accident? We won't make it in time.
6: This is your fault for driving down here. You're fired.
sfx: beeeep
7: This dress was so tight, it made me have a terrible time at the party.
8: But ma'am, you insisted on wearing it...
9: Why didn't you notice it when you helped me put it on?
10: This is your fault for making me sit here!
11: My eyes are swollen from lack of sleep...
12: It's this author's fault for writing such good stories!
13: (Call the publishing company and get them fired!
book: Machiko's One Thousand and One Nights

1: [Basically... if something bad happened, she'd always blame it on someone else.
2: But of course!
3: Wealth and beauty are sacred things. And since I have both, that makes me a holy being.
4: I couldn't possibly be at fault for anything.
5: [Indeed, the world is a strange place.
6: [Because for some reason, there exist men who lust for wicked women like her.
7: I'd love to make a proud woman like that kneel before me!

1: [...she's actually quite popular with them.
2: [Of course, they always end up suffering in the end.
3: How am I supposed to get any sleep with you tossing and turning like that?!
4: You can't go on like this.
sfx: twitch
5: Life is a lonely thing if you're not capable of loving someone. At this rate, you'll be alone for the rest of your life. I want you to know what it feels like to be in love.
6: I don't need love. As long as I have my wealth, I'll be fine.
7: No other beauty is any match for the beauty of a heart that cares ofr someone!
8: /What a weirdo. He's handsome, though.
paper: The multi-millionaire, Maria Rockefeller, married to a nameless biologist

1: You're going to your lab? What are you researching? Frog brain cells? Which do you care about more, frogs or me?!
2: You don't understand.
3: Let's go have a night on the town! I have tons of money, so there's no reason for you to work!
4: Humans need to work hard at something, or...
5: (Hiee!
6: I don't want eggs today!
7: I don't even want to look at them! Why do you always make garbage like this?!
8: If you don't want to eat them, then just don't eat them. Why do you always have to terrorize people like that?
9: Why are you defending her? Do you like her?
sfx: stare
10: If you ever cheat on me, you're going to PAY!

1: It seems a bit abnormal, but... I guess you wouldn't be jealous if you didn't love me, right?
2: /Idiot!
3: /Then that's fine. Just as long as she awakens to "love"... I know that someday, she'll come to have a gentle heart.
4: (Bye now!
5: /I need to be gentle to her first, though.
6: /What does it have to do with love? I just don't like it when other people try to take what's MINE!
7: The master is so nice.
8: He's our savior!
9: Your husband is such a nice, honest man.
10: /Does everyone want to take him away from me?

1: Let's go on a trip. I'm sick of this city and all its people!
2: I want to go the middle of a desert.
3: But my research...
4: No! You have to go with me, or else I'll die!
5: What are you talking about? You'll die? Alright, alright... fine, I'll go...
sfx: panic yay yay
6: /I guess I have no choice. I have to keep being nice, and watch over her...
7: /This is a man-made resort right in the middle of a desert. There isn't anyone who can come between us here!
8: (We're from London? Oh really? I'm from Paris!

1: This steak is disgusting. It's practically dried-out!
2: Really? Mine tastes fine.
3: There's nothing but sand! Why did we even come here?
sfx: grrr
4: You're the one who picked this place!
5: You should have talked me out of it!
6: Why do you always blame others for everything?
7: That poor man...
8: You need to fix that aspect about yourself! I'm serious!
sfx: grrr!
9: I can't stay here any longer. I'm going for a drive!
10: Yes ma'am.
11: Bring me some oranges to take with me, maid!
12: What? You couldn't find anything better than these cheap-looking ones?!
13: (Umm... er...

1: (She's so terrible!
2: I'm sorry.
3: It's OK...
sfx: sniff
4: I don't care how upset you are, you're being too cruel!
5: You like her, don't you?
6: What are you talking about? Is that the only thing on your mind?!
7: Wh... what would YOU know about what's on my mind?! Go ahead, I don't care! If she's up for it, who am I to stop you?
8: Calm down! (Please!
9: I'm going home! Take my suitcases with you when you leave!
sfx: vroooom slam!
10: Maria!
11: Ma'am!

1: Ahhh, there she goes...
2: (Sigh...
3: She's impossible to talk to when she gets like this. I suppose we should just let her drive until she calms down.
4: How did he get stuck with such a horrible woman?
5: (I'm sorry for all the commotion.
6: He's really something, if he puts up with that every day.
7: Why does everyone always take HIS side?
8: Everyone must just be jealous because I'm so beautiful.
9: People are so rotten!
10: And I CANNOT believe that no one's actually coming after me! How rude!

1: Fine! If that's how they want to play it!
2: I'll make them worry so much they won't even be able to sleep! I'm not going back until they come out searching for me and apologize!
3: I'm thirsty...
4: I know!
5: Ahh...
sfx: clatter
bg: Taking your eyes off the road is dangerous!
sfx: screeeeech
6: Ahh... ahhh! What the? Huh?!

sfx: slip
1: Kyaaaaaa!
sfx: sliiiiip
2: Ahh... ahhhh...
3: Hiiiiee! Pfft, pfft!
sfx: sliiiide
4: Hiiiie! Someone! Someone, save me!

1: Someone... save me...
2: Hiiieee... I'm so thirsty... someone! Help!
sfx: wheeze...
3: /Night fell. And then morning came. And then, night fell again. All the while, the woman continued to curse her husband.
4: It looks like she really did go home...
5: Mmm... once I get rid of this frustration, I'll go after her. I'm just so tired right now.
6: How dare he?! How could he let this happen to me?! This is all his fault!!
7: cough
8: wheeze
9: hie hie

1: I know the oranges are up there...
2: Ahh, I'm so thirsty! It's all his fault that I fell down here! I'm going to curse him! If I die like this... I'm going to come back as a ghost and haunt him...
sfx: hiiieee...
sfx: sliiip...
3: I'm thiiirstyyyy...

1: [The persistence of a woman can be a frightening thing. But unfortunately for that woman, her last vow to curse her husband never came to be.
2: (He inherited all his late wife's money!
3: (Now HE can finally be happy!
4: (This is like a dream come true...
5: (She'll be such a gentle wife!
6: [Night after night, she floats the world as a ghost, mumbling curse after curse
7: [under an abundant orange tree.
8: It was those stupid oranges...


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