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#27. A Secret Peeping VCR


tl by danluffey

#27. A Secret Peeping VCR

sfx: klak
1: /Ahhh... every day, it's all the same.
2: /I want to quit this job, but I can't do it until I have some hope of marriage.
3: /And besides, Oda-san finally moved next to me... I can't quit yet.
4: /But...
5: Hey,
6: I'm working right now. We can't talk about that.
7: /He already has a "girlfriend." Things aren't going well, though.
8: /It looks like he's starting to get annoyed with her, since she keeps calling him about stupid things while he's at work.
9: Hooo...

1: /This is my chance to attack him.
sfx: ding dong
2: Good work today!
3: /What do I have to lose? In the worst case scenario, he'll dump me, and then I'll be able to quit without any worries.
4: Um, Oda-san!
5: Tomorrow's your birthday, isn't it? Here's your present, a day early.
6: Huh?
7: /All I need to do is make a chance for us to connect!
8: You said you were a fan of Awaya Noriko, right? Here's a video of one of her concerts...
9: Umm... Nomura-san... but...
10: This... is a beta tape, isn't it? All I have is a VHS player.
11: (Yikes...
12: Huh...
13: Unfortunately, but I won't be able to watch it.
14: Sorry.
15: Huh... ah...
video: Awaya Noriko Big Stage

sign: Otowa Electronics
1: There are two types of video formats available, categorized by the manufacturer. The size of the cassettes are also different.
2: You bought it without even knowing that much?
sign: VHS Video Deck - 113,800 yen
3: Can I exchange it...?
4: You don't have a VHS player?
sfx: wham
5: You should get one! There's a special sale going on right now! This is the model from last year! It's 75% off right now!
6: (I failed because I didn't know about VHS! But now we'll be able to trade VHS tapes and have fun together! His videos are all VHS...
7: I'll buy it!
8: I hardly ever buy anything, because I'm trying to save money up for my marriage gratuity...
9: But I guess since I'm alone, I might as well watch some movies and try to enjoy the romantic mood.
10: sniff

1: I suppose I'll try recording something.
2: Let's see, how do you to change the channel...? Umm... huh...
sfx: fzzzzzz
3: Wh-what's going on?
sfx: beep
4: Ah!
5: Oda... san...?!
6: Why is Oda-san on TV? Oh, I wish he had told me about this! Why didn't he? What channel is this, anyway? Wha...
7: Oh my... he's... stripping!
8: Kyaa

1: What is he doing? Tomorrow, the office will be in an uproar!
2: Yes? Hello? It's Oda.
3: Hello? That's weird. Hello?
4: What was that? A prank call?
5: Wheeeew. Yaaawn.
6: /It... can't be!

1: I'll just... try once more... this can't be happening...
sfx: swish
2: Again?!
3: Hello?
4: /It's really happening!
5: What's going on? Who is this? Please stop calling here.
sfx: click
6: Sheesh.
7: /This VCR is letting me see into Oda-san's room!
8: [Oda-san's room...
9: Yaaawn.
10: /Wow... he really has a lot of things in there.

1: /What colors does he like?
2: /What sort of genres does he like?
3: /With this, I can find out what he likes, and find him something that he doesn't have yet!
4: /Now I can really give him a present that he wants!
5: /How did you know I like these? I guess we have the same sort of tastes.
6: (Bwahahahaha!
7: /But... am I sure I'm not dreaming?
8: (Ahh...
9: Yawn!
sfx: shine
10: /Is this really the real Oda-san? I need to make sure!
11: Ahhhh...
12: Mumble...
13: /If I see him in the same clothes at work today...

1: Good morning!
sfx: ta-da!!
2: /It really wasn't a dream!
3: I got a VHS player that allows me to peep on the man I like!
4: /This is a huge chance! A weapon! A divine blessing!
5: /The success to an intra-company marriage is to spread lots of rumors... so that the man gets cornered and can't back out!
6: /All I need to do is buy a lot of the same things he owns to make other people conscious of the two of us!

1: Phew...
2: This umbrella!!
3: And this is his raincoat!
4: Huh?
5: Hello.
6: Wow, they're matching! Now why would they have matching umbrellas like that?
7: Oh my... do we have the same tastes?
8: Guess so...
9: Sorry I took so long. Here's your birthday present.
10: Huh... I was just thinking of buying the second volume.
11: I just thought this might me what you wanted...
12: Really...?

sfx: click
1: Hey, Ryouichi-san.
2: Ugehh! What's going on?!
3: You seem really cold lately. What's going on?
4: I'm just tired from work.
5: Oh, come on! What's more important to you, me or your work?
6: Stop being so selfish.
7: I'm done with you!
8: Goodbye!
9: /Yes! My rival's gone!
10: /I'd never be that selfish! After all, I have intelligence! I know everything about Oda-san!

1: /Now, to put what I know about his private life to good use... it may sound sudden, but...
2: Hey, Oda-san.
3: You know how sometimes there are girls who say "What's more important to you, me or your work?" when their boyfriends or husbands seem really busy? I think those girls are so selfish.
4: Huh...
5: Men have their own stresses. Women need to understand that and be a source of comfort for them... right?
6: (I need to sell myself!
7: Yeah... it's nice to hear someone with that opinion. Now, if only all girls thought that way... why did you decide to bring that up, though?
8: Umm...
sfx: pitter patter!!
9: Last night... I had a dream that a girl said something like that to you, Oda-san.
10: Wow...

1: Lately, I've been dreaming about you a lot.
2: In my dream, I'm in your room... I can see your beige bed cover... your green curtains... your comedy video collection...
3: What...
4: Wow... Nomura-san!
5: All that stuff really is in my room! Are you... clairvoyant?
6: Wait... you mean
7: it was ALL true...?
8: Oh... no, I'm so embarrassed...
9: What do you mean by that?
10: Umm...
11: I also had a dream that you and I got married...
12: Kyaa!
13: (I need to act really embarrassed and cute here!
14: Huh...
sfx: pitter patter!

1: Is it ESP... or...
2: destiny...?
3: (This may go well!
4: Oh... but... I mean...
sfx: screech
5: Oh, I think I drank a little too much. I just feel like this was destined to happen somehow.
6: Hic!
7: Yeah. Me too.
8: Go ahead.
sign: Nomura
9: /This is my chance to make him mine! I should try to get him a little more drunk...
10: Huh...?

1: This... this is my room!
2: Ahh... uh, this is...
3: You...
4: You hid a camera in my room?!
5: What?!
6: How could you peep on someone's private life like that?!
7: You're insane!
8: No... no, wait!
9: I love you!
10: So you think it's OK to peep on someone just because you love them?
11: And then you used what you learned to invite me out! That isn't love, it's a perversion!
bg: Perversion

1: Ah... ah...
2: Ahhhh, what a creepy woman!
3: I'm moving.
4: /Maybe it was a bit too shallow of me to try and win him over just by using what I learned... I shouldn't have done that...
sfx: caaaw
5: /It's a waste, but I just have to throw this away. If I give it to someone, they might end up the same way...
sign: Large Waste
6: [What will happen to this VCR player?
7: [Maybe someone else will pick it up... and peep on you next?


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