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#49. Someone's Watching Me!!


tl by danluffey

#49. Someone's Watching Me!!

1: It doesn't matter if you're born beautiful or ugly. Trying to make yourself more look pleasant
2: will make you more womanly. At least, that's what I think.
3: /You can only say that because you were born with enough beauty!
4: Girls are popular not because they're beautiful,
5: but because their desire to want to look pretty to people charms men.
6: /Yeah right! Men are just stupid butterflies who want the prettiest flowers!
sfx: sploosh
7: /Of course I want to believe that it's what's inside that counts! But...

1: /It's probably just wishful thinking. After all, I'm so ugly I can't cover it all up with makeup!
2: (What does it matter? You don't like tea made by an ugly girl, do you?
3: Woah!
4: /Not a single man has ever showed interest in me since the day I was born!
5: No one ever invites me anywhere anyway. I should just go home.
6: /I've been molested on the train before, but...
sfx: honk
7: Looks like a gentleman!
8: /how come when they see my face, they always pull their hands back!
9: Giehhh!
sfx: stab
10: /Unforgivable!
11: /It's been four years since I moved into this 1DK apartment. No man except my dad and cousin has ever stepped foot in here. Less to worry about, I guess.

1: /Since I figure no one will ever look in here, I just do whatever I want. Life's easy at home!
2: smack!
3: Gahaha!
4: Hooo.
sfx: thud
5: I'm tired.
6: /Is this... how my whole life's going to be?
sfx: doze...
7: Mmm...
8: /Someone's watching me!

1: Hiiie!
sfx: slip
2: Wah...
3: I... I don't believe it! Does he think he can do whatever he wants just because I live alone?! How could he peep in such an obvious place like that!
sfx: slide
4: This is why I didn't want an apartment on the first floor! And also why I wish I hadn't been born as a woman! Women do all the suffering! I'm scared!
5: I should be alright now. I just need to be careful. After all, I'm still not married yet...
sfx: haa haa
6: Hmph! And so what if I'm not?!

1: You aren't married yet?
2: That's right.
3: Huh...
4: Ho...
5: How did you get in here?! Pervert! Someone, help!
6: Umm... I...

1: I'm a ghost.
2: I'm sorry for scaring you.
3: I died in a traffic accident. I was shy, and I was never popular, so I've never once gone on a date with a girl.
4: That's why I can't rest in peace... I just want to feel a girl close to me... just once!
5: Why did you come to me, then?

1: Because... I'm too nervous to peep on a pretty girl...
2: Ah, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so honest. Err...
3: You're so mean!
4: I-I know I'm not the prettiest girl in the world, but there's no reason to be so cruel to me!
5: Get out! You're so rude! I don't care if you're a ghost! Not even ghosts have the right talk to me that way!
sfx: fwoosh
6: I'm sorry, but it's too late. I've already attached myself here, so I can't leave until my soul is appeased. I'll apologize.
7: Once I get a good look at how girls live their private lives... once my soul is appeased, I'll disappear and never come back.

1: Guess I have no choice, then.
2: But you'd better not peep on me when I'm in the bathroom or taking a shower!
sfx: fssssh
3: Waaah... you're a pretty good cook.
4: Not... really...
5: (Tch... usually I'm too lazy to cook, I just break the raw egg open over the rice. I think it's been 3 years since I wore an apron, too...
5: (Might as well line up the plates nicely too.
6: Would you like some?
7: (No, I'm happy just watching you.
8: Wow, I've never seen a show like this!
9: Hohoho...
screen: Educational Lecture - Man'yoshu
10: Hello, mom? It's Sayuri. Your birthday is coming up, isn't it?
11: What? Sayuri? Is it really you? Why are you speaking so politely? Are you sick or something? Hey!
12: Wow, girls are so considerate.
13: I sent you a blouse in the mail.
14: Ahhhh...
15: My shoulders feel stiff... damn it!

1: Ah... err... ohoho!
2: Good night, now.
3: I should buy some pretty underwear.
4: And I should buy a new pillow case and blanket cover while I'm at it.
5: (Women can make themselves more intelligent by adjusting their eyebrows!
6: /That only works... on people who were pretty to begin with.
7: /But...

1: /If I put on a little foundation, and add just a little eye shadow...
2: /Draw on some eyebrows, and put on some rouge...
3: /Is this... me?
4: Huh...?
5: Wow, I'm surprised! I thought someone else was coming in here!
6: Oh... really?
7: I've been so busy lately that I hadn't put on makeup for a while.
8: But don't worry. What you're seeing right now is the "real" me.
9: Girls are so elegant!
10: Oh?

1: /I can do it if I really try! I can clean up properly...
2: /and keep my kitchen clean...
4: /I can stop laying around and act like a proper girl!
5: snap
6: /Now that I know that someone's always watching me, I can't act lazy anymore. It makes me want to try hard.
7: Good night!
8: OK!
9: (I need to be graceful when I pull up my covers, too...
10: /And for some reason, doing all that has helped me lose a little weight, too!
11: Here you go. It's hot, so please be careful.
12: Thank you.

1: Hey, did something good happen to Oota-san recently or something? He thanked me after I gave him his tea.
2: Oh...
3: That's probably because of you.
4: I now I shouldn't say this, but up until now, you always just slammed it on the desk without saying anything, right?
5: Ah...
6: It's hard for anyone to say thank you when they get that kind of treatment.
7: Lately, though, you've seemed much more cheerful.
8: You've really become beautiful!
9: Thank you...
10: Everyone feels the same way.

1: Ah, Komiya-san, are you free Friday night?
2: Of course. I'm not dating anyone, after all. I can help you out with as much overtime work as you need.
3: Oh... no ,that's not it.
4: I thought... if you're free, maybe we could... um...
5: It's the Giants vs. Yakult...
6: What?
7: But... why would you ask me?
8: Well, you always make me such nice tea... don't you want to?
9: Thank you. I'm really happy.
10: I'll gladly go with you.
11: A date?
12: Mmm... he may have just invited me along, though...
13: (With his friends or something...
14: But it's still a first for me. No one's ever asked me to go anywhere before.

1: It's kind of embarrassing to be so excited like this,
2: but I really can't wait. I wonder what I should wear?
3: That's great...
4: You're cute, so it's no surprise, Sayuri-san.
5: What?
6: You always look so pure when you smile like that.
7: It really shows me just how wonderful girls are.
8: Thanks for all the great memories.
9: I think I'll finally be able to rest in peace now.
10: What? Already?
11: You're going? Wait!
12: Thank you.
13: Really, thank you so much. Farewell.

1: Wait! I'm the one who should be thanking you!
2: Mr. Ghost! Thanks to you, I...
3: Thank you...




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