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#39. Stay With Me Always


tl by danluffey

#39. Stay With Me Always

1: Ahhh, I can't take this anymore!
2: I want to go back to Earth!
3: Six months is my limit for being alone out here. Every time I read my wife's letters..
4: I just miss her so much... ohhh, honey!
5: You sure everything's alright back at home?
6: What are you talking about?
7: You know... haven't you ever heard those stories? About what women do when their husbands are away at work...
sfx: twitch
8: Hah! That'd never happen with my girl!
9: (Ahh... let's try to get rid of this loneliness somehow...

1: /Sometimes, I wonder, though...
2: /And then, before I knew it, it was time to go home. I finally get to see her again, but I'm a bit worried...
3: I'm home! Ah...
4: Oh, dear!
5: I knew it!
6: I'm sorry. I was just so lonely...
7: (Sorry, but it's the truth.
8: Lately, infidelity when astronaut husbands are away at work has become a serious problem.
9: Unfortunately, taking wives along in the space shuttles poses many economic problems, as well as problems of education when children are involved.
10: Since it can take up to eight months to travel to a distant planet and come back, short visits will also be difficult...

1: Of course, there are also cases of women who have been traveling far on their own.
TV: Serial Drama - The Day HE Came Home!
2: Some of these women fall in love with other single men on their trips, and when their terms end and they return to Earth, tragedy befalls their families.
paper: Double Suicide - She just couldn't bear to leave her lover the day her husband came home... even though they both knew it was never to be!
top picture: Hoshino, the criminal
bottom picture: Mr. Fujita
3: Huh? You're going on a trip to the planet Mimi?
4: It'll take two years. Ohh, Eri-chan...
5: I'm worried that your heart may change when I'm gone.
6: Believe in me, Harry!
7: I'll wait for you for as many years as I have to.
8: But...

1: I'll be so lonely... I'll send you a letter every day. Ohh, but it takes three days for anything to reach planet Mimi...
sfx: sniff!
2: I'm so lonely! I'm so lonely! I'm so lonely!
3: Me too! Me too! Me too!
4: One month left until I leave...
5: We'll have to make enough love for two years until then.
6: I hope I can save up enough of your love...
7: Eri-chan...
8: In order to replace men who have had to leave on long-term work assignments, special clones have been invented!

1: What?
2: After inputting all the aspects about a person, such as their body, habits, the way they talk, and their likes and dislikes, into a computer, we can make a robot that looks just like them!
3: That way, even when your husband or lover is off at work, women can alleviate their loneliness a bit with these clones!
TV: To order one, call now!
4: These are special clones that can only be sold to people who have lost their loved one due to space work.
5: Harry! Eri-chan!
6: The process begins with counseling, where the man receives a thorough analysis so that the computer can learn his thought patterns.
7: The finished product will look so similar to him, you might even call it his twin!

1: Wow! Which one's the real Harry?
2: If you get it right, I'll give you a kiss.
3: Wow, that's funny... we said the same thing. We really do talk the same!
4: How do you like the clone?
5: It's wonderful! Now I won't be lonely.
6: Come back safely!
7: Good luck with your work! We'll get married once you come back!
8: This... feels kind of strange.
9: Did Harry really leave?

1: /It really feels like I'm on a date with Harry!
2: (These go-go clubs used to be really popular!
3: Uuu...
sfx: sniff
screen: Mama!
4: /He's just like Harry...
5: /But...
6: No! Harry's kisses aren't like that!
7: Please, fix him! Harry's kisses are strong and forceful, but there's a special gentleness to them!
8: Strong but gentle...?
sfx: beep beep

1: Harry, I sent the clone in to be repaired.
2: There are some differences from the real you as far as detailed things are concerned. I knew there could be no replacement for the real you! Please come home soon!
sfx: beep
sfx: whiiiirrr
sfx: rub...
3: Ohh, Eri-chan! I feel the same way too!
4: That's a relief. I mean, if the clone really was identical to me, then what would that make me? I was kind of worried.
5: Ahhhhh! I'm waiting for you!
6: Just try to keep living with the robot as a way to alleviate your loneliness.
7: OK. It's a much better option than cheating, anyway.
8: How is he now?
9: Mmm... that's more like it! He passes!

1: No, no! The real Harry is stronger than that! He carries stuff faster! And he never gets as tired as you!
2: Harry's much better with his hands. He could fix something like that in an instant!
3: Again?
4: But he's so inferior to the real Harry!
5: How about now?
6: That's it! This is how strong Harry is!
7: Are you sure this is alright?
8: Yeah... I know...

1: You're perfect, Mr. clone! You're just like Harry! Thanks to you, I'm not the least bit lonely! Thank you!
2: Eri-chan...
3: I'm happy that I could be of such service. But it's almost time for us to say goodbye.
4: When the real Harry comes home, I'll be sent back to the clone center.
5: And then what?
6: I'll transform into someone else's beloved.
7: I wonder who I'll be next?
8: Oh... how sad.

1: Take care of yourself. And make the real Harry happy. Now... farewell.
2: Eri-chan!
3: Harry!! I missed you!
4: Ahhh, Eri-chan!
5: It's the real you! It's the real Harry! You're nothing like how the clone was!

1: /Huh...? Is this how Harry's kiss always was?
2: /Was Harry... always this weak?
sfx: stagger
3: /Was Harry... always this much of a klutz?
sfx: ahhhh...
4: Snore...
5: /The clone was so much better!

1: What's wrong? You look blue.
2: Harry...
3: Hello! It's Macchi!
4: Tragedies following clone orders have been increasing...
TV: News Terminal
5: I thought the clone was just like my husband... but then he came home...
TV: Voices have been altered for TV.
6: Then, I realized that the clone was so much better than my actual husband, and I couldn't love him anymore.
7: Ahh...!!
8: Huh? Eri-chan? Don't tell me...
9: I'm sorry!
10: Eri-chan!

1: What should I do about this?
2: I'm not a perfect man...
sfx: sniff
3: No one's perfect! I'm not perfect either! Ah...
4: I know why the clone was so perfect! Because I had him fixed!
5: B... but you can't fix me!
6: I know! But the only reason I got the clone fixed was because I thought the real you was so much better!
7: Love is blind, so I probably just over-estimated your good points! And then... I guess at some point, I just started fixing the robot into what I thought was the "ideal" Harry!

1: It means I was so infatuated with you that I thought you were perfect!
2: (Drunk on herself
3: (I feel both happy and sad...
4: I'll do my best to be the ideal man for you.
5: No it's OK!
6: I'm sure that if I was in your shoes, and there was a clone of me... it'd be far more perfect than I was.
7: So... mmm...
8: As a way to counteract this, the company has refused to make any repairs to the clones.
9: You bought a clone off the black market, didn't you?!
10: Dinner!
11: (Did you forget about our loan?!
12: But... this one always does what I say!


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