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#40. Voice from the Darkness


tl by danluffey

#40. Voice from the Darkness

1: A ghost photograph?
2: Aren't those all just hoaxes?
3: I mean, if you want to go that far, then look at the pattern on this! These look like eyes, and that looks like a mouth!
4: Oh, come on, Yumi!
5: Don't you think it makes the world more mysterious and interesting
6: if you believe in supernatural stuff like that?
7: That's not the point!
8: I just can't believe in anything unless it makes sense.

1: You're so unromantic.
2: What's romantic about ghost pictures, Nori-chan?
3: Only scaredy-cats think stuff like that up, because they always analyze things in a negative way.
4: Well, I believe in them! There's no proof that they DON'T exist, right?
5: And there's no proof that they DO, either!
6: /This doesn't prove anything.
magazine: Ghost pictures are everywhere!
7: If this magazine's dropped this low,
8: they must really be desperate for ideas.
9: Yumi!

1: I got a call from your teacher...
2: Nori-chan passed away!
3: No way! I was just with her!
4: She got into an accident after you two split up.
5: Wha...
6: /Nori-chan!
7: /It was so sudden. Without any sort of warning! Nori-chan! We were just walking home like always!

1: /Nori-chan... I miss you... this is too cruel! How could you have died so young?!
2: /We still had so much more to talk about...
3: sniff
4: Yu... mi...
5: Huh?
6: Yumi... chan...
7: Is that Nori-chan's voice?!

1: I must just be hearing things.
2: I'm just so sad, my ears must be acting up.
3: /Yumi-chan... I forgot to give you back your Southern All-Stars cassette... I'm sorry...
4: Ahh!

1: Nori-chan...!
2: There's a lot I wanted to tell you...
3: And things I want you to tell everyone...
4: Things for my mom and dad, too... but... no one responded when I called out to them. Only you, Yumi-chan...
5: Uuu...

1: Uuu...! No! This isn't happening!
2: Yumi-chan...
3: This is just a dream!
4: I'm dreaming! I have to be! Hiiiieee!
5: Ghosts can't exist! They can't!!
6: Hiiee! Hiiiieee!
7: It has to be a dream, otherwise it means I'm crazy!
8: Listen to me... please...
9: No... nooooooo!
10: Yumi-chan!

1: It really was just a dream! Phew.
2: /It's true that I really did let her borrow my Southern All-Stars cassette... I must have just been thinking about it unconsciously. And in my sleep, I heard those thoughts as Nori-chan's voice...

1: The Southern All-Stars cassette? Is this it? Thank you for remembering...
2: Yes, that's it.
3: I'm sure she wouldn't have been able to rest in peace if we never returned it to you.
4: That's just the kind of girl she was. She was so responsible...
5: It was so sudden, that I'm sure she has other unfinished business too. It almost makes me wish she'd at least come back to us... as a ghost...
6: Ma'am...

1: I pray every night...
2: "You probably have unfinished business, so please come back to us and tell us about it..." But... she never comes out...
3: Ummm...
4: I suppose... ghosts really don't exist, huh?
5: /It... can't be. It... can't... be!

1: /If I could really see ghosts, then there would be a bunch of murdered people floating around me telling me who killed them.
TV: Victim
2: We have no clues as to the murder suspect...
3: /There are no such thing as ghosts...
4: /No one responded to me... only you...
5: /But...

1: /What if there were? What if Nori-chan really was trying to tell me something?
2: Yumi-chan, watch out!
3: Huh...
4: The light's red!
5: Ahh...!!
6: Kyaaaa!
sfx: vrooom
7: No... Nori-chan!
8: It's Nori-chan!

1: Nori-chan, you're there, aren't you? You saved me!
2: H-hey, are you alright?
3: I won't doubt you anymore! Nori-chan!
4: Come out! Tell me everything you want to! Nori-chan!
5: Umm... are you alright?

1: Ah... Nori-chan!
2: What is it? Come on...
3: Poor girl...
4: It's... too late now...
5: I already used up all the energy I was given. This...
6: is our last farewell...
7: Nori-chan!

1: Wait! Nori-chan!
2: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so scared. I just should have listened to her from the start!
3: (She's gone crazy...
4: I'm sorry!
sfx: whiiiirr
5: /No matter how much I prayed after that, Nori-chan never came back to me. What did she want to say?
6: /It's driving me mad just thinking about it...


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