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#24. Eternal Love


tl by danluffey

#24. Eternal Love

1: /How could my fiance pass away just before our wedding? Even by the time the funeral happened, I was still too shocked to feel anything.
2: /It wasn't until I felt the light weight of the box filled with his bones that I cried my first tears.

1: /The first time we met...
2: /Our first kiss...
3: /All our wonderful memories...
4: /The feeling of his surprisingly strong shoulders... it all came back to me.
5: /And now... I'll never see him again.

1: /I'm sad... I'm so sad!
2: /I want to see him again... I'll never be able to love anyone else!
3: Ryousuke-san...
4: I'll only love you for the rest of my life.
5: I'm going to live on with my memories of you in my heart.
6: Really?
7: Yes, really.
8: Huh?

1: Ryousuke...!
2: Asami...
3: Ahh... ahh! Ryousuke!
4: Asami!
sfx: fwip!
5: Ah...
sfx: smack!!

1: Hiiee... owww...
2: Sorry, I forgot that I had no body.
3: It's OK...
4: I'm just happy that we can talk like this.
5: I feel like I'm dreaming!
6: The power of your love brought me back.
7: Can I stay with you forever?
8: Of course! I don't ever want us to be apart again!

1: /And so...
2: (Oh, that's right! And then you...
3: /I began living with my fiance's ghost.
sfx: fssssh
4: Splurging on sukiyaki!
5: /He can't eat anything, though.
6: /He doesn't have a body, so he doesn't get hungry or sleepy.
7: (Ghosts can never die! They can't get sick, either!
8: It's boring having to stay up all night,
9: (Since I don't have fingers, I can't turn the pages of a book or push the TV's buttons...
10: I guess I'll just watch you sleep.
11: Ahhh, no! I'm embarrassed!
12: /There are a lot of things he can't do,
sfx: stare
13: /This is making me nervous...
14: /but I'm just glad to have my beloved at my side.
15: /I have to make my sleeping face look beautiful for him...

1: Huh? You're living with Ryousuke's ghost? Asami-san...
sign: Masaoka
2: awkward
3: I'm so happy that you're still thinking of my son, but you need to hurry up and move on with your life.
4: But... he's right here...
5: /She can't see me...
6: Asami-san...
7: Are you alright?
8: /The poor girl...
9: Oh well. I'm just glad I can see you!
10: Yeah. Let's enjoy our life together.
11: Yes... I'm so happy.
12: /However...

1: /I've still got my body..
2: /but as of now, he exists on a completely different level of reality. Isn't exactly easy living together...
3-4: Ah!
5: /He always appears so suddenly.
6: (Sorry!
7: /Thanks to that, I'm never lonely, but...
8: /Even though he's right beside me, I can't actually touch him.
9: /So in a way, it just makes me more lonely.
10: What's wrong?
11: Nothing...

1: /I can't hold his hand.
2: /I can't kiss him. All we can do is stare at and speak to each other.
3-4: Morning!
5: /But we love each other...
6: /He just stays outside the window and watches me while I work.
7: (Yes, this is the business division.
8: You'll be at the get-together today, right?
9: Yes.
10: /There was a get-together being held for a co-worker who was quitting because she got married.
11: Thank you. I promise I'll become happy!

1: Hurry up and make a baby! Having one at your age may not be a walk in the park, though!
2: Kyaaaaa! You two!
3: Aren't you going to get married too?
4: Still can't forget your late fiance?
5: Yes...
6: You're so loyal... I really want you to be happy.
7: You don't think I'd be able to take his place?
8: (Twitch...
9: Thank you...
10: (Shiver...
11: But...

1: Please forget about me.
2: I'm going to go on loving my late fiance for the rest of my life.
3: /That night, he disappeared.
4: Ryousuke-san!
5: Where did you go?!
6: Please, you don't need to worry about me!
7: You're the only one I love!
8: /But... he never came back.

1: Fine... I'll wait, then.
2: Because I still love you!
3: /I felt like I had lost him all over again.
4: I want to see you...
5: /Even though I couldn't touch him,
6: Please, come out...
7: /I was just happy to have him at my side, and to be able to talk to him.
8: /It was only when I lost him that I realized...
9: /that true love is when two hearts are deeply connected.

1: /I'm going to live a pure life until he appears again before me.
2: /I'm going to focus on my work,
3: /ignore all temptation,
4: /and just focus on staying pure!
5: /Since I was never able to have my own children, I decided to start caring for special need children and orphans.
6: /I also started doing volunteer work,
7: /and reported to my fiance every night on how powerfully I was living my life.
8: /It became my daily routine.

1: /And then, years later, I suddenly received a special recognition for my volunteer work.
sign: Women's Seminar
sign: Bestseller - Republished
book: Volunteer Work that Anyone Can Do - Yamaguchi Asami
2: /A book I wrote chronicling my experiences also became a bestseller.
3: /I lived every day to its fullest.
4: You're the only thing I'm missing... it's because of you that I was able to become so strong...
5: Really...?

1: I thought I'd only get in the way of your happiness, so I decided to hide myself.
2: You sure you really don't mind?
3: I've been waiting so long!
4: I love you, Asami.
5: /He hasn't aged a day since he passed away...
6: Ah...
bg: young
7: /But it's been decades for me...
8: Ah!
bg: old
9: /But that still doesn't change the fact that we love each other.
10: (Love is all about what's on the inside...
11: Hey, let's chat.
12: (Looks like we'll be having new problems, though.
13: Hold on, I'm stretching out my wrinkles.


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