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#32. A Savior for Peril


tl by danluffey

#32. A Savior for Peril

1: /I'm an unlucky woman.
2: /Ever since I was little, I've experienced nothing but pain. But I suppressed it all and tried to move on with my life.
3: /Finally, I met a nice man,
4: /but right after we married
5: /he passed away in an accident.
6: /I was four months pregnant.

1: I feel bad asking you about this, but... what are you going to do about your rent?
2: I know.
3: I'll start working.
4: But you're pregnant!
5: You don't even have insurance, and you can't count on your parents...
6: Have you thought about... giving up on the baby and starting over?
7: No.
8: I am going to give birth to this child.
9: No matter what happens, I want to raise it.
10: /It's the only thing my beloved left to me...
11: /In the end, I decided to go enter a welfare facility and raise my child there.
sign: A Loving home for mothers and children

1: /I gave birth to a baby boy who looked just like my late husband.
2: /But he was born with a heart defect. He had to have surgery before he turned three, or else he would die.
3: /I started working at a night club to save up money.
4: /It was a world I had never stepped into before, but I was prepared to do anything to save my child.
5: /I refused all the passes my customers made at me, but that only put me at a disadvantage as far as business was concerned.
6: Why don't you come with me tonight?
7: You need to learn how to separate your private life from your work.
8: I'm sorry.
9: /But I already gave my entire heart to my late husband.

1: I'm making money now, so we can't get welfare anymore,
2: but I'm going to work my hardest for Tarou!
3: /I focused on sincere customer service rather than seduction, and soon, my returning customers increased.
4: /One of my customers happened to me a famous cardiac surgeon, and said that he would do Tarou's surgery for me.
5: /I had enough money. Now, if only Tarou became healthy...
6: Be strong.
7: Mmm!
8: /I would finally have a life free of misfortune.
9: Please... protect Tarou!
10: /But...
11: /in the end, Tarou was called to Heaven.

1: /It was too much. I felt as if I had been born into this world only to suffer.
2: /I no longer had any reason to live,
3: /so I decided to die and reunite with my family.
4: /Huh? What is this?
5: /What a strange statue...
6: [I am one of Solomon's Treasures. All who have me can influence the world as they wish.
7: Huh?

1: [But each person who touches me can only make one wish. Use my power to your advantage when you are truly in dire peril.
2: I want you to bring my husband and child back to life!
3: [I cannot. Your wish must pertain to things of this world. In terms of social success, my power is limitless.
4: /Miraculously, I had been saved.
5: /And so, I took the strange statue home with me.
6: I can use this whenever I'm in dire peril...
7: For some reason, I feel really confident now.
8: I was never cut out to work in a night club. This is the perfect chance for me to quit.

1: /I dusted off my savings and rented out a corner in a mall where I began selling accessories.
2: /At night, I worked hard to make new accessories in my room.
3: Little by little, I got better and better, and I started selling more.
4: /Then, one day, the mall was bought out by a large department store, and all the tenants inside had to leave.
sign: Sayonara Bargain!! Closing Sale
5: Just when thinks started to pick up.
6: Maybe I should...
7: No.
8: I can't use it yet.
9: /I need to try and see if I can solve this problem on my own first. Then, if I run out of options, I'll use the statue.

1: /I had a meeting with one of the owners of the department store and asked him to give me a corner where I could sell my accessories.
sign: Opening Sale
2: /In the end, I got an even bigger corner in the new department store.
3: I'll focus on planning and designing and leave the sales to someone else.
4: It's small, but I'm going work hard for my new "company."
5: /I hired clerks and designers, and soon we opened our own store.
sign: Accessories MISA
6: /Eventually, our products started getting picked up by magazines.
magazines: Enhance your atmosphere with accessories

1: I'm glad I decided to rely on my own strength back then. I'm going to save you for when I really need you.
2: /The company gradually got bigger, and we spread our business to exporting.
3: /We also started creating other fashion items besides accessories.
4: /But then... as it often happens in this industry, another company started copying our designs.
5: It looks just like ours!
6: It's cheaply made, though. Not only does this lower the public's image of our products, but it also hurts sales.
7: I want you to get rid of the... no.
8: I'm going to try and fight this with my own strength.

1: /I sued the company that was copying us.
paper: Owner of the famous brand MISA sues for copyright infringement
2: /It took us time, money, and lots of manpower to take this matter to court.
3: We are proud to be stamping out cheaply-made fakes like this.
4: /Afterwards, the people lauded me as a "heroine of originality."
5: /I won the lawsuit, and my company regained its trust and stability.
6: /Soon, our sales increased even more.

1: I've come this far all on my own,
2: but I suppose that knowing that I had a secret weapon just in case things went bad gave me the confidence I needed to pull through.
3: If possible... I want to live out the rest of my life without ever relying on you.
4: I'd like to ask you about your secret. How was a lone woman like yourself able to build up such a successful corporation?
sign: Top Lady Corner
5: I don't really have any secrets...
6: I just worked as hard as I could. I think...
7: that in exchange for my late husband and child, I was blessed by God.

1: Huh?
2: God is willing to help me whenever I'm in trouble. But I've never actually asked for it.
3: "First, I need to try to get through this on my own." I think that state of mind is what led me to success.
4: Oh, I see. So that's how you've always kept going.
5: Even if God did exist, you wouldn't ask for help. I see what you're trying to say. Thank you very much.
6: No...
7: Thank you.
8: Huh? $1 is equal to 180 yen now?
9: We won't be able to export now. And after we worked so hard to redesign our products for the US, too...

1: Up until now, we sold our 30,000 yen products at $1 = 200 yen for $150 of profit,
2: but if it's $1 = 175 yen, we'd have to raise the price to $172 to see any kind of return. This is going to be difficult. If the yen keeps dropping, we'll be in big trouble. I think we should stop our export line for the time being.
3: This is our chance to really break into the US...
4: But, president,
5: No. Keep producing the US line. It'll be alright. The yen will stop rising.
6: Just keep making them!
7: Please, treasure of Solomon... this is my one wish.
8: Please, keep the conversion rate at $1 = 200 yen. I beg you!

1: Now I don't have to worry! My company will be saved!
paper: The yen drops below 150 yen
2: /However...
3: /The yen kept dropping. Our dead stock only increased.
4: /And then, in the end...
5: /My company went bankrupt.
6: I was foolish for relying only on you and not doing anything myself.
7: I spent most of my life working on my own... but for some reason, all of a sudden I forgot that I needed to put out effort myself...

1: I was just hearing things when I fell off the cliff, wasn't I? This was just an old statue... it never had any sort of power!
2: But I believed those words. They supported me and allowed me to live on using my own strength. But then, when I got too scared and tried to rely on them...
3: I basically abandoned my destiny.
4: Thank you for protecting me. Now, once and for all,
5: I'm going to live out the rest of my life without relying on anyone.
6: grin


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