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#48. A Lot to Complain About


tl by danluffey

#48. A Lot to Complain About

1: Ever since my little sister got born my mom keeps saying "But you're a big sister now, so grow up!"
2: There's nothing good about being born first!
3: Mom and dad were both the youngest, so they like my little sister now.
4: But Natsu-chan...
5: Being born first lets you spend a longer time with your parents. What if they die at 60?
6: Umm...
7: I'll be 35 and my little brother will be 32.
8: That's soooo far in the future! Besides, I'm just going to get married anyway.
9: But Natsu-chan...
10: But...

1: You never get angry, do you, Mina-chan?
2: You're always smiling!
3: Well of course I am!
4: If you do nothing but smile, people will make fun of you!
5: Unhappy
6: So what?
7: discontent
8: content
9: happy
10: smiling
sfx: pop
11: discontent
12: (discontent, anger, discontent, unfair, complaint, smiling, unhappy, content, content, smiling
13: Ahh, it's such a nice day today! Finally, I'll be able to dry my clothes well.

1: This heat is unbelievable. I can't take it anymore!
sfx: bzzzzz
2: But if it's warm, we'll get good crops, right?
3: (mumbling, anger, discontent, unfair
4: (happy, content, happiness, smiling...
5: Mmm...
6: That's true. It's only thanks to summer that we have an abundant autumn.
7: Still, though...
sfx: whap!
8: It's hard doing the wash when it's so muggy like this. Especially with Kouichi's clothes. He always gets them covered in mud...
9: (irritated, gentle, frustrated, carefree, mumbling, feeling good, unhappy, happy, complaining, happiness, anger, smiling, discontent, cheerful, unfair, content
10: What did I do wrong? I always did everything you wanted me to!

1: It's not like you did anything wrong. You shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself for anything.
2: Then why?!
3: People's feelings don't change just because they're dissatisfied with something.
4: You're smart, a hard worker, and a proper young woman.
5: But... for some reason, whenever I'm with you, I just can't calm down. Because I have no confidence in myself.
6: /Listen to him making all those excuses. It's simple, though.
7: (I'm sure... someone better for you will...
8: /He just got tired of me.
9: I've had enough.
10: Goodbye.

1: /Men just want dolls who sit there and smile all the time. Just someone who always does what they say.
2: Natsu-chan!
3: Huh?
4: I knew it was you! It's me! Minako!
5: Remember? We used to sit and blow bubbles together when we were kids!
6: ah, Mina-chan!
sfx: smile
7: Wow... you haven't changed a bit!
8: You've gotten really pretty, Natsu-chan. Are you a model now?
9: I'm just a boring office lady at a trading company.
10: That's not boring! It's cool! I'm a kindergarten teacher.

1: Wow, that's perfect for you!
2: ufu
3: grin
4: Isn't it? I just have so much fun when the children are around. It's a lot of responsibility, but I still feel like I've become a mother even though I'm not married. Are you married, Natsu-chan?
5: Not yet. I haven't found the right person yet.
6: (Although I thought I had until a little bit ago... that jerk!
sfx: grrr
sfx: smile
7: You've probably got so many suitors it's hard to choose!
8: Not exactly... men are just so selfish, you know?
9: Really? I wouldn't know. I've never gone out with anyone!
10: Oh really?
11: /That doesn't surprise me.
12: (She's already 20... what is she, a nun?
sfx: smile...

1: But... don't you feel sad not to ever have fallen in love?
2: Not really. Are you sad if you don't have a boyfriend?
3: Well, now that you mention it... it's not like I need one to live.
4: Right? You just have to wait until your time comes.
5: Y... yeah... yeah! You're right!
sfx: happy
6: /Now that I think about it... ever since I was little, talking with Mina-chan has always calmed me down.
7: /She's the perfect person to complain to. No matter what I say, she always smiles. It may be because she's a little slow, but...
8: (Hey, let's go eat something yummy next time! I hope we can stay friends.
sfx: smile

sign: A.U. International
1: /Mumble... Geez... why do I always have to do the really annoying work?
2: /I hate this!
sfx: grrr mumble
3: Suyama-kun! When are you going to be finished with that?
sfx: grr
4: I... I'm doing my best here!
5: What's that supposed to mean?!
6: But...
7: You were rude to me first!
8: Because you look like you're being tortured as you work!

1: Hello? Mina-chan? It's Natsumi.
2: Mmm... yeah, a little. I was thinking, and I decided to quit my job. I had doubts about the way that company went about its business anyway.
3: And I want to try and challenge myself and my possibilities more.
4: You really have courage! I look up to you, Natsu-chan!
5: Nah... anyway. I'm going to change things up and look for a different kind of job.
6: Ah... here's my boyfriend.
7: Sorry for barging in on your date.
8: It's alright. I wanted to introduce him to you anyway, Nacchan.

1: /Akihiko-san...!
2: I met him at my friend's wedding, and we just hit it off!
3: Oh, I'm going to go make a phone call. Talk amongst yourselves!
4: Mm.. ok...
5: Well that was quick! How long was it after we broke up?
6: When I'm with her, I feel at peace. She's always so cheerful.
7: She has the ability to even soften me out.

1: I feel bad for you, though... you're beautiful and charming, but...
2: As far as marriage goes, I want someone who will put me at ease. It may sound cruel, but when I was with you... umm...
3: I just got so frustrated... and pointed... I couldn't calm down.
4: I... don't really understand why, but... I think a person's scent, body temperature, and voice.. sends messages to people around them.
5: But in addition to that, people's "feelings" and "mood"... also do the same thing. Even though you can't visualize them.

1: You were always complaining and so dissatisfied with everything.
2: I think it influences the people around you...
3: That's so rude! What are you trying to accuse me of?!
4: It's cowardly to complain about people after you break up with them!
sfx: jerk!
5: I hope you find happiness.
6: I'm going to go find a better man!
7: Huh? You're leaving?
8: I remembered I have something to attend to.
9: /Ahh, he makes me so mad! What's going on his brain?!
10: /I send my frustration to him?!
11: /He can't calm down around me?!
12: /He just blames everything on other people, doesn't he?

sfx: grrr
1: /It makes me so mad!
2: /Grrr!
3: Hey!
4: Ah.
5: You bumped into me, and you don't even apologize?
6: What are you getting so angry for all of a sudden?
7: I... I dunno, it just really pissed me off!
8: /It... it wasn't my fault! He just has a short temper!
sign: Chiyoda Subway - Ginza Line
9: /Nothing good is happening to me today!
sfx: klak

1: It's dangerous, so please stand behind the white line.
sfx: grrr
sfx: grrr
2: This train sure is late. Did something happen at the previous station?
3: It's so hot...
4: It feels really stuffy in here all of a sudden.
5: Man, this is pissing me off!
6: I can't take it anymore!
7: What's going on here?!
8: H... hey, don't push me! That's dangerous! Ahh...
sfx: honk

1: Kyaaaaaa!
2: Hiiiie!
3: Wah...
4: Wah! Wh-what the...
5: I just got so irritated all of a sudden! But why?!


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