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#38. Sleeping Beauty


tl by danluffey

#38. Sleeping Beauty

1: /Next to my house, there's a big white mansion.
2: /A little girl lives there, but I've never once seen her.
3: Hmm... I wonder what kind of girl she is?
4: Chris...
5: The Morrisons' girl is in an unfortunate circumstance.
6: You mustn't talk about her.
7: /Why not? Why can't I even ask?

1: /The Morrisons always look so sad when they go out. Is the tragedy that befell their daughter weighing down their hearts?
2: Ah...
3: Lily! Lily, come back!
4: Excuse me, Mr. Morrison, but I have to get my bird!
5: Mr. Morrison? Aren't you home?
sfx: chirp chirp
6: I'm sorry for barging in like this. Mr. Morrison! My bird Lily...

1: Lilyyyy!
sfx: chirp chirp...
2: Lilyyyy!
sfx: creak...
sfx: chirp

1: Ummm... excuse me. My little bird... umm...
sfx: chirp...
2: /Is she dead? It can't be...!
3: But...
4: Ah... the boy from next door!
5: Juliet's been asleep ever since she was born. She's never woken up, not even once!
6: Not even once?!

1: We slide milk and juice between her lips, and her body and hair continue to grow, but...
2: She never wakes up... we're just glad that she's healthy, but... we could never die and leave her like this.
3: Jane!
4: That's why we need to live long lives.
5: Yes, dear.
6: We need to watch out for each other's health.
7: /The Morrisons were very nice people,
8: /but I'd often hear others spreading rumors about them.
9: Do you know about the Morrisons' girl? They must have been punished for something.

1: Hello.
2: I've come to see Juliet.
3: Today in school we learned Latin.
4: Latin is the language that was originally used in the Roman Empire.
5: /I started coming to see Juliet every day. I talked to her just like I would talk to any other person.
6: Ready?
7: This is called a "waltz." Doom-bop-bop...
8: /I taught her everything I learned at school.
9: Let's dance together whenever you wake up!
10: /Suddenly, I no longer wanted to go play with my friends anymore.
11: He's been acting weird lately. Really standoffish...

1: Chris... I'm really grateful for everything you're doing, but I don't want you to waste all of your youth on Juliet.
2: Mrs. Morris... if someone's spending their time on something they care about, it can't possibly be a waste. I can feel it in my heart that Juliet isn't just sleeping.
3: She's listening to what I say. And she understands it all.
4: It's just, she doesn't respond like the rest of us humans do. But she sees everything.

1: Chris. I'm very glad that you're growing up to become a nice young boy, but...
2: Don't you think it's about time you found a normal girlfriend?
3: Mom, dad...
4: Speaking to Juliet helps me look at myself.
5: Since she never replies, it allows me to review my own thoughts.
6: I don't want you two, or the Morrisons to think that I'm simply being nice to Juliet because I feel sorry for her. I need Juliet too.

1: Please. Once Juliet turns 18,
2: I want to marry her. I want to protect her and live with her for the rest of my life.
3: /Apparently, all the adults thought my gentleness was a product of "a youthful sense of justice."
4: /But I truly loved Juliet, from the bottom of my heart.
5: And my feels didn't change even after I grew up.

1: /I decided to find a job that I could do from home, and eventually I became a translator.
2: This'll let me stay by your side all day.
3: /I would gather healthy food together, boil it and mash it up, and then feed it to Juliet by mouth.
4: /I wiped down her body every day so that she stayed clean and pure. I would play music for her, sing songs to her, speak to her, and spend time with her.
5: You're alive... I can hear your heart beating next to mine.
6: /To me, it sounded like...

1: /"Chris. I love you. Chris. Thank you."
2: Chris, I bow to your amazing love, but don't you ever feel lonely?
3: Not at all. I live for my wife.
4: A man's life isn't decided by how he lived,
5: but by how he allowed the people around him to live. That's how she makes me feel.

1: Juliet. No matter what anyone says, you've lived a fine life. After all, it's only thanks to you that I was able to enjoy my life so much.
2: Ahh... you've started to age as well.
3: Just like me.
4: We've lived together, and now we'll grow old together.
5: Tomorrow will be our 30th wedding anniversary. I'll buy some roses to help us celebrate. OK?

1: Chris,
2: I'm home.
3: Do you know what day it is today? It's our 30th wedding anniversary!
4: Look! I bought 30 roses. And a cake that says "Chris and Juliet."

1: Watch! Hoooooo!
2: Congratulations!
3: I love you, Chris.
4: We'll be together until we die. No... I'll live one day longer than you.
5: I'll make sure your body is taken care of, and then I'll follow you. We'll live together and grow old together until the very end.
6: No matter what people say, I know I'm happy.

1: Having a reason to live, and feeling love... only happens when you believe that the other person is feeling the same way.
2: Right, Chris?
3: Are you dreaming about something? You look so happy...
4: Are you dreaming about taking care of me... and feeling happy about it? Well, Chris?


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