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#29. How to Succeed at Bargains


tl by danluffey

#29. How to Succeed at Bargains

1: A huge bargain sale!
sign: '86 Big Summer Sale
2: /I love bargain sales.
3: /They have tons of things that I want,
4: /things that would suck my wallet dry if I bought them at their normal prices.
5: /I'm just a normal office lady. I don't have much money, but I still want to look good.
6: (Welcome! Everything's cheap! 2000 yen!
7: Wow!
8: It's a limited-time only sale!
9: /Taking advantage of bargains allows me to look way better.
10: Right now, the one-pieces on this rack are all 5000 yen!
11: Wooooah!

1: Kyaaaa!
2: 19,800 yen one-pieces are all 5000 yen!!
3: If you don't grab one, you're missing out!
4: /I've always wanted a dress like that!
5: /I'll be able to wear it even if I just decide to go out for a little bit. I know! I 'll wear it to the the farewell party for my co-workers on Friday!
6: /Maybe Fujita-san will even tell me that I look sexy!
sfx: grab!!
7: Ah...

1: Yaaay!
2: Ooh, I like that one!
3: Is that the only one?
4: /I won't make the same mistake next time!
5: This 20,000 yen makeup set
6: is now only 2,000 yen!
sfx: snatch
7: /Yes!
sfx: snap!
8: /Ah!
9: This one, please.
10: Kyaaaa!
11: Ooooh!
12: /This always happens to me.
sfx: depressed

1: This year's bargain was a total bust.
2: Just when I thought I had my hands on what I wanted, someone ripped it right out of my hands!
3: Huh? Nishikawa-san...
4: Bargains are battles!
5: You need to go in there prepared to protect what you've grabbed with your life!
6: Oh...
7: /Protect it with my life, huh...
8: Three cheers for our three co-workers who are moving to other departments!
9: Thank you!
10: Cheeeers!

1: /Ahh, it's Fujita-san!
2: /He's so clean-cut and manly. He's the hero of our division.
3: Want to go somewhere else?
4: Oh...
5: Yes, I do.
6: /This is my chance! I can't miss it!!
7: I'll go too!
8: I haven't drunk enough yet!
9: Yay! Yay!
10: Yeah, let's go!
11: OK, then.
12: /Fujita-san invited me...

1: /He wouldn't have done that if he didn't like me.
2: Let's sing something together.
3: Ah... oky...
4: Yeah, let's sing, Fujita-san!
5: OK?!
6: Mmm...
7: /Tamura-san is so pushy!
8: (La-la-la! Rendezvous! I, I, I! I love you!
9: /But Fujita-san invited ME...
10: /That reminds me...
11: /When we got her, he immediately sat next to me.
12: /Does he like me?

1: We're heading the same direction, right? I'll see you off.
2: Do you mind?
3: Oh... OK.
4: pitter patter
5: /He likes me!
6: There isn't a single taxi out here!
7: How about... we go take a rest somewhere before we go home?
8: Huh... what do you mean...
9: I'd like to talk with you alone.
10: /Yes!
11: Ah, here's a taxi! Fujita-san, Nishikawa-san, get in!

1: I guess... we'll have to save the talk for next time.
2: Yeah...
3: Get in, get in!
4: /Playing hard-to-get is a useful technique when dealing with men. Now that I know that he likes me...
5: /I should take my time and let him come to me.
6: /Or... so I thought...
7: Good night!
8: Hic!
9: Ahh, I'm so drunk! I feel sick!
10: I can't go all the way home!
11: Do you mind if I rest for a bit at your place?
12: Sure, as long as you don't mind.
13: Hic!
sfx: Cock-a-doodle-doo

1: Sorry... I was so drunk... I don't remember too much...
sfx: stare
2: What?!
3: You mean you weren't serious about me? I've always liked you...
4: Last night was like a dream come true to me. You're breaking my heart...
5: T-Tamura-kun! That's not what I meant... I just, uh...
6: /Ah well... nothing really happened with Nishikawa-kun, and Tamura-kun's pretty good-looking, so...
7: I like you.
8: I'm so happy!
9: (You think I'd let this one go?!

1: /How... how did this happen?
sfx: clap
2: The bride is a very shrewd shopper...
3: Her motto is "I never let go of what I want!" We can only hope her groom, Fujita-san, is capable of supporting all her passion!
4: (Huh?
sfx: hahahaha
5: Oh my!
6: /I get it!
7: /It's just like going to a bargain!

1: /I can't miss another chance!
2: This is a limited-time only sale!
3: /I can't get relaxed once I get my hands on something/ I need to hold on tight until it really becomes mine!
4: These pumps are usually over 20,000 yen, but today, they're only 3,000!
sfx: grab
5: /Once I grab it! I'm never going to let it go!
6: This, please!
7: /Yes! I finally got what I wanted at a bargain!
8: /I'm done with just watching good fortune pass me by!
9: fixed price tag
10: (Yay!

1: /From this day forward, I'm going to nab every chance I get.
2: /In bargains, and in love... and... and... and...
3: /Huh? These hurt. Nah, maybe it's just me.
4: /I'll get used to them the more I walk in them.
5: Please take this to the Hoshino office.
sign: Hoshino Office
6: Thanks for all your hard work.
7: There's something I've always wanted to ask you, but I've never had the chance.
8: Would you please have dinner with me?
9: Ah...
10: /The section chief from one of our clients...
11: /He's elite!

1: /This may be my chance.
2: I'd like to go somewhere where we can be alone.
sfx: pitter patter!
3: /But if I say OK too quickly, he'll think I'm easy...
4: /So what? I just want to get these shoes off as quickly as possible!
sfx: throb
5: /He's a section chief! Elite! This is my chance!
6: Ahhhhh!
sfx: throb
7: Wheeeew! This feels so much better!
8: You... ummm... er...
9: Good night...
10: Huh...

1: Wait...!! You were just playing around with me?!
2: /I can't less this chance slip by!!
3: Hiiee!
4: No! Wait! Marry me!
5: Help meeeee!
6: Waaaait!
7: Ahhh...
8: /My feet are starting to hurt again!
9: Waaaaait!
10: Wow! Some guy dumped her and she's having a nervous breakdown!
11: Scary stuff!

1: /I... I can't let this get me down! Whether it's in bargain sales or love, sometimes, you just pick the wrong thing! It was just a little mistake. That's all!
2: /I can't quit here.
3: /Next time, I'm going to pick the right one! ...or so I thought...
4: /For some reason, I keep finding nothing but "trash." Why?
5: (Hey, baby, can I borrow some cash?
sfx: snap!
6: The trick to bargain sales is to not only seize your chances, but to also take your time and choose the right item for you.
7: This is a limited-time sale!


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