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#23. The King's Decree


tl by danluffey

#23. The King's Decree

1: [A long time ago, in a forgotten kingdom...
2: Off with his head!
3: I accept my fate. I killed three people, so I deserve to be punished.
4: But please, spare my children!
5: Executing children just because their parents did something wrong... that's too much! Please, I beg you! Just spare my children!

1: The law of our kingdom declares that children inherit the sins of their parents.
2: Yet, even knowing this, you still killed people. Why?
3: I... just got so angry...
4: Apologize to your children in purgatory.
5: Execute him!
6: Hiiiiieee!
7: Please, spare my children!
8: The execution of children is not fit for public consumption, so the executions will take place within the castle.
9: Now, my people, please do not forget our kingdom's laws! Your children will be held responsible for the crimes you commit. And if you have no children, your parents will be held responsible!

1: That is all!
2: I always thought that whole bit about the children was rather cruel...
sfx: clamor
3: But that's the law! He shouldn't have committed the crime in the first place!
4: Yeah.
5: /This is too cruel...
6: /Why does a whole family have to be held responsible for one person's sin?
7: /No other country like this exists these days!

1: /I'm an orphan. I have no family. If I commit a crime, there's no one else who they can hold responsible.
2: /I'm going to assassinate the king.
3: /Otherwise, this inhumane law will never die!
4: Why... does crime persist, after all we've done?
5: Compared to other countries, we have a lower crime rate, sire.

1: It's pointless unless it reaches zero! Even after I added the law about children being executed, people are still committing crimes!
2: And most of them just give reasons like "Sorry, I just got too angry" as an excuse...
3: Is it simply human nature to commit evil? This is pathetic!
4: Sire...
5: What do I need to do in order to stamp out crime? I've reached the limit of my wisdom. I can't think of anything that I haven't already tried.

sfx: rattle
1: Who's there?!
2: You must die.
sfx: stab
3: Uuuu...!!
4: You have to die, or else that insane law will never be changed!

1: Don't you care about the human rights of children?!
2: How... could you do this? Don't you care... about your family...
3: I'm an orphan who was raised in an orphanage! I have no family, and I'm not afraid to be executed because of this!
4: I see... in that case... I'll give this to you... it's the king's crest.

1: The king's crest...? Why are you giving it to me?!
2: Why don't you try... being the King?
3: Sire...
4: You are our King now.
5: But... I just MURDERED the King!
6: This belongs to you.

1: It's the law of our country... you are now our King.
2: I'm changing the laws. From now on, all death penalties will apply
3: only to the one that committed the crime!
4: Up until now, I held back out of fear for my children's safety,
5: but if I'm the only one who'll be punished, then I'm not afraid anymore!
6: Wait!
7: Crime has increased.
8: That's just a temporary after-effect.

1: Look! It's that murderer's kid! Go away! You have demon blood!
2: The children of executed persons are being discriminated against. This is a new social phenomenon.
3: /Things aren't going well...
4: /What should I do?
5: Oh my!
6: It's been so long since I visited.
7: Thank you so much for stopping by! Did you come incognito?

1: You must be under lots of pressure now that you're the King.
2: Yes...
3: Living here with everyone was the happiest time in my life.
4: I was an orphan... for as long as I can remember, I was all on my own, and lonely.
5: You mean you really just came here because you were feeling sentimental?
6: You didn't come here on royal business?
7: What are you talking about?

1: Haven't you heard anything, Your Majesty? Ever since you became King... we've received no new children.
2: This is because...
3: Up until now, the law about children being executed was only for show. Those children were all secretly brought here as "orphans" after they were supposedly killed, so that they could finish growing up.

1: People discriminate against children who have criminals as parents,
2: so after thinking long and hard, the King who reigned three generations ago came up with that law.
3: I didn't know that...
4: You mean I was also the child of an executed criminal?
5: I grew up safely without ever being bullied here... all because of the King?
6: I'm changing the law! From now on, the children of criminals will be executed as well, just like before!
sfx: clamor
7: But children are innocent!

1: The crime rate has dropped greatly since the laws were changed.
2: Humans are truly foolish creatures...
3: The lives of the people they want to kill, and the lives of the children they want to protect are all equal!
sfx: jerk
4: You have to die, or else that insane law will never be changed!

1: Uuu...!!
2: Haven't you ever thought about the feelings of any of those innocent children?!
sfx: stab!
3: I'm not afraid to die! I'm an orphan!
4: You're...
5: This belongs to you now... why don't you try... being the King?
6: Huh...?
sfx: clatter


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