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#41. Under the Oak Tree


tl by danluffey

#41. Under the Oak Tree

1: /The first time I noticed the oak tree
2: sniff
3: /was when mama yelled at me and I ran out crying.
4: I'm hungry... and it's getting dark...
5: But mom might still be mad...
6: /Miki-chan...

1: /Your mom is very worried about you.
2: /If you go back and apologize, and say you'll never tell another lie, she'll forgive you.
3: Huh...
4: Who said that?
5: Is someone in the tree?
6: /But no one was there. I must have just imagined some voice because I wanted to go home so badly.
7: Miki!
8: Mom! I'm sorry!
9: /But ever since then...
10: /Whenever I go under the oak tree, I feel a wave of relaxation wash over me.

1: /This park used to look so big when I was a kid, but now that I'm grown up, it seems so tiny.
2: /But that oak tree always looked as towering and gallant as it always had.
3: In club today... my kouhai weren't following the rules, so I warned them, and then they all said they were going to quit.
4: I don't know what to do. Young people these days really don't have patience, and they don't know how to think about others.

1: It's strange... just talking to you like this always calms me down.
2: No matter what the problem may be, when I tell it to you, I always think "Oh, it's not that big of a deal after all."
3: I'm going to go try and talk to them again.
4: Bye...
5: Mendelssohn is so elegant because he lived to express himself.
6: It had a lot to do with the fact that he was Jewish, too.

1: Wow, Hamada-san! I can hardly even follow what you're talking about, it's so complicated!
2: Naww...
3: Hey, how about we go get some tea somewhere?
4: OK.
5: /Are you watching, oak tree?
6: /This is my first boyfriend. How does he look?
7: I stopped going out with Hamada-kun.
8: He said he wants to be a public servant so that he has a stable future, and that he needs to get into some big university in order to become one.

1: He's got no dreams. He was so boring.
2: /It all started when he started acting cold all of a sudden.
3: /But I don't care what the reason was anymore. Just telling the oak tree what happened was enough to wash my loneliness and sadness away.
4: /The oak tree is my tranquilizer.
5: /I graduated from community college and became an office lady, where I started experiencing work problems. But no matter what happened, the oak tree continued to support my heart.

1: Huh?
2: This area is being remodeled?
3: You mean they're going to tear down the park?
4: The park? Who cares about that old park?
5: /My family was paid a generous compensation to move out of the area, so they used it to buy a bigger house in a nicer district.
6: Next month, then!
sign: Nomura Real Estate
7: /I used this opportunity to move out into a small apartment.
8: /It was about time I became independent and lived on my own, after all. I had found a man at work that I liked.
9: He's a section chief... but he has a wife already. It's just... I like him so much, I can't help myself.

1: This is the spot! First, we'll have to cut that big tree down.
2: Wha...
3: You're... going to cut it down?
4: I thought you were just going to replant it somewhere else.
5: We can't do that. It's a fine tree, but it doesn't fit in with the blueprints.
6: Please... can you let me have some of its wood?
7: Huh?

1: /My oak tree got cut down,
2: /but I managed to take home some of its own.
3: /I took it to a carpenter and had them make a tea table out of it.
4: /When I moved into my apartment, I put the table next to my window, and drank tea there every morning.
5: The section chief says his wife's cold, and that it's always gloomy when he goes home. It was an arranged marriage, so they aren't really in love.

1: We have children,
2: so I've been trying not to get a divorce.
3: But for you...
4: No... not for you, for myself...
5: Section chief...
6: I want to redo my life. If I have you by my side, I feel like I might be able to do it.
7: I'm tired of being married just to keep up appearances. It's too lonely.
8: Section chief...
9: Can we go to your place?
10: Yes...
11: You don't have to go home if you don't want to. You can just stay here with me... OK?
sfx: click

1: I don't want to leave your side.
2: Miki...
3: I love you.
4: He's lying... Miki-chan... be careful. He's a selfish man.
5: What's wrong?

1: /I was just hearing things...
2: N-nothing... I love you too. I believe you.
3: Miki...
4: Huh? You're leaving? Why?
5: Because I want to do things the right way with you. And I don't want to hurt my children. I'm going to go talk to my wife. Don't worry. Remember, I love you.

1: It's his birthday.
2: He promised me he'd come.
3: He won't...
4: It's been three months since you started going out... but nothing's happened.
5: He wasn't serious from the start.
6: Hurry and wake up! There are many other better people out there waiting for you!
7: Stop it!!
8: Why do you keep torturing me like this?
9: I'm worried about you, Miki-chan.
10: I don't care! Stop talking to me!

1: I trust him!
2: Ah! What are you doing?!
3: If you say one more thing, I'm going to burn you up!
sfx: slam
4: /And so, I shut the table up in the closet and waited for him. But he never came.
5: /Afterwards, he said that his son suddenly got a bad fever. He was lying.
6: /He was lying to me the whole time.
7: I heard your second child was a boy.
8: Congratulations!

1: /I took the table back out from the closet
2: /and started talking to it again, like I had before...
3: /but it never relaxed my soul again.
4: /It may have all just been some sort of fantasy I dreamed up to put myself at ease...
5: /but either way, I realized I had completely lost my ability to believe in anything. In the end, I was left with nothing but loneliness.




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