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#51. My Type of Man


tl by danluffey

#51. My Type of Man

1: /Wow, as usual, he looks so cool!
2: Hey.
3: /Is fashion all he spends his money on?
4: /And he always makes the perfect poses, as if he's a model!
5: /Last winter, he tried to act too cool, lost his balance and fell off his chair... doesn't he ever learn?
6: /Just being near him makes me feel like I'm "hot" too! I'm so happy!
7: /I always feel like I really stand out when I'm with him, and I can never calm down...

1: What if John Lone tried to pick you up?
2: Kyaaa! I dunno! I guess I'd play my cards slowly and get his hopes up?
3: Or maybe I'd rush in quick before he changed his mind..
sfx: ignore
4: I can't speak English, so it doesn't matter.
5: You're so silly. Why would you think so seriously about something like that?
6: Awwww!
7: It'd never happen, so you should just make a joke. That's what a hot girl would do.
8: /What did you even ask her for, then? What an idiot.
9: Mikasakouji-san, as sharp as ever!
10: (I'm so embarrassed!

1: (Tee hee!
2: (The concept of my policy is a global trend...
3: Yo!
4: You're late, Gouda-kun!
5: Sorry. I had some extra time, so I decided to go for a little swim, and then I lost track of time.
6: (Hoo!
7: How much did you swim?
8: Hmm... about 2000m, I think.
9: Wow! You've really got some energy!
10: (Anchovy pizza, spaghetti alle vongole, seafood salad, potato gratin, and a large beer!

1: Gouda-kun is so vulgar! Men need intelligence and elegance, don't you agree?
2: /Gouda-kun's really amazing. Men need confidence and energy!
sfx: gulp
3: What should we do? Want to go 1 vs 1 tonight?
4: Yeah, I suppose. Doing double dates forever is a bit childish. I just feel bad for you, Hisako.
5: I mean, Mikasakouji-san is so wonderful... is it really OK for me to take him?

1: Wonderful... what's wonderful about him?
2: He just tries to act cool. He's a man, yet he's so obsessed with fashion! And he always has to make some stupid explanation whenever he eats something!
3: He's so cool! He's just very particular about his knowledge!
4: Compared to him, Gouda-kun doesn't possess an ounce of delicacy!
5: He's vulgar!
6: That is what you call a REAL man! He doesn't worry about the little things!
7: Because he isn't delicate enough to!
8: Mikasakouji-san's eau de cologne always stinks, too!
9: Gouda-kun always smells sweaty and has no manners!
10: You've really got strange tastes if you like Mikasakouji-san, Mika!
11: You're the one with strange tastes, Hisako! I can't believe you like Gouda-kun! What are you, a pervert?!

1: They sure are taking their time. What are they doing, taking a shit together?
2: Gouda! Geez!
3: There are certain things you shouldn't say to ladies!
4: Even women have to shit, you know. Otherwise they'd die.
5: I can't even believe you have the sense to care for a woman!
6: Of course I do!
7: I don't have that image about women. It's more like...um...
8: I can't believe you can care about a woman with such an unrealistic perception!
9: Love is a spring overflowing with human passion and wisdom.
10: Women are perfect beings that widen the universes of our mind!
11: Women are soft, cute, crazy, hard to control, and that's what makes you want to grab 'em!

1: Oh, whatever...
2: Since we have completely different ideas about women,
sfx: grab!
3: we always end up liking different ones!
4: Mikasakouji-san! Gouda-kun!
5: Ummm...
6: Today we'd each like to see one of you off separately!
7: True. Going on double dates forever is a bit childish.
8: And it looks like we each fit with your separate tastes.
9: Yes, absolutely! We think you two are perfect for us!
10: OK then!
11: Ah!

1: Let's be off now.
2: Huh...
3: You're perfect!
4: Women have to be cute and soft! They need to make me want to protect 'em!
5: Women need to be strong. Love is a beautiful battle!
6: Ah... w-wait!
7: Hold on a minute!

1: whisper whisper
2: What's wrong with them? Maybe, now that it's going to be 1 on 1, they're getting nervous. They're surprisingly innocent!
3: This can't be happening! Right?!
4: I'm speechless.
5: Should we just give it to them straight?
6: But if we do, then they might split! Let's be realistic here, you and I don't have much time left! You need courage to let go of possible candidates like this!
7: Socially, both of them are pretty well off.
8: Yeah...
9: We both got the opposite of what we wanted, but you know what they say... "Try a horse by riding him, try a man by associating with him."
10: (Oh no! I forgot the etiquette spray you're supposed to use before you kiss someone! Did you bring any?
11: (Just go lay a big wet one on her! You can just laugh about it if it doesn't go well. Just push her down, then she's all yours!
12: What you're saying sounds REALLY daring!

1: My late grandmother always said it to me. "Women should chose a man who really likes them, not a man they like. They'll treasure you and make you happy."
2: R... really?
3: We're too old to be picky anymore!
4: I don't have any other choice... I'll just have to make do with Mikasakouji-san!
5: Make do...?!
6: Heeey!
7: OK?!
8: [And so...
9: [Two new couples were born, and one year passed...

1: Espresso is the perfect thing to finish off dinner with! And with my Ginori Demitasse cups!
2: If you make me wash them, I might break them.
3: It's OK, I'll wash them! By the way...
4: I can't believe you didn't notice yet. I got it cut on my way home!
sfx: fwip
5: /Oh... ohhh, now that he mentions it...
6: /He hardly changed anything!
7: That looks good on you!
8: (Sounds forced... doesn't care... half-assed...
9: You really are a true man!
10: Phew! You hardly ever compliment me, so I was a bit nervous!
11: (That cold demeanor turns me on so much!
12: Mmm!
13: (Go on, spend as much money on fashion as you like. I know that all I need to do is compliment you to cheer you up, so it makes things much easier.

1: It's alright, you don't need to spend your time making anything fancy!
sfx: splooge
sfx: jerk
2: Just as long as I get enough nutrition, I'll be fine!
sfx: munch snap
3: I like simple food! I don't want you ruining your hands doing kitchen work anyway!
4: But...
5: I'll clean up! You don't need to cook or wash or clean!
sfx: clatter
6: You're my fragile little princess! I want you to save aaaall your energy for bedtime!
7: Ahh!
8: I'm so happy! I have the best wife in the world! I'm gonna work my hardest to make you happy!
9: Th... thanks!

1: It's an easy life. I guess this is what they call "a woman's happiness"...
2: Something's missing, though...
3: If only we had...
4: been honest back then...
5: I wonder what would've happened?
6: What would have happened? Ah...
7: Ahh...
8: I'm home!
9-10: Ahh...
11: I'm home.

1: I'm hungry. Where's my food?
sfx: thud
2: Ah... coming!
3: You forgot to iron my handkerchief, so I looked really bad today.
4: Ah...
5: H-how does it taste today?
6: Mmm...
7: /He's hardly even answering.
8: /He doesn't really love me...
9: How's the temperature?
10: Mmm...
11: /That's all he ever says.
12: /He doesn't really love me...
13: This is terrible! There's no point in getting married unless two people truly love each other!

1: Nooo... ahhh...!!
2: Ahh...!!
3: Heeey!
4: Huh?
5: Ah...
6: (Are you gonna propose tonight?
7: (Of course!
8: We... we came back to that night!
9: Were we dreaming up until now?
10: In that case...
11: What should we do? It's painful only being loved by them, but it's also lonely to only love them!
12: Which one should we choose? Or should we choose neither? Hmm...




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