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#28. Happiness on the Ground


tl by danluffey

#28. Happiness on the Ground

1: /I am poor slave.
2: /I have no family and no home. I work all day just in order to receive the meager food they give me.
3: /Why do I have to live like this? I've never thought about it very deeply...
4: /After all, thinking requires energy. And I'm using up all my energy just to survive.

1: /One day, someone said "we should escape this kingdom."
2: I didn't really understand what was going on, but I decided to follow everyone.
3: /I'm hungry... my legs hurt... when are we going to arrive at the "good place?"
4: /This is no different than being the slave... what are suffering through all this for?
5: Even if we die here, it'll still be better than living out the rest of our lives as slaves.
6: Why?
7: Slaves are "tools." But we're all humans.
8: /I don't care what I am! I just want to feel as little pain as possible!

1: The King's sent the army out! They're chasing us!
2: Run!
3: Hurry!
4: Kyaaa!
5: /My knees began to quiver as soldiers rushed up from behind me.
6: Hurry up!
7: They'll kill you! You can make it across without falling, just give it a try!
8: /I may fall. If I fall, I die. But I won't know unless I leap onto that bridge... if I stay still though, I'll die for sure.

1: /But for some reason, I couldn't muster up the courage to leap out. And so,
2: /they killed me.
3: /I died as a slave.
4: /I wasn't sure that escaping like this would truly bring me happiness. And I also wasn't able to muster up courage for something I didn't understand.
5: /And so my life ended there.
6: /I felt like a dozed off for a very long time...
7: /and then, I was reborn.
sfx: waaaah!
8: /As soon as I was reborn, my memories of my past life faded away.

1: /Now, I'm a poor farmer.
2: /I work and work all day just for meager helpings of food.
3: /My mother and father passed away long ago.
4: Living a hardworking, honest life is a good thing. Even if your life is filled with nothing but pain, if you work hard, you'll be able to go to Heaven when you die.
5: Is that what someone who went to Heaven said?
6: Not necessarily. It's just meant to inspire "faith" in people's hearts.

1: /I can't believe in something I can't see with my own eyes.
2: /What I need most right now is a full stomach.
3: Huh?
4: Aaahhh!
5: Help me!
6: Ah... b-but...
7: The river water's cold! And it's dangerous!
8: Just come this far! Please!
9: /What should I do?

1: Ahhhhhh!
2: /Ahhhh! It's not my fault! It's not my fault!
3: /I had nothing to do with it! That child was just destined to drown there! I didn't see anything!
sfx: Yeah! Woohoo! clamor
4: Good job leaping in there!
5: I was just desperate to save him.
6: Cough!

1: Woah, wait a minute... this is the lord's eldest son!
2: What?!
3: /Hans, the boy who jumped in the river and saved the prince, was awarded by our lord with his own big farm.
4: I'm so jealous!
5: This is all yours now.
6: /He became a rich farmer that everyone envied.
7: There was someone who saw me but didn't even try to help me!
8: /Everyone started trying to figure out who it could have been.
9: Oh my!
10: /I had no choice but to escape to an unknown land, and spent the rest of my life wandering.

1: /Eventually I died of exhaustion in the back alley of a town.
2: /If only I had mustered up enough courage to save that boy...
3: /But instead, I let myself worry about how cold and dangerous the river was, and ruined my life.
sfx: ding dong
4: /After dozing off in some space between Heaven and Hell, I was reborn again.
5: Waaaah!
6: Ogyaaaahh!

1: /198X --
2: /I think I'm an unlucky girl.
3: /After all, we just got engaged...
4: The company just went under.
5: I'm not going to have the funds to go through with the wedding.
6: I don't want to cause you any stress...
7: So I think we should break our engagement.
8: /He's trying to see how I really feel here.

1: /He's waiting for me to say "no matter what happens, I'll stay by your side." But he doesn't want to ask me straight out. He's waiting for me to say it on my own.
2: /No matter what sort of problems may await, having courage to take a leap.. that's true love.
3: /But... knowing that following him will make me suffer... really makes me think.
4: So...
5: What are you planning to do from this point onward?
6: I'm going to help out my friend with the trading firm he started.
7: It'll be freelance... I'll earn money on commission.

1: /A freelance trader... that's very unstable.
2: Oh... well, good luck.
3: If you succeed... send me a new year's card.
4: Mie-san...
5: /Am I a cold woman? For some reason, I have this childish sentimentalism inside me that prevents me from choosing a difficult path.
6: Goodbye.
7: /He really looked sad when I left. It hurt, but...
8: /I don't have the courage to go down such an unpredictable road.
9: /I want to live an easy life.
10: /I don't want to take any risks.

1: Shut up! If you've got a complaint, then get the hell out!
2: Hic!
3: You're such a depressing woman!
4: Hiiic!
5: /I married him because he seemed like one of the elites...
6: Now then,
7: we'd like to hear a few words from the President of Otowa Trading, a man who took a risk with a new distribution method that became a great success.
8: Well, I don't know how much of a great success was. All I did was work hard and try my best.
9: /If only... I had mustered up my courage back then...

1: It's all thanks to my wife, who still cheered me on even when we were penniless.
2: /No, no. He's just a very hard worker.
sfx: sniff
3: /Why am I so unlucky?
4: It's your own fault.
5: Whenever you're faced with two paths, you always choose the easier one.
6: You won't become happy that way.
7: And look at yourself now. You've merely made one little mistake, yet you're so broken up about it.
8: Up until now... you've had many, many chances to become happy.
9: Go on. Try to remember.
10: Many chances? No I haven't.
11: Just try this once. Muster up your courage and remember.

1: Otherwise,
2: no matter how many times you're reborn, you'll never experience true happiness.
3: /Rebirth? What a ridiculous idea.
4: /What do I care about rebirth, as long as I'm happy in the present?
5: /Luck's the only thing that can make people happy. Courage doesn't actually change anything...
6: ...right?


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