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#26. A Perfect Lonely Night


tl by danluffey

#26. A Perfect Lonely Night

1: /Everyone says I always look "perfect."
sfx: grin
2: Bourbon.
3: Make it a double.
4: /Damn straight I'm perfect.
5: Which one?
6: ...I.W. Harper.
7: /That's the only bourbon I know.
sfx: fssh
8: /And this lighter is my grandpa's.
9: Hoo

1: /I look better than anyone else in this bar. I even made sure to wear olive color clothes to match the green interior of the establishment.
2: (C'mon, baby!
3: /Another perfect success!
4: /I live for fashion.
5: /Currently, I work
6: /as an assistant for a shoujo manga artist who people often call "stylish."

1: /But the actual job is...
2: Dammit, I'm tired!
3: Someone wake me up!
4: Okie dokie!
record: Army March Songs
5: Wooo! Only five pages left!
6: slurrrrp
7: Yaaaaay! Yeaaaah!
8: Urgh...
9: /What about this is "stylish?!"
10: This job fills me with nothing but frustration.
11: /I haven't changed my clothes in a while, and they smell.
12: /I feel like my back's going to get twisted. I haven't taken a bath in three days...
13: /My hair's all messed up, too.
14: /But I stick with this job, because I like it...
15: /And so, on my days off, I make myself look perfect to balance things out.
16: Not this!
17: Or this!

1: /My eau de cologne is Dunhill! My underwear is Issey!
2: Zanax!
3: /No man is a real man unless he's beautiful!
4: A Kir.
5: With Champagne, please.
6: /Hm...?
7: Yes ma'am.
8: /She's hot...!

1: /An Hermes bag, a Cartier lighter, and a Chanel suit!
2: /Jordan shoes, her perfume is Madame Rochas, and her lipstick is Chifure!
3: /She's a real adult!
sfx: stir...
4: /She'd be a perfect match for me.
5: /'Did you come here from Ashiya?' 'Your second Kir's on me.' 'Have we met somewhere before?' 'Please let me give you a hand fortune.' No, no, no! Those are all terrible!
6: /She's probably waiting for someone. Woah!
7: /Is she going to the restroom? Maybe I should wait outside it for her...
8: /No, what am I thinking?! Oh, she's going to use the phone...

1: /Huh? What is that? English? No, wait... I don't know what it is, but it isn't English...
2: One more.
3: /It's something, though.
4: /How am I supposed to approach her now?
5: /No! What am I saying! How can I be so weak?! I have nothing to lose!
6: Give her another, on me.
7: Yes sir.
8: Huh?
9: Do you mind...?
10: Heh

1: Thank you...
sfx: slide...
2: Are you waiting for someone?
3: I was... but they ended up not being able to come.
sfx: fssh
4: What a coincidence. The same thing happened to me.
5: I can't believe someone would leave you here like this.
6: He must not have very good eyes.
7: It wasn't a man...
8: Oh... 'zat so? Hahaha!
9: But I'm not a lesbian.
10: Just because I was waiting for someone, it doesn't necessarily mean they're my lover.
11: So you don't have one, then?
12: Why are you asking me so many questions? What about you?

1: Well... what do you think?
2: /I was able to keep a conversation with her, and I started to feel like I had really got a big catch, but then...
3: /I started getting nervous.
4: /I guess I'll have to take off my sunglasses at some point...
5: /But when I do... she'll see how droopy my eyes are, and I'll look worse!
6: /But... maybe she's also...
7: /like that...
8: /or that...
9: /or maybe even that...
10: Well... good night, then.
11: click
12: Huh?
13: (Disappointed... but sightly relieved... men can't be hasty, after all... I should act like I don't really care...
14: When will I see you next?

1: Tomorrow... I'll be at the same place.
2: (Men have got to be the ones who push! Clean and straight!
3: I'll be waiting for you.
4: Alright... good night.
5: Hoo
sfx: vroom
6: /He's really flashy, but he seems like he has a cute side to him... he isn't annoying, either...
7: /But... no matter how much I may like him, I can never show him my real face...
8: /After all... if he ever found out that my eyes fill the whole sunglasses, he'd probably be really grossed out.

1: /I've never been able to get a boyfriend because of this complex of mine.
2: Uuu...
3: And I'm still a virgin!
4: /Today, I got up my courage and tried acting like a vixen, but...
5: sniff
6: No! I can't cry, or my eyes will get bloodshot!
7: Eeehh...
8: Then they'll look even worse!
9: /I'm sure... that if he saw my true face, he'd scream and run or something!
10: Uuu... I'm so gross...
11: /I always hated showing my face in front of people, so ever since I was a child, I shut myself up in my room and studied every day.
12: shiiine
13: elegance
14: (This only makes me lonelier...
15: /I'm not stupid. And since I inherited money from my parents, I'm also a rich girl now.
16: /But... I'd give it all away if I could just shrink my eyes.
17: Oww! I got something in my eyes again...
18: Tch!

1: Welcome.
2: pitter patter
3: Hey.
4: /She looks great again today!
5: /A Yves Saint Laurent dress and a Dior scarf!
6: /Her brooch is from a Takeshita Street wagon sale!
7: /A Chanel bag, and Nina Ricci shoes!
8: /She looks perfect!
9: /But I can't get nervous.
10: /I need to break through her!
11: /We seem to get along... I may have found a really great guy, just by coincidence...
12: (Oh, I like Shiho too.
13: (We have the same tastes, I see.

1: /I need to be brave and find out what he likes.
2: /I like Konoshiki too.
3: /I need to figure out if he'd be able to like me even with my eyes...
4: /What I love about Shiho is...
5: Uhh... I like thin, cute eyes.
6: I like men with big eyes.
7: Ah...
8: /He... likes thin, cute eyes.
9: /She likes big eyes...
10: /There's no way... he'd ever like me!
11: /I can't take off my sunglasses in front of him!

1: /I'd like to try and invite him inside, but... worry worry
2: /We can't do it with our sunglasses on, can we?
3-5: /worry
6: /No way! What am I thinking?!
7-8: Well then...
9: /It'll only cause me pain if I get into him any more than this.
10: click
11: /I'll have to cut things off here.
12: sniff
13: /Farewell, my first love...
sfx: vroom

1: /I should have just shown her my eyes from the get-go!
2: /Then I never would have had to suffer this much!
3: /I'm never going to hide behind my sunglasses again!
4: /I'm just going to live the way I am!
5: [And so...
6: (Did you see that guy? He has really droopy eyes!
7: whisper
8: Pfft!
9: /I... I can't let them beat me down!

1: /I... I'm fine!
2: (Did you see her eyes? They were so gross! Shut up, your voice is too loud!
3: /What wonderful eyes... they're the complete opposite of mine... those are the kind of eyes I want... that person would be perfect... but...
4: /They're so good-looking, they've probably already found someone else.
5: Ahhh...


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