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The Ultimate Bride


tl by danluffey

#43. The Ultimate Bride

1: I don't like men who actually think they're "good men."
2: Like Nonomiya-san, from PR.
3: You know HE isn't going straight home every evening.
4: Well, we're a record company, what do you expect?
5: No, it's worse than that. It's like... he's a company employee, yet he acts like he's some kind of celebrity!
6: He stands out more than the singers he manages...
sfx: Kyaa
7: I never stand out!
8: Excuse me, please let us through!
9: (Kyaa... What a hunk! What song does he sing?

1: He wants to stand out.
2: He's a playboy, too.
3: How do you know? Some people stand out even if they don't want to.
4: He's pretty hard-working, you know.
5: Wow, you're really defending him. Don't tell me you actually have a crush on him? His good looks are all he's got!
sfx: grrr
6: You're the one who's getting all worked up here. How come?
7: Wh-why are you ganging up on me?!
8: I'm not just saying all this because he rejected me! Ah...
9: Ahhhhh!
sfx: Hiiiiie
10: I just wanted him to like me so badly!

1: But he never looked my way! Not even once!
sfx: sniff!
2: I bet he's gay!
3: Ummm...
4: He's not gay. And... apparently he has a girlfriend.
5: Umm...
6: What...
7: He's pretty serious, you know. He's popular, and up until now, he never had a steady girlfriend, but..
8: (When I gave him a present on Valentine's Day he gave it back to me...
9: Apparently, he already has someone. And apparently the boss is his matchmaker!
10: Who's the woman? Who is it?!
11: Probably someone really beautiful.

1-2: Da-da-daaaaaaa!!
sfx: No way...!!
3: Sh-she must be super rich.
4: whisper
5: (Why...?!
6: Y-you and me in a dreamland... (*Lyrics to Tentoumushi no Samba)
7: No, she isn't rich or anything.
8: Does he owe her father something, then?
9: Apparently not.
10: whisper whisper
11: Then...

1: She must be reaaaaally nice...
2: Gyahaha!
3: Oh, you!
sfx: slap!!
4: Oof!
5: I dunno...
6: /Everyone's probably talking about how terrible she looks.
7: I'm a mermaid!
8: She changed her clothes!
9: Wow, what a nice dress.
sfx: clap
10: /I don't blame them. I was taken aback when I frst saw her, too.
11: /But... within no time at all, she stole my heart.

1: /When we first met... she came up all of a sudden and asked me for directions. I was so surprised, I took a step back.
2: Gyah!
3: Ummm...
sfx: lean
4: Watch out!
sfx: grab
5: /Then she quickly grabbed on to me.
6: I'm sorry for scaring you! My late mother always told me that because of my face, I should never step out of somewhere dim, or else I might scare someone!
7: Uh...
8: What...
9: /In that moment, I realized how truly charming she was!
10: /It wasn't that I sympathized her or anything...
11: /It was the fact that she grabbed on to me and didn't let go. That was her charm. The closer I got to her, the more I understood it.

1: /When I first introduced her to my parents and my boss and his wife, they are all shocked too, but...
2: /Now they all too understand her charm. Because they got to know her better.
3: /Everyone today may look shocked now... but as soon as they get close to her...
4: Thank you very much for making the time to come out here today.
5: I hope you both become very happy...
6: /they should realize why I chose her. Once they get within 50cm of her, they'll understand.
7: /It's... her "scent."

1: /A scent so wonderful it defies all description emanates from her body... and everyone who smells it simply falls in love with her. It puts people at ease, calms them down, and makes them feel very happy.
2: /It is a scent of joy that defies all mundane logic... a scent of ecstasy that dispels all negativity!

1: /Good. Everyone's smiling now.
2: I was a bit nervous about whether or not some people would be able to bring themselves to understand why we were together.
3: /It's like a dream come true...
4: /At that moment, my life changed...
5: /I did my best to nurse my mother, but her illness only got worse and worse. And then she told me...
6: Please, look the other way.
7: I feel so sorry that I gave you that face...
8: Even looking at it now just makes me feel worse.

1: /I was sad, but I understood how she felt. And so, worrying about what I could do for her, I continued to nurse her day and night...
2: It's time for your medicine
3: You can't see my face now, can you?
4: /Then, late one night, when I was nodding off...
5: thunk...
6: You poor thing... I bet you wish you had a better life.
7: Huh...
8: Who's there? I don't really care if I have a good life or not.
sfx: drowsy...
9: I just wish I had the ability to make the people around me feel better.
10: You possess absolutely no desire, do you? OK then...

1: Because you have such a generous soul...
2: I will give you the ability to make all those around you feel extremely happy.
sfx: stare
3: Hm...? Huh... was I dreaming?
4: Water...
5: Oh... here you go, mom.
6: Huh... that's strange. I feel really good all of a sudden.
7: Come closer...
8: You... smell good...
9: Huh?
10: I feel so happy.
11: Ahhh...

1: /On that day, my life changed. The doctor and nurse also became extremely relaxed when they got near me.
2: /My father cheered up, and my mother...
3: /In the end, she was unable to beat her disease, but she died happy.
4: /What was that voice I heard that night? God? An angel?
5: (Ahh, I feel so good...
6: /Either way, ever since then, everyone feels happy when they get near me.

1: [I'm neither God or an Angel.
2: [People usually call me a "devil."
3: [I creep into corners of sad people's hearts. It's easier to get in the more depressed and saddened they are.
4: [In the beginning, I make it seem like I'm giving them happiness... Then, whenever humans get used to being happy, they almost always become proud.
5: What? Really?!
drop: happiness
6: (But then they say...
7: Give me more!
8: (in the end...

1: [I like filling people with so much happiness that they get drunk off it... and then ripping it all out from beneath them!
2: [It's no fun just making unhappier people even more unhappy.
3: [People who become happy after being unhappy have a much higher threshold for happiness than people who've always been happy. And it's so much fun to knock them back down into unhappiness!
sfx: Hawaii! Yay!
4: [Should I make their plane crash? Should I make a man-eating shark appear? I'm waiting for just the right chance...
5: [Get closer... let's see, how should I ruin it all?

1: [Ahh... what a nice smell... I feel so relaxed... like I might forget that I'm a demon altogether!
sfx: tee hee...
2: [Ah well... I'll just let them be.
3: [When normal people get happy, they forget how to be thankful for things...
4: [But she never gets greedy, for some reason... that's why it's so hard for me to get into her heart...
5: [It's OK, though... there are still many others out there with holes in their hearts...
6: Ahhh! Here comes one now!


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