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#47. Women Always Stare at the Sea...


tl by danluffey

#47. Women Always Stare at the Sea...

1: /He still hasn't come back yet.
2: I promise I'll come back. Wait for me!
3: /That's what he said. The other men came back, but...
4: /he never did.

1: /He promised he'd come back. He promised he wouldn't die.
2: /I waited for him... I believed in him...
3: /Where is he?!
4: Hey! When is dad coming back?

1: The war's over... why isn't dad back yet?
2: He isn't coming back...
3: The war was a very violent one.
4: But dad didn't go because he wanted to!
5: They made him go! So...
6: The ones who made him go should take responsibility! Why didn't they bring him back?!
7: Don't say that in such a loud voice!!
8: No matter what happens... we can't defy them.
9: All we can do is cry in silence.

1: /But other people came back... why didn't dad?
2: /Why are only some people unlucky? Or is it the sea that's cruel?
sfx: rumble splash!!

1: There was a storm at sea, and the crew perished!
2: There were some survivors.
3: Why weren't you among them?
4: Why won't you come back to me?!
5: How many men have died in the sea up until now? And how many women have stared into the sea and cried for them?
sfx: splash...

1: The reason the sea's so salty is because it's filled with women's tears.
2: And you think the men who died weren't sad? Women always think they're the only ones who experience tragedy...
3: Men have their own tragedies and sufferings. But they've realized by now that women will never understand.
4: Of course we won't.
5: "Forget about me," was it? How could I understand something like that?

1: But going abroad now could be my big chance. My big chance to prove myself to the world as a musician!
2: That's just my dream, though. I won't force you to wait for me. So...
3: I wish you had asked me to wait for you instead...
4: That would have made me so much happier.
5: But I'm not sure how long you'll be waiting for.
6: I have no right to tie you down on such a whim.
7: You just don't want to take responsibility for making me wait.
8: You want me to forget about you so that you can be free.
9: If hating me will help you forget, then go on, hate me.
10: That's not fair.
11: You're just playing with my emotions so that things go the way you want them to.

1: Go. Go if you want to.
2: Go and follow your dreams.
3: Go...
4: I'll just tell myself that you were only fooling around with me.
5: Jun...
6: I was serious about you! That's why I can't tie you down.
7: Enough already.
8: Just get out of here. Now!
9: If I succeed, I promise I'll call you.
10: And if you still have feelings for me then...
11: Didn't you just say you couldn't make promises like that?
12: Yeah... you're right.

1: Goodbye... take care.
sfx: vroom
sfx: vroooooom...
2: /Men always leave whenever they want to. And it's always women who are left crying as they wait.
3: ...no.

1: Huh...?
2: The reason men don't ome back from the sea
3: is because women assume that they won't come back.
4: They say things like "I'll wait for you. I trust you," but in some corner of their heart, they've already decided that he won't come back.
5: That distrust is what seals men's fates.

1: Who are you... what is this?!
2: Men cry in the darkness. They cry about the cold hearts of the women who couldn't believe in them in the end.
3: If those women had risked everything and put all their energy into believing them from the bottom of their heart,
4: those men would have come home.
5: Women stare at the sea. And the volume of their tears is equal to the pain of the men who never got their women to believe in them.

1: What... was that just me?
sfx: fwoosh
2: Can... a woman's trust
3: really change a man's fate?
4: There... there's no way!
5: There are some men who never come back no matter how much you trust them!

1: This is ridiculous... I must have just been hearing things.
2: Yeah, that must be it. After all...
3: He...!
sfx: vroom

1: How many years has it been since I said farewell to my boyfriend here?
2: He promised me he'd come back, but he never returned.
3: Men's promises mean nothing.
4: Auntie...
5: Did you really believe that he would come back?

1: I told him I didn't believe he would... but in my heart, I did believe.
2: Although...
3: unless you keep telling yourself that, eventually, you stop believing it.
4: Women have to prepare themselves in case men don't come back, after all.
5: "Giving up" like that may be a necessary skill in order for women to survive. But maybe... just maybe, thinking something over and over in your heart really can pull men back...


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