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#22. The Reality of God


tl by danluffey

#22. The Reality of God

1: You mean... you want to break our engagement? Is that what you mean?!
2: I figured it'd be best for both of us if I told you now, instead of actually getting married and saying "I don't like this."
sfx: surprisingly dauntless
3: "I don't like this?! But... Masaki-san...
4: Goodbye.
5: H... how could you? I already told all my co-workers that I found a man!
6: (Men always act indifferent and walk away.
sfx: strut

1: I'm gettting old, so my parents started suggesting formal marriage interviews, but I told them that I didn't need any, because I found someone on my own!
2: I even asked a designer friend to make a wedding dress for me...
3: I can't back out now!
4: How could you do this to me?!
sfx: fwap
5: I prayed about my boyfriend so much to you!
sfx: wham!!
6: Why didn't you listen?!

1: I've always prayed to you ever since I was young.
2: When I was a second grader, I prayed that I could get first place in the sports festival... but even after running my hardest, I only got fourth. I didn't get the notebook prize!
3: The first time I fell in love, I prayed with all my heart.
4: But he ended up going out with someone else... and after my college entrance exams,
5: I was rejected from my top school...

1: When I entered the company I work in now, I prayed to be sent to a department with a lot of men in it,
2: but I ended up going into accounting, which is filled with women... (I was so disappointed!
3: I even bought a candle here at Christmas!
4: And I know it wasn't much, but I made donations! And above all else, I prayed to you because I believed in you! But you never once made my wishes come true!
small bubbles: Anger
5: You've always just ignored me!

1: All you do is stand there and stare at people! Some God you are! Anyone could do that!
2-3: Hmph!
4: Oh...?
5: In that case, would you like to give it a try?
6: Huh...?
7: Is someone in there? This is a private conversation, you know!
8: Hey, that tickles. You're really something, you know that?
9: Oh my!
10: All you ever think about is yourself. And you blame all your misfortune on others.

1: That's why your relationships have never worked out. Why can't you figure it out for yourself?
2: Hieee!
3: Hiiiie! Waaah!
4: Wh... what?
5: Ahhhh, that feels better.
6: I was so sick of standing there all day!
7: W... we switched bodies?
8: That's right.
9: Now you can make things happen however you like. Have fun.
10: However I like?

1: You can control whatever you want.
2: However, in order to get out again, you need to find another person who's full of discontent.
3: Goodbye!
sfx: slam...
4: /Alright... if I can do anything,
5: /then first I guess I'll make Masaki-san look at me again.
6: /But... it won't matter if I'm stuck in this thing.
7: Hmmm...

1: /Geez, this kid is really heavy.
2: Oh, Maria!
3: I have a prayer for you! Please, pleae let me live to be 100!
4: /OK, sure. I'm God, after all.
5: /Wow. God's job is so easy.
6: You already finished praying?
7: Yeah. I'll meet you at home.
8: Please, Maria!
9: Please, kill my husband as quickly as possible!
10: Hey, baby!
11: (Eww! Creep!

1: /Huh?
2: /What am I supposed to do about this?
3: /I can't make both wishes come true. Ahhh, what are Gods supposed to do at times like this?
4: /Please let me win in the lottery this week!
5: /There can only be one winning ticket!
6: /Please let them catch the criminal.
7: /Please let me get away.
8: /Please make that rival shop move away!
9: /Ahhhhh!
10: /What should I do?!
11: /Please let me be Cinderella in the school play...

1: /If I listen to one, the other will suffer. I guess it's just a testament to how selfish everyone is.
2: /Hmm... I guess being God isn't as easy a job as I thought it was.
3: /No matter how unreasonable the wish may be, whenever it doesn't come true,
4: (I want to meet a good guy! I want to write a bestseller!
5: /I always end up blaming God.
6: And the ones who do nothing but pray
7: and never put out any effort themselves are the ones who blame God the most.
sfx: grrrrr
8: Huh?! Twitch

1: /I think I wished for the same thing once...
2: I have a prayer.
3: I want to get into one of these high schools.
4: Please, if you only listen to one of my prayers, please listen to this one!
5: twitch
6: I'm a representative from Otowa Catholic. We have 61 students who wish to get into Tounan University's medical program.
7: And I'm from Miwa Shrine. We have 16.
8: We have three. And we have 75!
9: /6 times the maximum amount of students want to get into that school...
10: /There's nothing I can do. I'll just have to leave it up to their own personal efforts!
11: Awwwww!
sfx: slam

1: They rejected me! I'm a woman, I can't just sit around studying and trying to apply over and over again! Some God you are!
2: /Here's someone who seems really discontent.
3: /Maybe this is my chance to stop being God!
4: /But... I'm not sure I want to switch with her...
5: You're a fraud!
6: I can't believe this! Give me back my donation money!
7: /I think I'll wait until a prettier girl comes by.
8: /That was my fatal error...

1: /Truly pretty girls are pretty because the beauty in their heart shows through.
2: (Even ugly girls can look cute!
3: Color it in!
4: /When things don't go right for them,
5: /they decide it was because they didn't work hard enough.
6: (It's because I was slacking off!
7: (I shouldn't have done that!
8: /They never complain.
9: /They pray to cheer themselves on, rather than to beg to God.
10: /At this rate, I'll never be able to switch back into a cute girl...
11: (Which means... the last Maria was lucky! I was a pretty cute girl, after all...
12: /Ahhhh...

1: /I can't be choosy here.
2: (mutter mutter... Who made you God?! You're useless! She dumped me, man!
3: /I'll just turn into a guy, I don't care!
4: /Now, what should I do first?
5: /I'm kinda worried about my family...
6: /I came close to my house...
7: /They probably won't believe it's me with the way I look now, though...
8: /And then, as I was contemplating...
9: /My memories of "me" started to fade away...
10-11: Ah...
12: /and were taken over by the memories of the person who originally owned the body.
13: Huh...? What am I doing here?

1: Um, excuse me, but what town is this?
2: Huh?
3: (The old me
sfx: pitter patter
4: The first time I saw you, I felt like I knew you somehow. And I realized, yes, this is the woman I was destined to marry...
5: Me too... love at first sight is strange like that, isn't it?
6: /Both of them forgot who they used to be... ah well.
7: /More importantly, I need to find someone to switch with!


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