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#44. You Sure it's OK to Do That?


tl by danluffey

#44. You Sure it's OK to Do That?

1: I can't believe you cheated, Nana-chan!
2: What? I didn't cheat.
3: I saw you! The only reason I didn't say anything
4: was because I thought you'd quit if I did... and besides, we're friends.
5: I told you, I didn't do anything! You can be so annoying sometimes, Ecchan!
6: I hate you when you're like this!
7: You have to be honest, Nana-chan!
8: If you don't apologize...

1: I'll tell on you to sensei!
2: Wh... what?!
3: Shut up already!
sfx: slap!
4: Ahhh!
5: Aaaaahhh!
sign: Danger Keep Out
sfx: splash
6: Ah!
7-8: Blub

1: I... I... I didn't do anything!
2: /Good! Now that Ecchan's dead...
3: /No one will find out that I cheated!
4: You sure?
5: You sure it's OK... to do that?
6: I didn't do anything!

sfx: brrrring!
1: Yes, Nana's already been home for a while.
2: Nana-chan, do you know where Ecchan is?
3: Nope. I said bye to her right after we left school.
4: Any ideas as to where she could be? It is getting rather late. I'm sure you must be worried.
5: /Did that girl... see me? I've never seen her anywhere before. But if that's the case, then she shouldn't know who I am either!
6: /I'll be fine! I need to stop worrying!
7: What?! Downstream?! Oh my!

sfx: jerk!
1: Nana! Ecchan got washed away in the river!
2: Someone found her downstream!
3: Is she dead?
4: Yes. Ohhh, the poor girl...
5: I never want you to go near the river. Do you understand, Nana?
6: Yes!
7: /It's alright now.
8: /I didn't do anything! I don't know anything!

1: /I was a little worried about that girl... but after a while, I forgot all about her.
2: /I also forgot all about Ecchan.
3: /"I don't know anything." I just kept repeating that phrase to myself until I really started to believe it.
sign: Koyamadai Private High School
4: (Oh, Nana, you're so silly!

1: /But... sometimes, strange things happen to me. I wonder why?
2: Yes... finally, a home run!
3: What did you say?
4: Huh?
5: "You'll never be forgiven until you apologize." What are you talking about?
6: What's that supposed to mean? It almost sounds like you think I did something wrong to you.
7: (You totally ruined the mood...
8: /I didn't say anything... I was just thinking about how this was finally my chance! Something always happens when I get this far, and they drift away from me...
9: If you don't apologize, I'll tell on you to sensei!
10: /It can't be...

1: /It's not like I don't feel a little sorry about what happened... but it's not like I did it on purpose!
2: Nana-chan... you're Nana-chan, aren't you?
3: Oh! Ecchan's mom! Long time no see.
4: Thank you for coming to visit Etsuko on her anniversary.
5: It's been twenty years now... and I think I'm still having bad dreams...
6: And after the incident, her father got depressed, then got sick and died...
7: I know I just need to move on, but I can't help but think back...
8: If only... if only someone had seen her and tried to help her...
9: I can't get the doctor's words out of my head. "If only she had been found a little bit sooner..."

1: /S... so what? What does that have to do with me?! Why is she telling me that?!
2: /If she wants to curse me, she should be brave and just appear as a ghost to me or something!
3: /You know what? I don't care anymore. Bye bye!
4: /From that point on, I forgot about Ecchan.
5: /And before I knew it, I had become an old, unmarried woman...
6: /Suddenly, I was all alone. My life had neared its end.

sign: Light Home
1: /A lot happened to me... but it still felt like my light was short.
2: /Nothing especially good ever happened to me, but nothing bad really happened either. When I turned 60... I moved into an elderly person's home.
3: /Everyone here is a "lonely elderly person."
4: Time for snacks!
5: /This place sure has its share of annoying old bags, though.
6: My son really wanted me to come live with him, but...

1: /Hmph. Listen to her brag!
2: /He probably really just kicked her out because he didn't like her.
3: (But young people have their own living styles and paces, and I want him to enjoy his life on his own while he can.
4: If your son loves you so much, then how come he never sends you any letters?
5: Ah...
6: Nana-san, why do you have to be like that? We're all nearing the end of our lives, can't we all just live in peace? Try to be gentle. Think about everything people say here as their "dreams," and just let it go in one ear and out the other.
7: (She's terrible!
8: What do you care, Toyo-san?
9: /She always tries to act so righteous, and everyone likes her...
10: (Who does she think she is?
11: What's the use in being nice to people? You've been nice to people all your life, Toyo-san, but they still left you alone!
12: Nana-san...
13: You came here because your son and daughter won't take care of you, right?
14: What gives you the right to tell people what to do?
15: (Tell people what to do? But I was just...

1: Neither of us have much time left,
2: so let's just try to get along. OK?
3: Look at you, acting like such a goody two-shoes again! It gives me the shivers!
4: But I've been looking forward to strawberry hunting for so long! If we bring Nana-san along, she'll ruin everything!
5: But we can't just leave her behind. That's too mean.
6: Go right ahead!
7: I'm not going.
8: Ah!
9: Nana-san!
sfx: smack!!
10: I'm sorry. Please, come with us...

1: Who cares? Just let her be!
2: But... we should at least bring back some strawberries for her.
3: You're too nice to people, Toyo-san!
4: This is a package for Yoneyama Toyo-san.
5: Everyone left me here!
6: Can I leave this package with you? It's perishable.
7: Perishable -> Food -> Sharing
8: This is so heavy! I bet there's a lot in here.
9: What could it be, though? Hmm... there's a letter inside.
10: [How are you, grandma? Over here it's snowing heavily, and very cold. I wish I could live together with you, but I suppose the home is better since it's in a warm climate. I hope you aren't too lonely. Please come visit when it gets warmer. In this package are plum dumplings, wheat rice cakes, your favorites, a vest that Kinuko sewed, and dried persimmons that Sanae made.

1: Wh... what?
sfx: thud
2: I don't believe this!
3: I'm going to eat it all before Toyo-san gets back!
4: You sure... it's OK to do that?
5: Uuuuu!
6: Gggghh!

1: Gggghh! Hiiee....
2: You sure? You sure?
3: M... my throat... aggh... someone...
paper: A woman who stayed back to watch over a nursing home choked on a dumpling and died. If someone had found her sooner, she would have been saved. If someone had stayed back with her and called for a doctor, he could have saved her.


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