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#35. Love in Space


tl by danluffey

#35. Love in Space

1: Congratulations, president! Congratulations!
sfx: ding dong
2: Thank you!
3: I feel like I'm dreaming. We're really married, aren't we, sir?
4: Jenny... from this day forward, you are no longer a maid. You must call me Steve now, instead of sir.
5: But...
6: It's so hard to get used to. I mean, I'm just a maid who's barely out of high school...
7: And you, sir, you're...

1: a multimillionaire from the west coast. The owner of three separate companies!
2: You also look as good as a Hollywood star... you're a prince of society! All single women in the US look up to you! There were so many rumors about you dating famous actresses and models... why me?
3: This may sound a bit cheesy, but to me, women who surround themselves by perfume and jewels only look cheap...
4: I've never met a fruit as fresh-looking as you.
5: Oh, sir...
6: Call me Steve.
7: We've arrived, sir.

1: Time for us to go on our honeymoon.
2: A honeymoon in outer space... it must have cost so much!
3: You're the wife of a wealthy man now. You don't need to worry about things like that.
4: Welcome!
5: Congratulations on your wedding. I'm so jealous! You're like Cinderella!
6: (Miss!
7: You have the whole shuttle to yourselves today.
8: 3, 2, 1, 0!
sfx: rumble

1: I love you, Jenny.
2: Ohh, Steve!
3: Wooow! I feel like I can touch the stars!
4: I already have my stars right here.
5: Your beautiful eyes.
6: Ohh, Steve...
7: Mmmmm!
8: Um, sir, I'm very sorry to interrupt, but...

1: We've gotten off course! Please put your pressurized suits on just in case something happens!
2: Huh...
3: It's an emergency! What should we do?
4: How should I know?! Just get back in safely!
5: (Can you imagine what would happen to our company if something happened? The insurance, the bad PR... and we've got a very famous man on board right now!
6: It'll be alright. Remember, I'm a very influential man.
7: B-but...
8: Adding in the time it will take us to get back on course...
9: We don't have enough fuel left for all three of us to make it back to earth.
10: Th-this is your fault! Your company's fault!
11: Do something about it!

1: Th-this is my responsibility, so I'll stay behind.
2: Stay behind? What do you mean?!
3: I'll stay behind in space.
4: But then you'll die!
5: Yes. But it is my company's responsibility, after all.
6: Uuu... mom, dad! Farewell!
7: (What is this guy, Japanese?
8: Anyway, the ship should be able to take one of us back to earth on autopilot. It uses up fuel based on weight, after all.
9: I'll skip the detailed explanations...
10: There's only enough left for one person.
11: One person?! Then...
12: Only one of us
13: will make it out of this alive?!

1: One person will be able to go home in the shuttle...
2: But the other two will have to wait for rescue out here in space.
3: We're at point xy-246. Please send a rescue ship out at once!
4: OK... but it will take us 18 hours to get there!
5: I knew it! We're doomed! Our oxygen tanks won't last 18 hours...
6: Steve!
7: Jenny!
8: Ahhhh!

1: I... I'll stay here.
2: Steve! You need to go back to earth!
3: What... Jenny?!
4: Meeting you, and being loved by you, has given me happiness beyond all my wildest dreams.
5: I believe that for a woman, how much she is loved decides how good her life was. You've already given me everything I wanted. I've lived enough.

1: Live out the rest of your life, for me.
2: Jenny!
3: /I don't want to die here! I mean, Jenny's cute, and I love her, but... if I can go back...
4: /There are many cute girls in the world... but there's only one man like me!
5: /But... then I'll be branded as a man who abandoned his wife in space to come home!
paper: Scumbag leaves his wife in outer space and escapes!
6: /All my glory and pride will be smeared away!

1: N... no, Jenny! I can't leave you here! I love you so much, there's no possible way I could leave your side!
2: No! You're going home!
3: No! You are!
4: Umm... in that case,
5: how about I go?
sfx: slip...
6: Ah...
7: You're right... dying here together would be so romantic...
8: N... no! No way!
9: I-I'm sorry, I just thought I'd give it a try.
10: Mom, dad!

1: Alright, in that case,
2: let's do this the fair way.
3: Whoever pulls the long strip will have to stay here. And whoever that is vows to live out the rest of their life, never forgetting our memories of love.
4: Ah... Steve!
5: Pull a strip, Jenny!
6: /The one that looks longer is actually the short one! And the one that looks short is actually the long one! Heheheh!
sfx: yank
7: What? Jenny, why?!

1: I'm so happy! Now you can go home!
2: This is the longer one!
3: No! No, Jenny!
sfx: panic
4: /Oh, that's right! She's wanted to stay here from the start! I put myself in her shoes by accident and assumed that she would want to go home too...!!
5: (What beautiful love...
6: /Put myself in her shoes...
7: Ahh!
8: Let's do this over! This time, you hold them,
9: and I'll pull them!
10: Steve...
11: But I pulled the long one already!
12: /He really intends on staying here, doesn't he?
13: /Jenny is probably going to make me pick the short one in order to force me to go home. All I need to do is let her guide me, and pick it!
14: /Steve is definitely going to pull the long one. How can I trick him into picking the short one instead?
15: Ummm...

1: /I'll just do this! He'll most likely pick the one that looks longer!
2: Go ahead.
3: /Jenny thinks I'm going to pick the long one in order to stay here. All I need to do is...
4: Jenny, I love you! I know this is the long one! I'm going to stay here!
5: /I did it!!
6: Yay, Steve!! Now you can go home instead of me!
7: Ohh, Jenny! I can't believe this! How can I just leave you here and go alone?!
8: I'm so sad! So sad! Now I'll just have to pray that the rescue ship comes as quickly as possible!
9: Farewell!

1: You're such a loyal wife.
2: Normally, in situations like that, you'd expect people to become really selfish and desperate to survive.
3: Well, true love is when you love someone more than yourself, right?
4: Yeah... if I get home alive, I hope I'll be able to experience something like that someday too!
5: I'm so moved!
6: We only have a little bit of oxygen left... even if it starts to hurt, I know this is just another test of love. I'll happily die!
7-8: I'm so moved!
9: H-hey!
10: Heeeey!
11: We were just passing by, but...
12: What are you two doing out here? Get in our ship!
13: W-we're saved!
14: That was really dangerous. Let's all head back to earth together!

1: Once I get back to earth, I'll be a sad, pitiable man who lost his wife! I'll be even more popular than I was before!
2: Woah, what the?! A meteor shower! Whyyyyyyyy?!
3: Waaaaahhh!
paper: The richest widow in the world, remarried! To the pilot who helped her escape a near-death experience! The man her late husband introduced to her! He was taken by her fidelity...
4: I hear that ghosts appear around these parts.
5: sniff


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