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#36. Destroy the Opposition!


tl by danluffey

#36. Destroy the Opposition!

1: Cool, handsome, smart...
2: AND rich, AND a second son! I didn't know that men like you actually existed.
3: You've got a sweet tongue as usual, Natsuko-chan.
4: But it's all true! And what's more, usually men like that are absolutely intolerable,
5: but for some reason, Hisashi-kun, you're so mature and nice! 120 points!
6: Alright, alright, I'll buy a drink already.

1: Yaay, thanks!
2: (Woo hoo!
3: /Although, if you want to know the truth, I'd rather have you take care of me for the rest of my life!
4: Sorry I'm late.
5: Asami, guess what? Hisashi-san's gonna buy our dinner for us?
6: What do you want, steak or sushi?
7: Oh, I couldn't possibly accept that. I already promised him that we'd split the bill today.
8: /Oh, come on! Why do you always have to act like such a goody two-shoes, Asami?!
9: /People allllways talk about how graceful and mature Asami is.
10: /Hisashi-san must like girls like her too.

1: /If only Asami wasn't here...
2: /he and I could probably get along pretty well!
3: Is it OK if I like you?
4: OK, but Asami comes first with me.
5: /Hmph!
6: Don't you want to dance too?
7: No, I can't. Didn't I tell you? I have a weak heart...
8: so I can't shake my body too violently.
9: You poor thing. I'll protect you for as long as I live.
10: /Hmmmmph! Asami comes first, huh?!
11: /It really is true... if only she wasn't here, I could...

1: /Asami's always caused me nothing but trouble, ever since we were little.
2: Hey, Natsuko-chan, a letter came from your house!
3: "Are you being careful not to cause Asami-chan any problems?"
4: /Even my parents are laughing at me!
5: All our friends at school said the same thing too. "I can't believe you two are friends. It seems like you're always just causing Asami-chan problems."
6: Oh, you know that's not true!
7: You're a bright, fun girl, Natsuko-chan! I would have never had the courage able to come up to Tokyo on my own.
8: It's all thanks to you, Natsuko-chan, and telling me about your dream to come up to Tokyo to be a model...

1: /Yeah, and not a single good thing's happened to me over these past two years! I've just hopped from part-time job to part-time job,
2: /while Asami's been able to go on working at a nice bookstore the whole time!
3: And if it wasn't for you, Natsuko-chan,
4: I wouldn't ever have met Hisashi-san.
5: I'm really thankful.
6: Don't mention it!
7: /Hmph! What a dope!
8: Oh no! I forgot to take my medicine.
9: /Asami always needs to take her heart medicine. Otherwise, there's no telling when she might have a heart attack.

1: /If she happened to have a heart attack, and her medicine wasn't nearby... Asami would die.
2: /My opposition would be gone...
3: zzzz...
4: /If I scared her, it'd cause stress on her heart...
5: Kyaaaaaa!
6: Ahhh! What is it?!
sfx: jerk
7: Uuuu...

1: Uuu... my chest... hurts...
2: Oh, are you alright, Asami-chan?
3: My medicine...!
4: /It worked! It worked perfectly!
5: Sorry for scaring you like that. I thought I saw a white thing floating above us.
6: Ahh... that's scary! Stop scaring me!
7: Sorry, I was probably just seeing things.
8: /That's it, get scared! Get even more scared!
9: /I'll scare you as many times as I need to
10: Zzzz
11: /so that I can weaken your heart! And to finish you off, I'll hide your medicine!

1: Good night.
2: See you tomorrow. My parents are really excited to meet you.
2: /Hmph! I need to make sure I'm all prepared.
sfx: click...
3: /Just pull the plug out a bit...
4: Hiie! Hiieee!
5: I'm hooome! Why are the lights off?

1: I-I just saw a white thing floating around, and then the electricity went off!
2: That's... so scary!
sfx: push
sfx: flash
sfx: flaaash
3: Kyaaaa! What is this?!
4: The lamp just turned itself on!
5: Uuuu...! M... medicine...!
sfx: grin
6: Haaa... haa!

1: Are you alright?
2: /Fufu... things are going perfectly!
3: Yes.
4: I'm scared! Do you think something's in our room?
5: Noooo...!
6: I took my medicine... but I still feel pain.
7: I'm scared. I'm scared...
8: (Haa
9: You're all pale! Maybe you should lay down?
10: But I'm too afraid to sleep!
11: You have to, though. Just try to forget it and go to sleep. You have a weak heart, so you need ample rest.
sfx: pale...
12: OK...

1: Haa... it's no good... I can't fall asleep!
2: But tomorrow I'm going to meet Hisashi-san's parents... I need to get rest!
3: /Her heart must really be beating fast!
4: /Surprise and excitement are both bad for the heart.
5: I'm right here, so you don't need to worry.
6: Even if there really is a GHOOOOST in the room!
7: Hiiie! Oh... okay...
8: Haa... haa...
9: /Once she's asleep, I'll dress up like a ghost and scare her!
10: /I know it'll work!
11: Hoo...
12: /Now hurry up and go to sleep already!

1: /Oh, great... now I'm getting tired...
sfx: grrr
sfx: zzzz...
2: /Finally, she's asleep!
3: /Be careful, now...
4: /I'll just put on a tablecloth...
sfx: tink...
5: /and drip some ice water onto her...
sfx: drip
6: Mmm...
sfx: twitch
7: Hee...hiiieeeeeeeee

1: Hie...!
2: Hiieeee... uuu...!
3: /I did it!
4: /I did it! That was so easy!
5: /I can't believe it was actually this easy! Now Hisashi-san's all mine!
6: Hello, 119? My friend's having a heart attack!
7: She has a weak heart!
8: Please come at once!

1: /I just committed murder!! But I didn't even touch her, so there's no way they'll find out!
sfx: pitter patter
sfx: jerk!
2: Hiee...!
3: A ghost...! Ahhh... aaaahhhh!
4: I just fainted... ahh... Natsuko-chan!
sfx: whiiirr
5: She went into cardiac arrest.

1: She must have been under extreme stress.
2: Was she worried about something? Why didn't she talk to me?
3: Asami...
4: I want you to live a long life.
5: I'll be fine. Doctors always told me I had a weak heart ever since I was little, but there's actually nothing wrong with me. I'm just more of a scaredy-cat than the average girl, that's all.
6: I guess it was just mentally relieving to drink my medicine.
sfx: tok
7: But now I don't need it anymore.


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