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#45. Ranunculus


tl by danluffey

#45. Ranunculus

1: I heard Oikawa-kun from class 3 got his appendix out.
2: What? I didn't know that! This is your chance, Yuiko!
3: Huh?
4: Say you just came to pay him a visit, and use that as your chance!
5: Um... but...
6: You're too shy, Yuiko.
7: You need to take chances when you get them, otherwise you'll never go anywhere. You need to advertise yourself! First, give him the impression that you're different from all the other girls!

1: /Yeah... even if I'm embarrassed, I need to have courage. And if I do say that I just came to check up on him, it shouldn't see too sudden.
2: Umm...
3: Yes?
4: /How cute!
5: I'll take a potted Ranunculus, please.
6: Thanks for taking the time to bring that to me. Even when you have the final tomorrow.
7: No, no, don't worry about me.
8: You're always the top of the class, so it's a shame you can't take the exam, Oikawa-kun.
9: I brought this for his recovery.
10: Oh, thank you.

1: Take care now.
2: OK, thanks.
3: /I spoke to him! I'm so glad I mustered up my courage for this!
4: /I know, I should promise to bring him a copy of the test.
5: /Then I'll be able to get even closer to him!
6: What was she thinking? Bringing a potted plant to a sick person... flowers that are still attached to their roots send a message that the person will stay "rooted," or down... it's bad luck.
7: She didn't mean anything bad by it. She probably just didn't know. I'm still glad she came to see me.
8: Well I don't like her!

1: /I didn't know that potted plants were bad! Why didn't I check?!
2: You took a potted plant to him? What were you thinking? It means he'll stay down, and he'll never get better! White flowers are bad too!
3: White flowers are for funerals.
4: /I... I can't believe myself... ahh.... how can I ever face Oikawa-kun again?
5: Hey, thanks for coming by the other day.
6: Ah...

1: U-umm, I'm sorry for bringing you a potted plant.
2: Oh, don't worry about it!
3: It's not like you did it on purpose. The flowers were so pretty, they warmed my heart. Thank you.
4: Oikawa-kun...
5: /He's so gentle. I like him even more now!!
6: (They're called Ranunculuses, right? I'm taking good care of them. I studied how to raise them well with a gardening book...
7: /That's when we started going out. We went on a date every week!
8: Are you going on ANOTHER date, sis?!
9: /Why isn't he here? Did he mix up the time? I guess I should call him...
10: /Maybe Oikawa-kun's mother is still mad at me...
11: Hello... it's Tazaki.

1: This is all your fault!
2: What...
3: Umm... miss...
4: Right when Shinichi was about to go out to meet you,
5: your potted plant fell off the second story window right on to his head! He hit his head so hard, I called the ambulance!
6: That was the plant you brought him! It knocked him unconscious!
7: What do you have to say for yourself?!
8: /The pot happened to hit a very vital spot in Shinichi-san's brain. He was paralyzed.
9: It's not your fault.

1: But... I gave you those flowers...
2: Yeah, but it was just a coincidence.
3: Really, it's not your fault.
4: /He's so calm and sweet...
5: /But... I...
6: /I'm too ashamed to face him!
7: I never want to see your face again!!
8: You cause Shinichi nothing but misfortune!
9: Mom!
10: /I didn't need his mother to tell me.
11: /I already knew that I had no right to show myself in front of Shinichi-san ever again.

1: /Every time I see a Ranuculus in the flower shop, my heart fills with pain. It's already been five years now...
2: /I became a normal office lady,
3: /but I gained a bad nickname.
sign: Koyamada Products
4: /"The skinflint."
5: /Why do they all call me that?
6: Hey, let's all send some valentine's day chocolate to the section chief and subsection chief!
7: Um... no thank you.
8: /Because I don't give anyone presents anymore.
9: /Some people even call me a scrooge
10: /But I'm just scared...
11: /If I gave something else to someone, and it happened to bring them misfortune again...

1: /And since I'm a skinflint, no one ever invites me out anywhere. But since I don't have to spend money on things like that, I managed to save a lot up.
2: But... what am I going to use it on?
3: Huh?
book: View from the Window - Oikawa Shinichi [Debut short story collection from a new author]
4: Oikawa-kun!
5: He became a writer!
6: /I took out all my money and started purchasing copies of Oikawa-kun's books from different bookstores.
7: /I wanted to try and raise his profits, even just a little! It was all I could do to repent for what I had done.
8: Oikawa-kun...

flap: About the Author
Other books by Oikawa Shinichi
A Faraway Blue Sky
1: Oikawa-kun...
2: /He wrote novels, essays, and gave talks.
paper: "How to Live" by Oikawa Shinichi-san
3: Following Oikawa-kun's career became my reason to go on living.
4: /But I never sent him a fan letter. I just couldn't risk causing him any more misfortune.
5: I'd like to ask your opinions on Japan's streets, and wheelchair accessibility.
6: Go ahead.
7: /What if he had an accident when he goes to the post office to pick it up?
8: /What if he accidentally hurt himself with scissors when he opens the envelope?
9: /Any number of terrible things could happen to him.
10: I heard your mother passed away recently.
11: Yes.
12: What?!

1: /His mother, who hated me like no other, finally passed away... so I thought I might go check up on him.
2: Tazaki-kun?
3: Ah...
4: Um... I... umm...
5: Long time no see.
bag: Supermarket
6: Umm... you went to the supermarket by yourself?
7: Yeah. I live alone now, you know.
8: Oh... if you like,
9: please let me do that for you.

sfx: whiiiirr...
1: Wow... that smells good.
2: And you really cleaned the kitchen up.
3: Umm...
4: If you don't mind...
5: Could I come here every day to clean and do the wash for you?
6: No...
7: It's alright. You don't need to worry about anything like that. I can do it all on my own.
8: I... I'm sorry if I sounded pushy. But...
9: I'll make sure to clean the whole house today before I leave. Then I won't come back.

1: /Of course. How could I have been so silly? It must cause him pain just to look at my face.
2: Ah...
3: There are Ranunculuses in the garden. Why?
4: They're what caused you misfortune...
5: Misfortune?
6: To me, they symbolize the most important memory of my youth... my most important memory of all.
7: But... you hate me for what I did, don't you?
8: Your body was ruined because of me... it's just, you're such a gentle man that you couldn't say it to my face...
9: Tazaki-kun.

1: At the very least... I don't want you to blame yourself for what happened. What I'd really like, though, is if you forgot about me and went off to live a happy life.
2: But... you hate me! That's why you don't want me to come back!
3: No. I just don't want you to do work for me just because you feel responsible...
4: It's not because of that.
5: It's because I love you!
6: Ah...
7: Huh...
8: I'm sorry... I have no right to say that after what I've done.

1: I... I thought you were just doing this because you felt responsible.
2: I didn't want to be a burden to the woman I loved.
3: Love...?
4: Even after all I did?
5: Even though I'll be like this for the rest of my life,
6: will you still love me?
7: Yes, no matter what!


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