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#46. The Birth of Marriage


tl by danluffey

#46. The Birth of Marriage

1: Ahhh... day after day, it just keeps raining. I'm so sick of it.
2: Mimi... you're worried about Moyi, aren't you?
3: Hm...?
4: The men must be so bored, since they can't hunt well on days like these.
5: It's hard to start fires, and all the animals run for shelter.
6: But...

1: Hunting is what men do.
2: It's not something us women should worry about.
3: Ahh, it's so cold. I hate rain!
4: I hope Moyi comes home soon so that he can warm me up.
5: The men must be cold too.
6: Mmm, I'm worried.
7: Worrying won't solve anything.
8: That's not true, Mimi.
9: Thinking about someone and praying for them will bring them blessings from God and protect them.
10: That's so stupid!
11: No, Mimi! It's really true! Really!

1: We won't be able to go on living unless men bring food for us, anyway. We need to treasure them.
2: (Yeah!
3: We can't raise children simply on fruit and nuts.
4: Once you and Moyi have a child, Mimi, you'll become more thankful.
5 Yeah.
6: Heeey...
7: Ahh... the men have returned!
8: Welcome back!

1: Father!
2: Gimay!
3: Yaq! You're alright!
4: Momo!
5: Sana!
6: We're back!
7: Wow! Look how much you got!
8: Good work!
9: Did anything dangerous happen?
10: Umm... where's Moyi?
11: Where's Culo?

1: Hey! Where's Culo?
2: Cana... Mimi... Culo and Moyi were...
3: attacked by an injured bear...
4: We tried our best to fix them up, but...
5: I'm just glad we only lost two men after getting this much. There's nothing we can do about it now.
6: It's something of the past now.
7: This happens all the time on hunts.
8: Cana, Mimi, we feel your pain, but...
9: There was nothing we could do.
10: That's right. Nothing.
11: You can make children with another man.
12: Yeah... there's no reason to hold back.

1: Mimi, here.
2: Ah, Nogi...
3: Moyi may not be here anymore... but you still have me.
4: Thank you!
5: Mimi and Nogi have been getting along well lately.
6: Maybe they'll become a couple, then.
7: Well...
8: I've seen Mimi take things from Ryo as well.
9: What? But Ryo already has children...

1: That's right! But for some reason he's really into Mimi!
2: Father...
3: Mimi, it's not right to take another woman's man.
4: Huh?
5: I didn't take him. He just comes over to see me. I wish he'd stop it!
6: You should keep better control over him so that he doesn't do things like that.
7: Hmph... She's got some nerve!
8: Mimi may be right, though. Remember... women can't go on living without men. Mimi will probably choose a man eventually. Then your man will wake up.
9: Kina...

1: Hey, did you hear? Mimi has been hanging around Nogi and Ryo a lot lately. Even though Ryo already has a woman!
2: And that's not all!
3: Gimay and Kuzri have been going to see her too.
4: The men must be competing to see who can become Mimi's #1.
5: They're getting serious about it and presenting her with gifts. I don't believe them!
6: Not choosing one of them...
7: makes them all nicer to me! It's the most advantageous way for me!

1: Umm... don't you remember the village rules? Women have to choose one man, have children with him,
2: and then raise children together!
3: Who made those rules?
4: Who made them? I don't know, that's just how it's always been!
5: Mimi...
6: Food, raising children, and hunting is all possible because everyone in the village follows the rules and helps each other.
7: If you really like those men, it's OK, but if you're just having fun because they're all being nice to you...
8: or playing around with them because you think it's the most advantageous way for you to be, then it'll only end up hurting everyone else.

1: But I can't control them!
2: There's nothing I can do about it!
3: Mimi... please just choose one man.
4: /I don't want to! When Moyi was around, I was satisfied just with him, but...
5: /Then I realized that having a lot of different men around was fun.
6: Good evening!
7: That woman...
8: We should kick her out. Let's do it the next time the men go out to hunt.
9: Goodbye now!
10: What?!

1: If you stay here you'll only bring chaos to the village! Get out!
2: Wh... what?!
3: Fine, fine!
4: At least this way I won't have to gather nuts and seeds for all the children and old people anymore!
5: Hmph! It's much easier to live on my own anyway!
6: We're back!
7: Huh? Mimi left the village?
8: We kicked her out.

1: Poor Mimi! You girls are so mean!
2: Keep this a secret from everyone.
3: I'll bring you whatever you want.
4: I'll help you out with whatever you want!
5: This is waaaaay better than before! The men come even more now, and the women don't bug me anymore!
6: It's mine!
7: No, its mine!
8: It's mine, I said!

1: You should just ignore her.
2: But it's Mimi's first child. All children are treasures!
3: It's a boy. Who's the father?
sfx: waaaah
sfx: sigh...
4: I dunno.
5: /Who cares? Not knowing whose it is makes them all more competitive.
6: (Eat up so you can become big and strong, son!
7: (I told you, he's mine!
8: /But... he really is cute.
9: /I've never felt this way about a man before.
10: /Is this the way the women all feel about their men?

1: Ahhhhhh!
2: Someone! Help!
3: Hurry!
4: Uh... I...
5: Well, it's not like he's MY kid!
6: What are you talking about! He's yours!
7: (J... just ignore it!
8: (I already have a woman and child!
9: He's YOUR child!
10: Hurry! Please!
sfx: sploosh
11: Kyaaaaaa!

1: It doesn't matter if it's your child or not. All children are equally precious.
2: And in order to make selfish men take responsibility for themselves, it's necessary to choose only one man.
3: I was so selfish. But...
4: Limiting it to 1:1... is that really the only way
5: to keep men from being selfish?
6: That's the best we can come up with right now.
7: In the future, people will probably get smarter and think of an even better way.
8: I dunno about that...


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