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#30. The Ultimate Diet


tl by danluffey

#30. The Ultimate Diet
poster: Directly imported from New York! All you need to do is wear them to get a slim waist!

1: /It's hard for me to notice myself, but whenever I bend down, I see a SCARY amount of fat around my stomach.
2: /I want to lose weight...
sfx: munch
3: /Want to go on a diet? here's what you need! It'll burn all your unnecessary fat away!
4: /I want to be slim.
5: Kimiko! Do something about all this!
6: /I've tried everything... at least, I thought I had.
7: What do you keep buying all this stuff for?
sfx: thud!!
8: What's the big deal? I bought it all with my own money!

1: You're wasting your money! You're never going to use all this!
sfx: thud
2: Well, I tried them all!
3: It's just taking up room inside the house. Take responsibility and clean up after yourself!
4: I tried them, but they didn't work, so I just put them away!
5: All you need to do is stop eating so much!
6: Just because it's your day off doesn't mean it's OK to sit in front of the TV and eat snacks all day!
7: These aren't snacks! They're diet food!
8: It still doesn't mean you have to eat them!
9: You're such a glutton!
10: Anyway, just stop wasting your money! Start saving a little!
sfx: smack!
11: If you're fat and ugly, then you definitely need to make sure you've got a proper dowry, otherwise you'll be hopeless!

1: She didn't have to say THAT much!
2: It's her fault for giving me these genes that make me gain weight so easily!
3: /Ahh, I want to lose weight... I want to wear a size 9!
4: /Even though baggy clothes are in fashion now...
5: /I feel like a snowball...
6: /Skinny people look better in clothes like these!
7: You'll lose weight if you fall in love.
8: Getting butterflies burns calories for you!
9: (I guess there's nothing you can do if you can't find a man, though.
10: You just need to exercise! It's tough when you start out, but you just need to get past it!
11: (You'll look stupid if you're not coordinated, though.
12: Just work so hard that you don't even have time to eat!
13: (It might make you bloated as a result, though.

1: I like women with who've got some meat on them.
2: There's nothing sexy about a skinny girl!
3: /Only older men say stuff like that...
4: /I don't care if I'm popular with them!
5: Hey, babe! Nice knockers you got there!
6: (Hic!
7: Hey, want to go to Hawaii for New Year's? My friend said she could get us some tickets cheap from her travel company.
8: Hawaii...
9: That sounds great! Let's go all out!
10: /When you work in a company like this, it's really hard to say no...
11: That sounds nice... but...
12: /Hawaii... the ocean...
sfx: jerk
13: /Bathing suits!!
14: Digging into my shoulder fat
15: armpit fat is puffing out
16: Pathetic pudgy hips
17: Butt hanging out the bottom
18: So fat my belly button looks sideways

1: I... I'm fat, so I'm too embarrassed to go.
2: What are you talking about? I don't have a flat stomach either! It totally pops out!
3: I'm soooo fat!
4: (My face is round too!
5: /The hell you are!
6: Yeah, no one has confidence when they wear a bikini.
7: We're all the same, so there's nothing you need to worry about!
8: Ahaha... really?
9: /No! NO!! You're all skinny!
10: /The skinniest people... always say things like that. Maybe because they have nothing to worry about?
11: I've gotten sooo fat recently!
12: Hawaii? You're going to wear a bikini with THAT body?
13: I'll lose weight! This time, I'm gonna lose weight for sure!

1: Kimikoooo! You need to eat something or else you'll make yourself sick!
2: Leave me alone!
sfx: stomp
3: You shouldn't be so mean to her.
4: I... I'm just saying it for her own sake.
5: She has the same body type as me... unfortunately, it's just easy for her to gain weight.
6: But she's weak-willed, and always gives up on things after she starts them. I just get so irritated watching her...
7: If she wants to lose weight, then she just needs to put forth effort! That's all...
8: But if we're too hard on her, she might give up all together,
9: dear...
10: /I'm going to lose weight... no matter what it takes!!

1: /Even though my body may be ugly, I'm going to let it all hang out.
2: Wooow, this is so pretty!
3: /It's important to feel the stress of having eyes on me.
4: /Uuuu... I can't even believe we're the same species! That's how I want to look...
5: /I need to work hard!
6: I'm only going to eat half.
7: Awww, what a waste!

1: It'd be way too expensive for us to eat a steak like this in Japan!
2: Protein is good for dieting, you know.
3: I need to shrink my stomach first, though.
4: I'm going to go swim and burn some calories.
5: /Exercise a lot, and only eat a little! That's what I need to do!
6: rumble...
7: /I'm hungry... but I feel like if I go back in, I'll just end up eating something... I guess I'll rest over there.
8: Ahh, what a beautiful cave!
9: How romantic.
10: /Someday, I'm going to slim down and come here on my honeymoon.
11: Ufu...
12: /Ufufufufu...
sfx: splat

1: Oh no, I fell asleep...
2: Ah!
3: Hiiee!
4: It's filling up... oh no, the exit's covered up!!
5: I'll go out through the top! Ooof!
6: Hoo... that really scared me.
7: Ahh!
8: I can't get my body out!
9: Usually, as long as your head fits through, your body should fit through, but...
10: /I'm so fat that I can't get through! Ahh... and the water's filling up!

1: /If only I had been thinner! I should have started dieting sooner!
2: /Yesterday after drinking all night, I ate some yakisoba. And even when I'm not hungry, I always eat what I crave. I just figured I'd start dieting later, so it didn't matter. And whenever I see cakes, I always buy the biggest one. That was my problem!
3: /This, that... and that, and that... I should have held back!
4: /But whenever I ate too much, I always thought, 'I'll just burn it away tomorrow.' But then I'd just end up eating amount the next day, too... repeating that over and over again is what created this body!

1: /No... am I really going to die from my fat
2: /without ever experiencing love?
3: Ahhh, she's awake!
4: Thank goodness!
5: You saved me?
6: What a relief! You must have been so tired.
7: Give your body some energy!
sfx: gulp!!
sfx: slurrrp

1: /Just this once! I need to eat a lot to get my stamina back!
sfx: munch
2: /Ahh, I'm so glad I was saved!
3: /I really thought I was going to die...
4: Here's your meal.
5: I'm not hungry. We've just been sitting the whole time, so I guess I didn't work up an appetite.
6: Yeah.
7: Huh? Ah...
8: Really...?
9: /I need to lose weight... but...
10: /If I had died back there, I would never have been able to eat anything ever again. The only reason I'm eating now is because I was saved!

1: After that near death incident, please tell me you've finally decided to lose weight!
2: That's right! But I can't push myself. I need to shrink my stomach little by little. So today, since it's been a while since I ate Japanese food, I'm going to eat my whole meal!
3: From today, I need to cut down on my intake...
4: But...
5: /I have to at least eat a cake when I meet my friends...
6: /And I can't just go out with everyone but not eat anything.
7: (Cheers!
8: /And if we get expensive things, then I can't let it go to waste.
9: /I... I can't lose weight at all, can I?

1: /This will be it. From tomorrow, I'm going to eat even less!
sfx: munch...
sfx: rumble...
2: Ahhh!
sfx: rattle
3: Hiiieeee!
sfx: crash
4: Help!
5: Ahh, I can't get out!
6: If only I was a little slimmer, I'd be able to slip through!
7: My boobs and my stomach can't fit through... ahhh!

1: /I regretted my actions so much after the first incident... what was I thinking?!
2: /All I did was think about going on a diet! I never actually put forth any effort!
3: /If I get saved here, I really need to get serious about slimming down! And if I decide not to slim down, then I should just forget everything and eat whatever I want!
sfx: sniff
4: /Either way, it's because I never got serious about anything!
5: /All I do is wallow and whine after the fact!
sfx: rumble...
6: /I swear, this time, I'll...!


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