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#31. The Dream World


tl by danluffey

#31. The Dream World

1: Like I said... I'm sorry if I confused you. But I never said anything about actual "marriage."
2: But... it's hard for me to bring it up myself.
3: And besides, I never thought you'd be going out with someone else!
4: I... I was only going out with you, Shouhei.
5: This may sound selfish, but...
6: hic
7: These two years were a really important part of my life! I want to make big decisions here!
8-9: hic
10: My parents keep bugging me, too... but I turned down all the formal marriage interviews they suggested.
11: Hic...

1: Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but... ahh...
2: bzzzzz
3: Sorry, I'm all out of coins. Bye...
4: Shouhei...!
5: Click. boop boop boop
6: /When we started going out, he used to carry telephone cards with him all the time, because he said he "wanted to be able to talk to me as long as possible." That boop meant we had a whole minute left, but he just hung up as soon as he could...
7: Hiie... hiiiieee!
8: /Did I just get my heart broken? I'm so pathetic...

sfx: twitch!
1: "I'm sorry. I've just been frustrated because of all the overtime I've had to do recently. I want to make it up to you. Let's meet up. I stayed with you for two years because I loved you, too."
2: Ah...
sfx: click!
3: Hello?
4: Oh, Tsukiko? It's me.
5: Oh... dad.
sfx: sniff...
6: What's wrong? Why are you sniffing?
7: Uh... I just caught a little cold...
8: Who's going to take care of you if you get sick all alone in that little apartment?
9: You need to come back home and settle down. I'm sick of hearing people worrying about my daughter, or overhearing them wondering what happened to you.

1: Your mother's worried about you, too.
2: /He's just thinking about himself.
3: /Ever since my father remarried, he's been more worried about keeping his new wife happy than anything else.
4: Yeah, I know.
5: I will eventually.
6: Mmm...
7: /I know I shouldn't worry about it, but it bugs me for some reason.
sfx: click...
8: /I guess I just got dealt a bad hand. My mom passed away when I was little, and on the day of my high school entrance exams, I got into an accident and missed getting into the school I wanted to. I never get sent to the divisions I want to be in at work, either. And I've never won any contests or lotteries.

1: /And now I just got my heart broken. I was serious... I wanted to love only him!
sfx: sniff
2: /I wish this was all just a bad dream.
3: It's me. I'm sorry about earlier.
4: I... I dunno, something was wrong with me.
5: Can you meet me now? I'd like to buy you a drink and make it up to you.
6: Yes!
7: Shouhei!

1: I was wrong. You're the one for me, Tsukiko.
2: For some reason... I've been dragging my heels, but I want to make a decision now.
3: Will you marry me?
4: Shouhei!
5: /This is a dream come true!
sfx: droooool
6: Ah...
sfx: slurp...
7: A dream...?
sfx: drip...
8: I'm so pathetic... I'm going back to bed.
9: I'm going to sleep... and watch the rest of that dream.

1: /I'd be so happy if nice dreams like that were all I saw.
2: /Dreams where good things happen to me, where my dreams come true, where I'm filled with happiness.
3: /I get to sleep eight hours a day.
4: /That's 1/3 of my life!
5: (The winning number in this week's Jumbo lottery is 19309!
6: /I wish the world of dreams was a fun place...
7: /If 2/3 of my life are filled with misfortune,
8: Welcome back.
9: /then the 1/3 I spent in the dream world should be happy!

1: zzz...
2: /Because I'm really not happy with the way things work right now...
sign: Kodansha Corporation
3: How could you make such a stupid error? And how could you not notice it on your own?!
4: How many years have you been working here?!
5: (She's always like that... causing problems for others...
6: Wow, excellent job! You're the pride of the company!
7: (Oh my...
8: I wish I could be like her!
9: (I really look up to her!

sfx: grin
1: (She's the #1 elite woman at our company! She's so wonderful!
2: /I like dreaming...
3: Don't leave me!
4: /Dreaming is fun.
5: /I'd trade a whole 2/3 of my sad life
6: /just to life in the fun dreams that make up the remaining 1/3.

1: /Happy dreams...
2: /It's your fault!
sfx: whiiirrr
3: The only reason it caught on fire is because you knocked over the stove!
4: I'm sorry! Oh, what should I do...
5: Ahh...
6: It was a dream...?
sfx: stare...
7: Ahh, good...
8: I'm going try going back to sleep so I can see a good dream this time.

1: /Oh no, I'm going to be late!
2: Kyaaaa!
sfx: slip
3: Noooo! Let me go! Help!
4: Someoooone!!
sfx: slide
5: Hiiiie!
sfx: jerk
sfx: haa, haa
6: It was a dream?!
sfx: wheeze

1: /Where... did my happy dreams go?
2: /Why can't I see good dreams anymore?
3: /I wish I could get them back...
4: /Back then, dreaming was far better than living my actual life...
5: /I don't care about the real world anymore. I just need those good dreams to be happy...
6: She's been acting really weird lately. Like she's in a different world...
7: (She mumbles to herself, and she's gloomy...
8: Maybe she's gone crazy...
sfx: stare...
9: /How can I see those happy dreams again?
10: /How can I get rid of all those nightmares?

bg: How can I see those happy, fun dreams again?
1: I feel like I have no reason to live anymore...
2: Depressed
3: Frustrated
4: Panicked
5: Uneasy
6: I don't want to think about anything else!
7: Tsukiko-san.
8: Long time no see.
9: Shouhei-san...
10: I've been thinking... and it's hard for me to say this, but I figured it'd be a good chance, so...
11: Umm... if you don't mind, I'd like to try things again with you.
12: Oh... I see.
sfx: stare
13: Tsukiko...

1: /too busy thinking about how to see good dreams again
sfx: stare
2: H... hey, Tsukiko-san...
3: Watch out! Ahhh!
sfx: stare
sfx: screeeeech!
4: She happened to get hit in a very critical spot. Unfortunately, with current technology... it's impossible to wake her back up. She'll be asleep for the rest of her life.

1: Is she... dreaming about something?
2: Her brainwaves show sign of dream activity, but we can't tell what kind of dreams they are.
3: I wonder what she's dreaming about? I hope it's something nice...
4: /Someone, help me!
5: /Please, wake me up! No matter how painful it may be, I want to return to the real world!
6: /I'm tired of dreaming!


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