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#52. A Precious Day


tl by danluffey

#52. A Precious Day

1: Aww... we're all out of milk and eggs.
2: We have canned food and dried food, though.
3: And the water's still working.
4: Let's make seafood spaghetti! I'll use our special tablecloth.
5: Yaay! I love this tablecloth, Mami! We haven't used it since that one time.
6: When?
7: The party we had before daddy went to America.
8: Ah...
9: I'm going to call him! Let's see here... 0011...

1: Boop boop... this is the phone service...
2: Awww, not this again. This always happens!
3: We're sorry, but the number you are trying to call cannot be reached.
4: Aww... I wanted to talk to daddy.
5: /I knew I shouldn't have let us fight on the phone last time he called.
6: /I just figured we'd be able to make up later... but it's too late now.
7: I wish he didn't have to go away! I want him to come home every day!

1: Well... think of it this way. Not having him around sometimes helps you realize just how important he is to you.
2: Yeah, that's true.
3: Not having him here makes me think "Aww, I wish he was here!" over and over...
4: And when he's around a lot, I get a little selfish... he takes me anywhere I want, after all...
5: Now, I know that I'd just be happy to have him at home.
6: I'd like to go to Disneyland with him someday, though!
7: Oh yeah! I promised Mika-chan that we'd go to Disneyland together.
8: I'm going to call her. I hope the phone connects this time.

1: Ahh, it's ringing! Finally, it connected!
2: Mika-chan's not home... maybe she went out to the country with her family?
3: Repent while you still can!
4: If the entire human race begs for forgiveness to God, then we will be able to escape from peril! God is testing us right now!

1: God is...
sfx: beep
2: Ah, the TV's working!
3: Oh, really?
4: We have decided to hole ourselves up in the studio and broadcast the news until the very end.
5: Finally, we were able to get in contact with NASA.
6: It seems as if Comet X will be burning up sooner than estimated.
7: What?

1: We found out that Comet X was heading toward the earth's orbit three months ago.
2: And so, the US and Russia fired as many missiles as they could at it, but this was to no avail.
3: It seems that their attacks were only able to shrink it a small bit.
4: Due to gravity, the comet was not knocked out of orbit from the force, and so it continues to head toward the earth's orbit as a comet field. However! Since it has shrunk a bit, this may lessen the damage it does to earth.
5: The human race still might be able to survive.
6: We will not be able to avoid distortions in the earth's weather due to the magnetic disturbances the comet will cause, or various damage from the shock of the impact, but...

1: even if most of the ocean is vaporized, and the sun is blocked out, causing us to fall into another Ice Age,
2: even if most of our buildings collapse, and our nuclear power plants are destroyed, and we suffer from nuclear radiation,
3: as long as some small handful of us can survive, the human race will live on!
4: Everyone! Please, no matter how our numbers dwindle, do not lose your pride and hope as a...
sfx: bzzzzt

1: Aww... it's been so long since we were able to watch TV, too. I wonder if there's anything else on
sfx: beep
TV: Please wait for further updates.
2: Ah well.
3: ding dong
4: Yes?
5: Oh, it's Koyama-san from next door!
6: Hello. I came to bring you this record. It was supposed to go on sale next month. It's my daughter's debut record.
7: I would just feel terrible if no one was ever able to hear it, so if you don't mind, please put it on.
8: Oh, thank you.
9: Ah...
10: How could you have lied for so long? You're terrible!
11: Get out already!!
sfx: wham

1: La la...
2: I'm beautiful!
3: Go on, go to him if you want! But I bet he isn't waiting for you anymore!
4: Leave me alone!
5: (I don't care what people think anymore!
6: Oh, hello.
7: Hello!
8: We can do whatever we want now! It doesn't matter!
sfx: crash
9: Hyooooi!
10: Stop it! What are you doing?!
11: Burrrn!
12: I always wanted this!
13: Give me back my money!
14: What do you want money for at a time like this?!
15: I'm the star now!
16: I'm hungry...

1: Hello... ah...
2: Daddy!
3: I tried to call you so many times, but it wouldn't connect! Yeah! Mm-hm! I'm great!
4: Yep, we're both fine!
5: Lots of phone lines are out right now. I kept calling for a week straight. I'm glad I could finally hear your voices...
6: Honey! It really is you! Yes, I can hear you fine!
7: Honey...

1: About our last call, I'm really sorry for being so hard on you.
2: What are you talking about? I'm the one who should be apologizing. I'm really sorry.
3: I couldn't wait to apologize.
4: Minako...
5: I love you.
6: I love you too, dear.
7: Mami and I love you more than anyone else in the world. I'm so glad we got married.

1: We've been through a lot, but I was always happy.
2: Yeah, daddy!
3: Thank you for everything.
4: Minako...
5: Stay on the line, OK! I want to keep talking to you!
6: Yeah, I will. Right now I'm looking at your photo while I talk to you. I'm going to keep looking... at it...
7: Daddy... ahh! Daddy!
8: Bzzzzt...
9: Hello?! Are you there?!
10: I'll just keep trying to call back until I get him... I'm so glad we heard his voice!
11: Mmm...

1: Alright, let's make dinner.
2: Mmm...
3: East is this way...
4: That's where daddy is.
5: Ah...
6: Arisa-chan! Thanks for the record. I just listened to it! It was a really nice song.
7: I'm sure it'll be a hit!
8: So what?!
9: It doesn't matter anymore!
sfx: smack!
10: Dinner's ready, Mami-chan!

1: Wah, mama, that's my fancy dress!
2: that's right. From now on, let's dress up every day. OK, Mami?
3: Yay!
4: Oh my.
5: It looks so bright outside... ahh...
6: Mama!
7: Mami!
8: Mami-chan!
sfx: rattle
9: I'm sorry about what I said!
10: Thanks for complimenting me! I'm really grateful!
11: Mmm!
12: Let's go inside, Mami.

1: Mami-chan. I'm so happy that God gave us a wonderful child like you.
2: God doesn't exist, mommy.
3: If he did, why would he do something like this?!
4: To help us understand something very important. I'm sure of it...
5: Now...

Machiko's One Thousand and One Nights Vol. 3 / END


1: (Thank you for reading all the way to the end.
2: (You didn't make it to 1001!
3: Like I said in the beginning, I aimed to complete basic dramatic acts within a small number of pages.
4: (Once I started writing, I found it surprisingly
5: FUN!
6: (Idea after idea kept flowing out of me, like a fountain! Then why did you keep sending your manuscripts in late?!
7: I got a good idea!!
sfx: jerk
8: /Or so I thought, then I realized it was a story that already existed, or was really similar to some other thing! What really surprised me was after I finished #41, "The Ultimate Bride," and then went and bought a new novel that really resembled it... it had its originality, sure, but it was REALLY similar...
9: It just goes to show that everyone's already thought of all your ideas already. Hoo...
10: The basic idea is the same...
11: People might think I stole my idea from this book...
12: /Well, I'm not gonna let it get me down! There is as much drama in the world as there are grains of sand on the beach! And short dramas have their own pains and joys, separate from long-term dramas! That's what I got from this project!


1: It's not my fault.

1: I gave him the ticket, but he was giving me all these problems, so we got into a fight!
2: (It's his fault that I was late!
3: Alright, alright, just hurry up and get to work.
4: Yamada-san always has the PERFECT excuse!
5: She blames other people for everything.
6: (Whatever!
7: Hey, can you get that? I'm busy right now.
8: Yes, this is general affairs.
9: The manager isn't here right now. OK.
10: click
11: Hey!
12: I'm right here!

1: Awww, I didn't know that! You should have told me sooner!
2: Uhh... who was calling?
3: Umm... uhh...
4: (This always happens!
5: Always find out who it is when you take a call! How many times do I have to tell you?
6: Well it's their fault for not telling me first!
7: Y... you're the one who should have asked them!
sign: Karaoke
8: Hmph...
9: My boss is so mean! He plays favorites and he's always hardest on me!
10: I know he just wants me to sleep with him. But I'm not that kind of girl, so I act firm, and so he takes it out on me!
11: Gee, that sounds terrible.

1: Why does all the bad stuff always happen to me? Tch!
2: Hey, Yamada-san! Trash is supposed to go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
3: Oh. Well that's not mine.
4: I looked inside!
5: There's a bank transfer slip here with your name on it!
6: Bring it back outside tomorrow morning!
sfx: thud
sign: Trash Bag
7: How dare she?!
8: Arrrrggh!
9: I can't take it anymore! I'm not going back into work!
10: (Everyone's so mean to me!

1: /I'm not going in today.
2: Hello, this is Yamada. Well, the thing is...
3: My bathtub broke, and the repairman hasn't come yet. Yeah, a pipe broke in the ceiling.
4: So I can't come in today.
5: Now to kick back and relax!
6: I've got so much stress, I should take a nice long bath.
7: Yep! Besides, my pipe broke!
8: I've been through a lot of trouble today!
sfx: snap
9: After all... huh?
sfx: crack
10: Ahhh!

sfx: snap
1: Kyaaaaa
2: Gueeehhh
3: Yamada-san isn't here today, so how about we all go and grab a drink?
4: I like it better when she doesn't come. At least then no one gets annoyed!
5: She said the pipe to her bath broke... but it's probably just another excuse.


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