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#33. I Can't Force Myself


tl by danluffey

#33. I Can't Force Myself

1: I want to ride on it! Let me on!
2: No, it's my turn.
sfx: fwap
3: Kyaaa!

1: Owww! That hurt! You're mean, Mie-chan!
sfx: squeak
sign: Broken
2: I hate being patient.
3: Mie-chan, you can't do things like that.
4: What? I didn't do anything!
5: Risa-chan's just being a crybaby.
6: She always blames things on other people.
7: Is that true, Risa-chan? You know you shouldn't do that.

1: /Risa-chan never played with me again after that, but what do I care?
2: /She's ugly and stupid. I only need cool friends.
3: Nooo! I don't want any vegetables!
4: Come, now. You have to eat your vegetables, or else you'll never grow up.
5: I don't want to grow up!
6: Besides, grandma, don't you always say that mom's so big
7: that no man ever really thought she was cute?

1: I'm full. I'm going to watch TV!
2: You really need to discipline that child.
3: All kids her age are like this. It's normal.
4: /Grandma's so annoying. My mom listens to me, though.
5: /Mom is really patient and always listens to grandma's complaints,
6: The only reason Akira comes home so late is because you don't try and be a good woman for him.
7: /but I could never do that!
8: Grandma! Are you having a heart attack?
9: M... my medicine!

1: I'm hooome! Where's mom?
2: Uuu... uuuuu...
3: Ahhh... Mie... get me my medicine!
4: Hurry... ahhh...

1: /It's just a waste of time to be patient or nice unless it benefits you somehow.
2: I hate studying!
3: Oh, come on, Mie!
4: Why do we all have to study so hard?
5: We're just going to get married anyway, so it's pointless!
6: Everyone needs to learn how to work hard. It's not about the results, it's about learning the joy of accomplishment after giving it your best.
7: Maybe for an honor student like you, Hiromi!
8: /People who say that
9: munch
10: /always just get annoying work pushed on to them. I can't believe she doesn't get it. What an idiot.
sfx: clamor

1: /Just look. Hiromi's working her butt off, but I'm not putting out the least bit of effort.
sfx: yawn
2: /It doesn't matter, because we get the same thing in the end! Effort is just a waste of time.
3: /I don't need to put out any effort!
4: Wow, Mie! It's so rare to see you studying like this.
5: /Well, I want to get into Otowa Women's University. The girls there all get married to good men, after all.
6: /I'm going to get an elite boyfriend with a good marriage proposal. It's worth putting out a little effort for that.
sign: Otowa Women's University

1: /Being with an easygoing rich person is the quickest, easiest way to get a life of fun, without any stress or hard work!
sign: Natural makeup that makes you look purer
2: /I can work a little in order to get that.
3: Tee hee!
sfx: acting cute
4: Ah!
5: Ah, Hiromi!
6: /I don't believe it! Hiromi always dresses so badly!
7: /What's she doing with a guy like that? He just screams MONEY!

1: Wow, you're a helper at an old folks' home? You've always been such a hard worker, Hiromi!
sfx: acting cute
2: I just wanted to help people.
3: /What a loser! Helping people?
4: (I could never do what you do! I really respect you!
5: /Once a nerd, always a nerd...
6: Wow... he's the son of the president of the Morikuni trading company?!
7: Yeah. He's a total rich kid...
8: I just can't get used to the way he lives. He always trades in his car for a new one! And he's the second son, so he doesn't have any responsibilities to worry about. It's kind of nerve-wracking going out with him like this.
9: Maybe he's tapping into my maternal instinct somehow.
10: Oh, listen to you brag!
11: /Gimme a break!

1: /You're a terrible match for him! I'd fit much better...
2: Good night!
3: There's no one else I can rely on... can I ask you for some advice?
4: Ahh... I'm so drunk. I really can't hold my alcohol... sorry about this.
5: No... it's OK...
6: I'm sorry.
7: Ah...
8: /Now he's all mine!
9: Ah... ahhh...

1: /I did it!!
2: /Now he can take me to five-star restaurants! He'll buy me whatever I want!
3: /This is the best!
4: /Now do you get it, Hiromi?
5: /Hard work just tires you out. Keeping yourself from having fun and living out a meager life is just stupid!
6: I feel so bad for Hiromi... snicker
sfx: acting cute
7: Don't say that...
8: We'll have to reserve a deluxe cruise liner for our honeymoon!

1: I want to sail around the world! They have parties every night on cruise ships, don't they? Buy me a lot of dresses!
2: I can't take time off for three whole months. It's about time I started seriously working with my father and his company.
3: But you're the second son!
4: That doesn't mean I can just push everything off onto my older brother.
5: Why should you have to care about that? It's not your problem!
6: Come on!
7: I don't want you to be busy! You have a lot of inheritance, don't you? Let's have fun and enjoy ourselves!
8: Why aren't you saying anything?

1: You're starting to annoy me! Come on! I want to go around the world! I want toooo!
2: You're so selfish...
3: What...
4: What did you...
5: Originally, it seemed kinda cute...
6: But I'm sick of it! I can't take it anymore!

1: Ahh...!!
sfx: wham
2: Kyaaaa!
3: Why did you do that?! Help me!
4: I'm selfish too! If I decide not to do something, then I'll never do it! No matter what! I can't force myself!!
5: Ahh...

1: Aaaaaahhhh
2: I hate doing things I don't want to!!


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