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Period 1. The School's Gone Bankrupt?!


tl by danluffey

1: Let me tell you something! Tokyo U is easy to get into!!

paper: New Term Exam
Class 3-A #21 - Mizuno Naomi
sfx: rrrip
sfx: rip

Period 1. The School's Gone Bankrupt?!

1: What are you looking at?

1: Nothin'...
2: A Ryuzan student? Sure looks like there's nothing in that head of yours...

1: Y-yes, I'm a high school English teacher. It's been 8 years since I graduated.
magazine: Job Hunting Magazine
2: Huh? Yes, I'm 30.
3: Yes?
4: Oh, but the ad said below 30, so I thought... oh.
5: But if I could just get an interview...
6: Shit.
7: [English Teacher - Ino Mamako

1: /I don't have any more time to waste!
2: /I need to get out of this school!
sign: Ryuzan High School
3: [Ryuzan Academy School Corporation Chairman - Ryuuno Heinosuke
4: [Principal - Komatsugawa Tadao

1: There's... really nothing more we can do at this point.
2: You'll just have to declare bankruptcy and liquidate.
3: D...declare?
4: L... liquidate?
sfx: ding dong

1: How many times have I told you kids, you can't come to school on motorbikes!
sfx: vroom
2: Outta the way, Takahara! You want us to run you over?!
3: W... wait! Stop!
sfx: vroom
4: Shuddap!
5: You little...
6: [Math Teacher - Takahara Hiroyuki
7: What do you think this emergency meeting is about?
8: I heard they called a lawyer in too.
sfx: clamor
9: Is it... a management problem, then?
10: Guess it's finally happened...

sfx: rattle
1: Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.
2: Ah...
3: Go ahead, sensei.
4: OK.
5: Hello everyone. I am the lawyer who will be taking care of this school's management problems from here on out,
6: Sakuragi Kenji.

1: Wh... whaaaat?!
2: B... bankrupt?! That can't be!
3: Wh... what are you saying all of a sudden?!
4: C... calm down, everyone!
5: The school's bankrupt?! I can't believe it!
6: Everyone, quiet down!
7: Let me explain to you how this all happened.
8: You see... the Ryuzan academy corporation has amassed a total of 2,400,000,000 yen in debt from various financial institutions. Interest payments have been building up for over three years now.

1: They have also been unable to fully pay their property tax, employee wages, and overhead costs.
2: In order to try and counteract this, the number of new students this year was cut from 300 to 165.
3: And last year, the school scholarships were all suspended due to questionable expenditure.
4: As a result of all this, their liabilities have completely exceeded their assets.

1: Therefore, it has been determined that they will no longer be able to function as a business entity. They will declare their bankruptcy in a court of law, and the receiver will pay out the assets as necessary to the creditors.
2: After that, the corporation will be liquidated.
3: This can't be happening...
4: This is completely different from what you told us!
5: Chairman! Last week, you told us you found a new benefactor...
6: You said that things had a good outlook, and that we could relax!
7: D... did I, now?
8: (Hohoho...

1: Stop playing dumb! You...
2: S... sensei!
3: Do you even realize that this is all your fault?!
4: Why do you have to liquidate? Aren't you being a little too impatient?! Isn't there any other way to keep this school alive?!
5: Unfortunately...
6: Hey, Mr. Lawyer! What's gonna happen to us?!
7: You will all be laid off. I'm sorry, but we have no choice.
8: I... I still haven't even been paid once yet!
9: You needn't worry about that. You'll get first dibs as a creditor.
10: Now what are we gonna do?
11: I'm too old to switch out to a new school...

1: We will not accept a one-sided closing of this school, no matter what!
2: We of the teachers' union firmly oppose this!
flag: Unite
3: We teachers... are no different from clergymen!
4: We aren't capitalist pigs who do nothing but search for our own profit! And now, we must unite, in order to protect our rights and our students!
5: Yeaaaah!
6: /Oh man... they've got a pretty strong union here...

1: More importantly... is there anything you can do to support our students' futures?
2: I'll do as much as I can.
3: /Your head's on the line, pal, and you're worried about the kids?
4: But first the ones at fault need to take responsibility!
5: W.. we will, but for now...
6: /This is bad... if it goes on my record that I came from a school that went bankrupt, it'll be hard to find another job!

1: /No matter what happens, I have to try and drag this out until I find another school!
sfx: slip
2: Everyone... let's talk this over like reasonable adults. Please, sit down.
3: Huh...

sfx: slap

1: Everyone! Don't trust this lawyer!
2: He's a superficial liar!
3: H... hey...
4: He's corrupt, low,
5: immoral,
6: AND...
7: when he was still a minor, he was placed on probation for robbery and assault!

1: What?! Really?
2: Th... that has nothing to do with this!
3: Ah... now I remember! It was in the papers! Something about a lawyer who used to be in a bike gang..
4: Wh-what are you doing? If there's something you want to say to me, then...
5: Serves you right! That's what you get for treating people like scraps of paper!
6: Ahhhh...

sign: Okabe-Hayashi Law Office
1: A woman you met at a marriage interview party?
2: Why did you even go to such a thing?
3: It's the perfect place to nab a free meal!
4: (Y'know?
5: And then... just because I neglected to call her back afterwards, she thinks I...
6: You think anyone would believe that a lawyer's phone was turned off because he wasn't able to pay the bill? You're lucky she only slapped you once!

1: So... what happened after that?
2: There's... gonna be another protest meeting happening later.
3: Did you talk to the whole committee?
4: Yeah, no problem.
5: They're all blood relatives, so the committee's in control of everything.
6: Haven't been able to get the idiot son on the phone, though.
7: They've been caught with their pants down, so the creditors shouldn't resist. All you need to do now is submit the papers to the court and find out who they declare as the receiver.
8: Then you'll be all set for the time being.
9: Thanks, you've been a lot of help. If you weren't acting as my intermediary, Okabe-sensei, I'm not sure I would have been able to pay next month's rent.

1: This is the last one, though. It's about time you...
2: I know. I'm really sorry.
3: I've caused your father tons of problems, and on top of that, I've been depending on you, his son, for a lot too.
4: Geez... it's bad enough that practically everyone keeps their distance from me because of my background.
magazine: Modern Weekly
5: And now, on top of that, this photo comes out!
6: Talk about obstruction of business!
The lawyer Sakuragi in his gang uniform when he used to be a gang leader!

1: Don't let it get to you.
2: This sort of school corporation liquidation is unprecedented. You'll be the first one in Japan to succeed at it!
3: With the declining birth rate, managing schools is going to become even more difficult from here on out. There will be a lot more companies who find themselves cornered by bankruptcy and liquidation.
4: Who knows, this might even become a model case!

1: What's wrong?
2: Oh... nothing.

1: /The first one in Japan...
2: /If I do this, I'll be a pioneer.
3: /I'll finally... have an accomplishment to be proud of.
4: /And, I might even be able to make some money out of it.
sfx: fwoosh
5: /This is my chance! I have to think of a way to make a bang with this!
6: /Liquidation alone doesn't carry enough impact.
sfx: fwoosh
7: /And my job will be finished as soon as the receiver is decided.

1: /I need...
2: /to think of something bigger!
sfx: pssh
3: I know...

sfx: heheh
1: I got it! That's what I need to do!
2: /I'll be in Shinbashi someday too...

1: /No... I'll rise up to become the most elite lawyer there is, with an office in Toranomon!

1: You want us to gather... the creditors?
2: Yes... by 4 PM tomorrow, in the gym.
3: I let the banks who are our large sum creditors know about our plan, and they gave us the approval.
4: Wow... how did you manage that?
5: You see... banks don't like dealing with trouble. As long as they feel like it'll postpone some problems for them, they'll agree to anything.
6: Huh...?
7: But... the union still hasn't given us the OK...
8: Not to mention the alumni association and the PTA...
9: Just tell them that this is merely a meeting to explain a few things.

1: Hey... want a part-time job?
2: What is this, compensated dating?

sign: Creditors Meeting Space #1
1: Now, I will explain everything that has happened so far.
2: The Ryuzan Academy corporation was founded in 1948 as Ryuka Women's Academy, an all-girls' school. However, due to a decline in new female students,
3: six years ago, it changed its name to Ryuzan High and became a co-ed high school.

1: The managers soon began to focus on strengthening their sports teams in order to advertise their school better, so they put up their real estate as a guarantee to take out loans.
2: They bought a new baseball field, built a new gym, and proactively planned capital investments.
3: However, following this, they saw a steep decrease in new students, and soon, their profits sunk equally.
4: This was a severe managerial error on their parts, and as of now, the corporation has gone completely bankrupt.
5: We don't want to hear about that anymore... we want to know what's going to happen NOW!
6: When will we be able to receive our money?!
7: Now, I would like to propose a possible solution to this conundrum.

1: I propose that we allow the Ryuzan Academy corporation to continue its business under the Civil Rehabilitation Law.
2: Civil...
3: Rehabilitation Law?

1: What's that?
sfx: clamor
2: I dunno... but he said continue!
3: Does that mean they won't be liquidated?
4: I guess. Phew!
5: We've gotten approval from a lot of the banks that are the large creditors in this case...
6: No, sensei! That's not true!
7: None of that is official yet... we haven't necessarily agreed to this!
8: First, tell us about the rehabilitation thing!
9: OK then, I propose that we make a great change to this school's focus,
10: and shift it from sports to how many students we can push into higher education!
11: This school will aim to become super school for education geared toward passing entrance exams!

1: Five years later, 100 of our students will enter Tokyo University!

1: T... Tokyo University?
2: T... Tokyo University? Does he mean... THE Tokyo University?
3: O... one hundred...
4: That's ridiculous!

1: Sheesh, I thought he was serious! 100 students in TU?!
2: There's no way in hell!
3: Hey, sensei! Please, enough with the jokes!
4: If you're going to talk, then you've got to give us something more realistic!
5: Do you even know what level this school's students are at?!
6: This place is filled with students who have had problems since elementary school!
7: Even if you spent one hundred years preparing them, these students would never get in!
8: I have confidence in my strategy! If we get results after the first year, you will see a dramatic change!

1: And in order to prove that, next year, I will send one student to TU!
2: Enough already! There isn't a single kid in this school who's that smart!
3: Yes there is!
4: Wh... who?

1: Next year, in March, this student will pass the entrance exam to Tokyo University!
2: What... th... that's...
3: M... Mizuno Naomi from 3A!
4: Geez, take out your earphones!
5: What...

1: M... Mizuno, in T... Tokyo U? Th... there's no way!
2: Does he even know what kind of a student she is?!
3: Of course not. If he did, he'd never be able to do this.
4: This is insane...
5: Fine then, let me ask you this! Where's your proof that she'll actually be able to pass?!
6: Yeah! Show us some proof!

1: We won't agree to this unless she has a 100% chance of passing!
2: I mean, just look at her! She looks like she hasn't studied a day in her life!
3: Hey man, what are they talking about Tokyo U for?
4: Just shut up and stand there.
5: No, tell me! Who's going to Tokyo U?
6: You.
7: What?

1: Next year, you're going to Tokyo U!


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