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#1. GGG

GGG #1

tl by danluffey

1: I won't tell anyone
2: you stole anything...
3: Huh?
4: So in return, can you do me a favor?
5: munch munch

1: There's something I want you to steal for me.
2: If you've never been caught,
3: then I feel like you might be able to do it.

sfx: dash
sfx: whap
1: Waaaait! Shoplifterrr!!
2-4: haa
sfx: rattle
5: Damn, he's fast! He's a monster!
sfx: ding dong
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: leap
6: Woah, what's he doing?!
7: No way!!

sfx: fwoooosh
sfx: ding dong..
1: Ahhh!

sfx: fwip
1: Grr...
2: Who does he think he is?!
sfx: yay
3: Dammit, where'd he go?!
4: He came this way, right?
sfx: haa
5: tok
6: I'll go ask him.
7: OK.

1: What? A man with a black butt?
2: No, with a black SHIRT!
3: He had a cap on, did you see him?
4: That reminds me, kid...that "black" you're talking about...is it really "black?"
5: Is a blackboard black? Aren't black people actually brown?
6: Do your balls really turn blue when you have blue balls?
7: How come we call cowards yellow? And green with envy? What's up with that? Eh?
8: Uuu...
9: Green tea looks yellow to me!
10: Forget it. The old man's senile.
11: So, uh... what as stolen, anyway?
12: A toothbrush...
13: and an umaibo. (*Corn snack)
14: Huh...?
15: That's all?
16: Yeah.
17: Should we... report it?
18: I dunno...
sfx: tok

1: tok
sfx: tok
sfx: tok
sfx: creak...
2: slam
sfx: fwap
sfx: thud

1: I see.
sign: Dokkiri Monkey (*"Startled Monkey," a play off of "Bikkuri Donkey," or "Surprised Donkey," a restaurant chain in Japan)
2: He stole an umaibo and a toothbrush, which comes to 250 yen,
3: and then jumped over a train?
4: He was super fast! As fast as the wind!
5: He waited for the train to go by, and then taunted us!
sfx: slurrrp
sfx: thunk
6: Well, that settles it, Toby.
7: Yes.
8: It must've been Harp.
9: Indeed.

1: H... Harp?
2: Who's that?
3: pat
4: A very fast thief who only steals cheap things.
5: The first thing he stole was a blues harp, or a harmonica, so we call him Harp.
sfx: clink
6: I want a hot one now.
sfx: clink
7: Ohh... so you know who did it, detective?
8: Then you can catch him in no time!

1: No.
2: We just know his nickname.
3: We've never actually met him.
4: /We're screwed, then!
sfx: slurp...
5: Heheh...
sfx: fwooosh
6: Hahahahaha!
7: I did it! Yes! Nice! Marvelous!

1: Thrill!
2: Thriller!
3: Pow!
4: Umaibo!
5: Excellent job,
6: Cap #1.
7: Two types of bristles - super-fine and normal!
8: It can grab all kinds of hidden plaque with its miracle twin technology!
9: Brush!
10: Brush my teeeeeth!
11: Ooh babe, I'm gonna get off all that plaque!
sfx: fwap

1: /Gotta keep your teeth clean!
sfx: grin
sfx: fwip
2: Now then.
sfx: click
3: Back to work!
sfx: stomp
4: Sis! Sis!
5: Hm?
sfx: stomp
6: Read me this next!
book: Gori and Lila

sfx: fwoosh
sfx: leap
sfx: bam
1: "Gori and Rilla."
2: "Gori and Rilla found a banana tree."
3: "They both pounded their chests and shouted with glee! Uho-uho-uhoho!"
4: Wow!

1: Look, Kohiru! Gori and Rilla are really smiling!
2: Smiling!
3: "They both tried to get the bananas, but they weren't tall enough."
4: Banananana! Banananana! Baaaanaaana! Tank youuu!
sfx: pop
5: Huh?
6: Where did the bananas go?
7: Hmmm? These...
sfx: munch
8: are Ecuadoran!
sfx: dash
9: "Then, the two thought, how can we get the bananas?"

1: "I know Let's make a ladder."
2: "Uho-uho-uhoho!"
sfx: wooow
3: "Hammer hammer knock knock!"
4: "But the two gorillas weren't very good at building."
5: "And so, they ended up making something was that definitely not a ladder."
sfx: slip...
6: "The hummingbirds who were watching them"
7: "started chirping, chirp chirp-a-chirp!"
8: thud
sfx: twitch

1: What was that?
2: D... dad?
3: Whoopsie.
4: Hmmm.
5: So an artist lives here.
sfx: creep
6: I feel like...
7: something's blooming in my heart.
8: /But for some reason... they all look unfinished...

sfx: click
1: Waah!!
sfx: twitch
2: Wahh, you scared me!
3: Wh... who are you?
4: Huh? Uh...
5: /Oh, it's just a kid...
6: /She looks surprisingly calm.
7: Waah!
8: Bananas!

1: Uho-uho-uhoho!
2: Bananas! Bananas!
3: Ahh! Wait, Kohiru!
sfx: Uho! Uho! Uhoho!
4: Oh?
5: You like bananas, hm?
5: Keep this a secret, OK? Here's a banana.
6: OK! Banana!
7: /Huh? Kohiru isn't crying.
8: Now then...
9: Bye...
10: Wait a minute!
11: Don't take mom's... brush, you thief!
12: Hm?

1: Hmph. But I'm a thief.
2: Stealing people's things is my job.
3: Don't thieves steal more valuable things?
4: Like jewels or watches...
sfx: munch
5: You sure know your thieves.
6: I don't need any things like that, though
7: chomp
8: I don't steal things that make people sad.
9: But if you steal that, I'll be really sad.
10: That brush belongs to my dead mother.
11: Huh?!
sfx: munch
12: Dead...?

1: The brush... those tubes...
2: the leftover paint.
3: Everything in this room is precious to me.
4: It's all proof that my mother was alive.
5: Oh...
sfx: clunk
6: Sorry...
7: I'll be on my way, then.
8: Wait! Are you...
9: Are you Harp?
10: Hm?
11: Who's that?

1: My dad told me about him.
2: He's a weird thief who only steals cheap things.
3: People call him Harp.
4: My dad's
5: a detective.
6: Kasuga-san... you never cease to surprise me!
7: I never thought you'd do a stakeout in a bookstore.
8: But a lot of shoplifting happens here, so Harp may show up.
9: Nah. I'm just reading a picture book.
10: What...?!

1: Uheheheh! Tomorrow's my daughters' birthdays.
2: Kohiru and Koasa's.
3: What? They both have the same birthday?
4: Yeah! By coincidence!
5: Maybe that's why they're so close.
6: They can, like, use telepathy or something, I think.
7: Ohhh. I thought you were waiting for Harp here.
8: Heh. Don't get so hasty, Toby.
9: I'll catch Harp eventually.
10: There's still a lot I've yet to see, though.
11: We need to take things slowly.
12: There are certain things
13: you can only see when you're moving slowly.
book: Harmonica Boy
Words/Art - Sunny Boy
Translation - Sadoshima You

1: Bauuuuhhhhh
2: Puuuuuuuhhh
3: Babashaka-babashaka
4: Puuuuuuu
5: Woooow! That's so cool!
sfx: clap
6: I knew you were Harp!
sfx: clap
7: Tank you, tank you!
8: Iiiii am Haaarp!
9: Wow, grandpa! You don't look 70 years old at all!
10: Heheheh. I guess not.
11: Right now, I'm in my springtime of youth!

1: But you're also something, if you're so calm in front of a thief like me.
2: Guess you really are the daughter of a detective.
3: Nah, it was only because Kohiru didn't cry.
4: Whenever she sees someone, she can instantly tell whether they're good or bad.
5: And if Kohiru's calm around someone, then I can be calm too.
6: One more!
7: You two are really weird.
8: Not as weird as you!
9: I guess I'm all dried up as a thief, then,
10: now that some detective's daughter caught me.
11: Hey, grandpa...
12: I know I probably shouldn't ask you this, but...
13: I won't tell anyone you stole anything...
14: So in return, can you do me a favor?
15: Huh...?

1: There's something I want you to steal for me.
sfx: fwooosh
sfx: smack
sfx: flap
sfx: flap

sfx: grab
1: Yaaaaaaaay!!
sfx: fwoooom

sfx: thud
sfx: flap
1: /Heheheh! Nice cape!
2: /Can't bring home a masterpiece in my birthday suit!

1: There's something
2: I want you to steal for me.
3: When my mom got sick and died, the museum took most of the paintings she left here.
sfx: roll
4: (Look at me, sis!
5: They let us keep the unfinished ones, though.
6: "Your mother's paintings belong not just to you, but to all the people of this country, so they should be displayed in a public museum," the curator said. When my dad heard that, he gave them all up.
7: At first, I thought it was a good idea too, since we'd still be able to see her paintings, and share them with everyone at the same time. But for some reason, they've never put up "Flower Garden," my favorite.

1: It's a really important painting to me.
2: Did you ask them about it?
3: Yeah.
4: They said they didn't have it.
5: Woah!
6: It's just my intuition, but I think the curator...
7: I got it, Koasa.
8: When Kohiru saw the curator, she cried, didn't she?
9: Yeah.

1: I'm sure you've got the right idea.
2: click
3: After all, you're a detective's daughter.
4: It'll be alright.
5: That painting will be back with you soon.

1: Magnificent.

1: It even makes this expensive wine taste flat.
sfx: tok
2: Heheheh...
3: People call paintings like these "masterpieces."
4: Oh yeah? I don't see what's so good about it.
5: Hmph. Yes, an ill-educated person like you couldn't possibly understand.
6: This is one of Kasuga Yuuko's undisplayed pieces.

1: People say that she's the only artist who's ever made flowers look more beautiful than they are in real life.
2: I've never heard of her. Anyway, this painting looks weird. Why is the sunflower bigger than the morning glory?
sfx: fsssh
3: Who cares about that? Do you even know how much this is worth?
sfx: zzzzzt
4: If we auction this, we could buy that car you want, and then go back and get another one!
5: What?! Then let's sell it!
6: I knew you'd say that, you stupid woman.
7: /Although... it's a stolen painting, so I could never auction it legally.
8: Aaaahhh!! What the?!
9: Huh?

sfx: donk
1: Wh
2: Who the hell are you?!
3: What's going on?!
4: Good evening.

1: I am the lover of hard bananas,
2: Harp.
3: S-say what?!
3: Open sesame!
sfx: knock
4: /I'm gonna blow his brains out!
sfx: chik
sfx: twist
5: Chaaaah!
sfx: boom
sfx: crack
sfx: clink
6: Huh?

sfx: wham
sfx: crash
1: Gwaaaaahhh!
2: Kyaaaaa!!
3: squeak
4: Tank you
sfx: slip
5: sesame!
6: D-don't you dare come in here!
7: Hey, call the police!

sfx: bump
1: Kyaa!
sfx: crash
2: Ahh!
3: Ahhh!
4: crack
5: Wh-what are you doing, you idiot?!
sfx: hop
6: That cost 1,380,000!
7: Woah!
8: D... don't move! Or I'll call the police!
9: Go ahead.
sfx: scratch
10: /Oh no, I'm out of bullets!
11: Ah.

1: /This is it... this is "Flower Garden."
sfx: bwahh
2: Ohhh.

1: /I'm sure glad I met you...
2: /Wait... wait, I can't call the police! If someone else sees that painting, I'm in trouble!
3: It's really a nice painting.
4: Hm...?
5: Of... of course it is!
6: Kasuga Yuuko drew that! She's the only artist in the world who can draw flowers more...
7: I like its human expressionism.
8: Huh?
9: What are you talking about? There aren't any people in it!
10: /Koasa looking at everyone,
11: /supported by her mother.

1: /The father, embracing them all.
2: /And the flower that blooms the straightest and brightest...
3: /Kohiru...
sfx: glare
4: Wh-
5: What are you looking at me like that for?!
sfx: click
6: I'm taking this.
7: Wh
8: What?!
9: With the frame in tact.
sfx: lift

1: /Hahaaah! The fool! That frame alone weighs 20kg, there's no way he could lift it!
sfx: pop
2: Huh?!
3: /No way! What is he...?!
4: tie
sfx: lift
5: Yo!

sfx: thud
1: Uwahh!!
2: St... stop! That painting is...
3: Do you remember the two girls who owned this painting?
4: Wh... what? You know them?!
5: Just answer me.

1: Y... yeah, I remember them. They were little children! They don't know how much that's worth!
2: They may have been the artist's children, but I couldn't go and leave such a valuable national treasure in their hands!
3: And now that Kasuga Yuuko is dead, it's worth even more!
4: If they damaged it, it could drop in value!
sfx: grip
5: Listen up.
6: If they want to damage it, they can. Because it's not yours.
7: It doesn't belong to the government, either.

1: This is a painting one mother
2: drew for her daughters.
3: Wh...
4: What...?
5: I'm confiscating this
6: and returning it to where it belongs.
7: W...
8: Wait! That painting is mine!

1: What do you want with it? You haven't even looked at it.
2: You're just looking at the money it's worth. People like you
fx: grab
3: should just frame a bill.
plaque: 10,000 yen
4: Wh... whaaat?!
5: This painting has a special beauty. Something that you can't understand.
6: It's gonna protect them forever, and they're going to grow up looking at it.
7: It'll look its most beautiful when it's right next to them.
8: Uuu...

1: Got it? Bye bye sesame!
2: H-hold on!
3: How much do you want?!
4: You'll sell it to me if I buy it, right?!
sfx: wham
5: OK!
6: Y... you're gonna sell it?!
sfx: squeak
7: tok
sign: Magic
8: All done!
9: A masterpiece!
sfx: kiss

1: Oh!
2: You can pay me with these huge bananas. Cheap, right?
3: snooore
4: G'bye!
5: La-la!
6: Agh!
7: Ggggh!
8: Ggh
9: Ggggh

sign: Kasuga Taichi
sfx: snooore
1: Bfff...
2: Unnn...
3: Anyanya.
4: P... peepee.
5: Peepee, peepee!

sfx: click
sfx: step
sfx: hop
1: fsssh
sfx: freeze
2: Huh?
3: Hoo.
4: Paintings are pretty heavy.

sfx: click
1: Hm?
2: Wahh!
3: GGG!
4: Oh!
5: You're up early, Kohiru.
6: GGG! GGG!
7: Heh. That's one G too many. (*jiji = gramps in Japanese.)
8: Here, I brought you back a souvenir.
9: Uwah! A banana!
10: Uho!
11: And this...
sfx: pat
12: is for your sister.

1: Mmm...
sfx: fwah
2: Look at it in the morning.
2: The flowers inside will be blooming.
3: Mm...
4: B... blooming?
5: Heheh.
6: Yeah, you're probably still tired.
7: I hope we can meet again, Kohiru, Koasa...
8-9: hah

1-3: hah
sfx: stomp

1: Sister, sister! Hey, sister!
2: This way! Hurry!
3: Look, over there! Look!
4: Look!

1: It's mama!
2: Faaaa
3: Faaa la re...
4: It's here.

sfx: pop
sfx: munch
1: Sniiiiiiff

1: Tank you morning!!
sfx: munch
2: Did it bloom?

2: GGG? GGG?
3: Huh? Where's GGG?
sfx: chirp chirp
4: Where did GGG go?
5: GGG!
6: GGG! Where are you?!
sfx: GGG
7: Geez, what's all that racket...
8: Kohiru?

sfx: stomp
1: GGG!
2: Ggggh...
sfx: GGG
3: What is she shouting?
4: Hey dad, Kohiru's babbling about something again.
sfX: GGG!
5: Not agaiiin...
6: She really loves screaming her lungs out in the morning, doesn't she?
sfx: silence...
7: Ah... she got quiet.
8: click
9: What is it this time, Kohiru?

1: Tee hee!
2: Hm?
3: Ah!
4: It bloomed!
[#1] END


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