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#37. I'll Make Your Dreams Come True!


tl by danluffey

#37. I'll Make Your Dreams Come True!

1: Aww... I failed the audition. Lately, absolutely nothing's been going well for me.
2: My model career is going downhill... I thought I might be able to save myself by moving into acting, but...
3: When I was younger and more beautiful, lots of different men came and proposed to me.
4: If I knew this was all that was waiting for me, I would've probably tied the knot with one of them.
5: Yeah...
6: If only I had more money... ahhh...
7: Huh...

1: Hm?
2: You're Eiko-chan, right? Long time no see. I've been reading about you in the magazines.
3: Oh! Yamada? Umm... the nerdy guy from class 1! The weirdo! The guy no one liked! You're that Yamada, right?
4: You remember me?!
5: Brain substances?
6: Yeah, you know, people's dreams or hopes... those sort of "fantasies." The special gas I developed makes them appear "real."
7: After all, people's happiness is only determined by what they feel inside, right?
8: If even the most unhappy people were to use my device, I'm sure they'd be able to achieve true happiness.
9: (I've been researching this in order to bring peace and relaxation to the entire human race!
10: snap!!
11: (This could really be something -> and make money -> and make me rich
12: Yamada-kun!

1: I'm really interested in your invention. I'd like to try it out.
2: OK!
sign: Yamada Image Lab
3: I have to go in there?
4: Don't worry, it's safe.
5: You can open the door at anytime. Now, here we go.
sfx: click...
6: Ah...

TV screen: Eiko's Jewelry
1: Wah... ahhh...
2: This feels good...
3: How was it?
sfx: grin grin

1: /I never knew I had such greedy ambitions... but...
sfx: slurp
2: That felt really good!
3: Eiko-san!
4: Yamada-kun! I want to help you! Let's work hard and deliver dreams to all the people around the world!
5: /You think I'm gonna ignore this chance to make big money?!
6: As technology continues, we see even more and more unusual businesses popping up... today, we would like to introduce you to the "ultimate image land."
7: The genius neurologist Yamada Ichirou has invented an image replication device...
8: 20,000 a pop is actually cheap!
9: Yeah, because it relieves all your stress!
10: Marriage!
11: work!
12: This device detects the deep desires within a person's subconscious and allows that person to experience them as if they were real.

1: Next, please.
2: /I... want to get my health and faith back. Please, give me a chance to work my hardest once more... I really hope my next meeting goes well.
3: What the?!
sfx: True feelings!
4: Machiko, dinner's ready.
5: I love you.
6: (A robot does all the work.
7: /I want to make up with my mother-in-law, so that we can have a happy family...
8: Oh my!
9: Let's use grandma's life insurance and go on a cruise!
10: (I've always been in love with you, miss...

1: /I'm tired of dealing with people's problems at work. I just want to get along with my co-workers. And with my bosses... I want to live for my work.
2: Woaaaahhh!
3: You idioooots!
sfx: ratatat...
4: Diiie! All o' ya! Guhahaha!
5: All my stress just disappeared!
6: (I saw you die...
7: (Oh, really? I saw you die, too!
8: That felt so good!
9: (I had a love scene with Sylvester Stallone!
10: (The guy who dumped me came back on his hands and knees and apologized!
11: /I can't believe I wanted such things... I disgust myself!
12: Paul!
13: Look at these profits!
14: It's like a dream come true...
15: I can't believe one of my inventions is actually making people this happy...
sfx: sniff

1: I'm going to buy a hundred million yen apartment! And a summer house in Hawaii!
2: I'll ride on a Concord and the Orient Express! I'll buy some jewelry and fur coats too! And then...
3: If we're really making that much money, then let's lower our prices.
4: Yamada...
5: Ah... I know we're partners here, so you're free to use your profit as you like.
6: But as for mine...
7: I don't need any money.
8: So let's just drop the prices.
9: Yamada...
10: /What's wrong with him?
11: My dream isn't to get rich.

1: Sorry, but... I'm going to use my cut of the profit as I like.
2: OK! Enjoy yourself.
3: /An expensive apartment!
4: /A car!
5: /A trip around the world!
6: /Jewelry and a fur coat!
7: /Expensive food I've always wanted to taste!

1: /I'm kinda bored...I know I should have everything I want, but...
2: Tokyo, please. Ah... hello, is the CEO there?
3: Huh?
4: We lost all our customers?!
5: Why? I'll come back to Japan at once!
6: You know... at the time, it was refreshing... but I just can't accept the fact that I was actually thinking those things. It makes me hate myself... I'm so depressed!

1: Humans are more selfish than I thought.
2: And seeing their deepest desires only depresses them...
3: But... that can't be the only outcome. There have to be people who were able to cheer up and become more positive thanks to the machine!
4: I dunno...
5: There have to be! Your invention was amazing, Yamada! The real problem here are the people who use it! It's not your fault! Don't get depressed! Remember, you're a genius!
6: Eiko-chan...

1: Thanks... but no matter how much you try and cheer me up, it's not going to help us get our profits back.
2: So what? Who cares about that?!
3: Living a life of luxury is pretty boring, you know!
4: Dreaming about something you want is more fun than actually getting it. I finally understand that now.
5: I don't need anything else. As long as I'm with you, Yamada-kun, I...
sfx: fidget
sfx: stare

1: I.. umm... I've always liked you, Eiko-chan, but...
2: But...? What do you mean but?
3: (Ah!
4: Y-you mean you saw how greedy I was and started to hate me?
5: N-no!
6: Ummm!
7: I... I just can't believe this is actually happening!
8: Umm...
9: I'm such a greedy, selfish woman that I was drawn to your purity, Yamada-kun...
10: Please marry me!
11: What? Kyaaaaa! OK!

1: I won't make any more money, are you sure you don't mind?
2: I told you, I don't care about that!
3: Ummm.
4: Sorry to interrupt, but...
5: We'd like to use your image machine for the sake of the country.
6: We think it can be of great use in order to restore the hope of sick people.
7: /It's all over...
8: Do you really think it can help?
9: Seeing fun dreams once in a while may help them live longer.

1: Oh my!
2: Well I'll be!
3: Heheh! I feel so much better!
4: Wow!
5: See?!
6: Your complexion looks much better!
7: It's a revolutionary machine. Please, let us sign a contract with you, professor!
sfx: ding dong
8: Thanks to that contract, I keep giving you everything you want now.
9: I don't need any of that. I'm just glad your invention was able to help people.
10: Wow, when he takes off his glasses, he looks kinda cute!
11: /Well of course he does! This is a shojo manga!




24-37-045 1ページ訳文ないです。(本来37巻は 原文52ページですか、訳文51ぺーじ目まで、どこかでずれていますね?)

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すみません、どこか修正した? 今43は原文の44ページに対応 44は原文の46ページに対応 原文の45は11条、訳文はどこ?教えてください。よろしくお願いします。

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