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#50. My Heaven


tl by danluffey

#50. My Heaven

1: Grandma... is going to die soon?
2: Ssshh! Don't say that!
3: Although... we should start preparing. You know, for the funeral and everything...
4: 30 years have already passed since dad passed away. Things have changed a lot with funerals since then.
5: Mmm...

1: /I can hear them.
2: /The doctors say that I'm not conscious anymore, but I'm still fading in and out.
3: (You used mom's money when you built your house, remember?!
4: /I have to no way to let them know I can hear them, though.
5: /Not that I really care anymore...
6: How could you expect us to pay for all the funeral? Because you got her house and all her land!
7: When grandma dies, will she go to Heaven?
8: /Heaven... does such a place really exist? And if it does... will he be there?

1: Grandma...?
2: /Heaven... I believed in it when I was young. That when I died, I'd go to Heaven.
3: (Hey! Up here!
4: /That I'd be able to see everyone again someday...
5: /Dear... I want to see you again...
flag: In 1949, when the ground was still charred from the air strikes...
6: /Throughout my life, he put me through a lot of pain...
7: /He was a handsome man, so it was only natural that other women came to like him, but... I just couldn't believe it! He was so cruel! Just remembering it makes me angry, even now!
8: (Please, come home already! You have three children now, you know!
9: (H... how did you know I was here?!
10: (Ma'am, you may not be aware, but we're deeply in love.

1: /Eventually, he woke up to his responsibility toward his children and broke up with that woman.
2: Hey, she isn't breathing! Grandma!
3: What?
4: /We lived with a strained relationship for the next few years, and then suddenly he got sick and died.
5: Mother!
6: /I want to see you again.
7: /I want to make up and live in peace with you.
8: /Huh... what the?
9: /Did I die?
10: (That's right, you're dead! Your life is over!
11: Wh... what?!
12: (What do you mean what?
13: (I'm the guy people call "God."
book: Today's Dead List
14: (Let's see here... Fukuzawa Tome.

1: (How old do you want to be in our world?
2: Our world?
3: (The place people call "Heaven."
4: Heaven...
5: So Heaven really does exist!
6: (Everyone's healthy here. You can meet with whoever you want.
7: My girlfriend still hasn't come yet...
8: Guess I'll go out to meet her!
9: (Think about the period in your life when you were most proud of how you looked. Go on, don't hold back!
10: Alright then...
11: (There are other people waiting back here!
12: I want to look how I did when I first met my husband and fell in love.
13: (I was still very young... my breasts were still perky then!
14: I want to meet my husband again!
15: Alrighty then, there you go.

1: Ahh... ahhh...
2: Oh my! Oh my!
3: (A rendezvous, she says! How romantic! In Hibiya Park! The top fashion of the 1940s!
4: This is how I looked when I had my first rendezvous with my husband
5: Dear!
6: Tagosaku-saaaan! Where are you?

1: Ah...
2: I've wanted to see you for so long!
3: Is...
4: Is that you, Tome?
5: It's been 30 years! Ahhh! I wish I had died earlier!
6: Ummm...
7: Wh... at?!

1: So your wife actually came back! Just when I thought we could live in peace...
sfx: ahhh
2: Sanae!!
3: The woman you cheated on!
4: It's all over now. Ever since I came to Heaven, every day with you has been like a dream...
5: They've been heavenly!
6: Yes, Sanae! I was happy too! I could love you with all my heart, since I didn't have a wife to feel guilty about!
7: (Even after he died, he still couldn't forget her!! I can't believe he was with her all this time, and I didn't even know!
8: Hoo boy.
9: You call this Heaven?!
10: I don't believe this!
11: (She's such a terrible woman, too...

1: Another conflict, eh? Humans are always so selfish...
2: Mmm...
3: (Break up with her! I'M your wife!
4: (But I love Sanae!
5: Why don't you just give up this whole 'granting human wishes' thing, boss?
6: (I'm a Queen!
7: But without that... then how could I go on calling this place Heaven?
8: We have no choice. This is the end, Sanae.
9: Honey...
10: Is this really going to be the end of our perfect days in Heaven?
11: Let's get ourselves reborn!
12: Then we can meet up again in the lower world!

1: Wait! What'll happen to me, then? I love you! I've always loved no one but you!
2: Sanae is the only woman I love from the bottom of my heart.
sfx: Flat refusal!
3: But social pressure forced me to break up with her when I was alive.
4: Ahhh!
5: I don't want you to come between us again!
sign: Entrance to the Lower World
6: Sanae, we'll meet up for sure again, I know it! And then we can get married in the lower world!
7: Yes, honey!
8: Wait!
9: Me too!
10: I want to get reborn too...
11: Yeah, me too!
12: Ogyaaaahh...
13: Ogyaah
14: Ngyaah
15: Ngyaaahh
16: So cute!
17: Gyahh
18: Ohh, it's a boy!
19-20: Ogyah

1: I have to say, I feel a little bad for her. What's the point of Heaven if it makes people so sad like this?
2: There's nothing we can do, though. She's free to feel how she wishes. She met the person she wanted to, and reverted her image back to her young self. Those wishes were indeed granted!
3: Why don't you search for a new person to love in Heaven? We've got quite a selection of men, y'know!
4: No... I couldn't possibly love anyone other than him.
5: I'll just have to reincarnate myself as well!

1: I'm going to get reborn and meet him again...
2: (Hey, wait!
3: Then I'm going to take him all for myself and make sure that woman never gets near him!!
4: I'll do it for sure this time!
5: It'll be alright.
6: What?
7: Wishes can come true in Heaven, but if everyone always got what they wanted, then no one would want to be reborn.
8: Ahhh!
9: Ogyaaah
10: Ngyaah
11: Ogyaah
12: Ruff ruff!
13-14: Ngyaaah
15: Danny!
16: If a lot of souls spend too much time up in Heaven, then the earth would experience a shortage.

1: Whether you're alive or dead, life doesn't always go the way you want it.
2: (You said it...
3: Heaven washes away human sorrow. It's like a temporary playground. And then, people can reincarnate themselves and do it all over again.
4: (I missed you!
5: (Hiieee!
6: Ogyaaah
7: When people are reborn, they lose all memories of their past lives
8: and gain the ability to walk down new paths.
9: My, what a cute girl!
10: (Nggyaaaah
11: There you go!
12: Some people retain vague memories of their past lives, though.
13: There she goes again!
14: I know... I must be the reincarnation of Nukata no Ookimi!
15: Although... most people just end up living out another normal life.
16: (I see...

1: Most people... anyway...
sign: Tome's Reborn Self
2: Goo goo!
3: Sae's Reborn Self
4: And so, 25 years passed...
5: Tagosaku's Reborn Self
6: Section Chief!
7: Suzuki-kun...
8: Originally Tome
9: Originally Tagosaku
sfx: An affair!
10: Ahh!
11: How could you cheat on me?!
12: Originally Sanae
13: Originally Tagosaku
14: You're the only one I love!

1: Please, believe me! I didn't mean to ruin our family!
2: (No! How could you do this? We have children?!
3: /I don't know why... but for some reason, I was drawn to him.
4: (Hurry up and break it off with her!
5: /I felt like we were destined to be together, somehow...
6: I want you all to myself!
7: If Heaven really exists, then I want to go and live there with you for the rest of my life. And if we can be reborn...
8: Then I want to reincarnate myself and become your true wife.
9: Mmm...
10: /What if... in my next life, she was my wife, and my old wife became the woman I had an affair with? Nah, there's no way that could happen.
11: /Not necessarily!
12: /Sheesh...
13: Work never ends up here...
14: Yeah.. This is really getting to be a pain. Maybe we should just do away with the humans altogether? Hmm...




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