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Log1: The Weedwhacker from New York


tl by danluffey

Log1: The Weedwhacker from New York
1: [Mega Tokyo TV
2: Yes... we know that he came back 10 days ago,
3: but we haven't been able to track his movements.
4: He doesn't seem to have a Japanese address. He must be staying in a first-class hotel.
5: You'll have to go through the guest lists. His name is...

1: Shirakawa Yoshihiko.
Log1: The Weedwhacker from New York

1: Did you see the photo I mailed to you? Yes... that's him... in the US economic world,

1: he's known as the "Weedwhacker."
2: We have to find him no matter what and interview him!
3: None of the other media has moved yet! If we can get an appointment, we can have him all to ourselves!
4: OK then... I'm waiting for a good report!

sign: Economics Department
1: Are we close to finding him?

1: No... but I know we'll catch him eventually!
2: This isn't a short-term trip. I'm sure that he moved his headquarters from New York to Tokyo!
3: And why, you ask? Because he officially left the office he was working at, of course!
4: One of his co-workers heard him say that he was going home to Japan.
5: But... he has $10 million dollars, doesn't he?
6: $10 million!
7: Yes... he pulled out the CEO from Hampton, a rival company, and instated him at LMG, after all.
8: He received the $10 million as a reward for succeeding at that.
9: He can relax all he wants with all that cash! He probably came back to retire!
10: If it was me, I'd put it all into stocks and bond investments, then hire some hot chicks to serve me while I play golf all day!

1: No... I'm positive that he's come back to Japan to work.
2: He's probably planning to do some big head-hunting here.
3: Where's your proof?
4: My intuition!
5: Intuition? If you say so.
6: Just make sure you don't let any other places beat us to the punch, Kitazawa.
7: Leave it to me.
8: I'll show you just how sharp my intuition is!

sign: Yotsuya Academy University
poster: Takayanagi Hisako's Golden Rules to Job Hunting - Special Seminar! Find your dream job!
1: Should I go...?
2: Tanaka-kun!
3: Oh, Kitazawa-san!
4: Are you going to Takayanagi Hisako's seminar?
5: I'm thinking about it...

1: I applied to it. It'll be my second time, though...
2: Oh, you've been already?
3: Yeah... it was really stimulating!
4: And the real Takayanagi Hisako is so beautiful and cool!
5: Instead of going to work for some corporation,
6: I'd rather become a female manager who gets media attention like her.
7: The CEO of the whatever corporation, Kitazawa Chinatsu!
8: Aha...
9: What kind of a laugh is that?
10: Sorry!

sfx: dash
1: Ah... Kitazawa-san!
2: Is he really here?
3: You bet he is. Shirakawa Yoshihiko has been in a suite here for ten days so far.
4: Good job, Katou!
5: Fuyumi.

1: Ah... Hisako!
2: Long time no see.
3: Y-yeah.
4: I'm putting on a seminar here tomorrow, so I came here to check out the space.
5: Oh...
6: What are you up to?
7: I came here... to do an interview.
8: Oh... give me a call sometime. Let's do lunch and catch up.
9: Okay, bye...

1: That... was Takayanagi Hisako just now, wasn't it? The CEO of that temp recruitment agency that's really taken off!
2: Yeah...
3: Is she a friend of yours?
4: We went to college together.
5: Wow... that's awesome!
6: How is that awesome?! She just got her father, chairman of the Takayanagi Group, to make her her own company, where she gave herself the title of CEO!
7: Oooh... don't tell me you two are on bad terms?
8: We act nice to each other on the surface, but honestly, I don't even want to look at her.

1: There he is! Shirakawa!
sfx: grab

1: Sorry, excuse me.
2: I'm Kitazawa Fuyumi from Mega Tokyo TV.

1: I will not do an interview.
2: I understand. We won't take record any video or audio,
3: so in return, would you please answer a few of our questions?
4: That depends on the questions.
5: Alright then.

1: Shirakawa-san, you have become infamous for headhunting many big businessmen in the US.
2: Because of your youth, your unimaginable dynamism, and your astounding successes, people call you the Weedwhacker, and say "There isn't a blade of grass left whenever Shirakawa passes through."
3: Is that all accurate?
4: I wonder...
5: And now, you've come back from the US to Japan.
6: Would I be correct in assuming you plan to move your headquarters here?
7: No.

1: As I'm sure you already know, I received a large sum of money for a recent success.
2: I've decided to take myself out of the business world and enjoy Japan for a while.
3: But if you only wished to return home for a period of rest, then why did you quit your job in the US?
4: I imagine you must be planning to restart business in Japan at some point.
5: You're free to imagine what you want...
6: At this current stage, I can't quite get a picture of what your actual goal is.
7: But there's one thing I know:
8: When you move, the economic world trembles.

1: Imagination was the wrong word. You're talking fantasy now!
2: In any case, enjoying myself is my only goal right now.
3: This interview is over. Please leave.
4: Okay. Thank you very much for your time.
5: Mm...

1: I thought he'd be more of a hungry, ambitious type, but he wasn't like that a tall.
2: He seemed quiet, more like a scholar... I guess he really does intend to back off from his work.
3: There's no way. He must have something up his sleeve.
4: I'm positive that he has some big plan!
5: I'll get to the bottom of this eventually.
6: If he's a Weedwhacker, then I'm a high-powered vacuum cleaner! I'm going to suck up every last piece of information!
7: Anyway, stay around this hotel and keep tracking him.
8: O... okay.

sfx: klak
book: I found my dream job - Takayanagi Hisako

poster: Takayanagi Hisako's Golden Rules to Job Hunting - Special Seminar! Find your dream job!
1: Oh yeah, today is Hisako's seminar...
2: So? Any news on Shirakawa?
3: Not so far.
4: Sis!!

1: Chinatsu... what are you doing?
2: I'm going to Takayanagi-sensei's seminar!
3: Oh yeah?
4: Oh, this is, Tanaka-kun he goes to the same university as me!
5: I'm Tanaka.
6: She's my oldest sister. She works as a reporter for the economics department at Mega Tokyo TV!
7: /Shirakawa!
8: Katou! Shirakawa's going into the seminar room!
9: Huh?
10: The seminar?

sign: Takayanagi Hisako Special Seminar
sfx: clamor
1: An interview? Sure.
2: Thanks!
3: You better make me look good, though!
4: Leave it to me.
5: /Why is Shirakawa at a place like this? Did he just come on a whim? No...

1: Hello, everyone! I'm the CEO of Full Persons, the temp recruitment agency, Takayanagi Hisako!
2: I'm guessing that all of you have the same big problem... you want to know what job suits you best, and how to snatch it for yourselves!
3: Well, in order do that, first, you need to change the way you think!
4: What abilities do you have right now?
5: At the core, what kind of person are you? You need to honestly look at and accept yourself, and then you can really get started!

1: /Look at that guy! He's wearing a polo shirt and jeans... what kind of a seminar does he think this is?!
2: /I know guys like him. They're overambitious, but they never end up getting the jobs they want!
3: What you need to do is be yourself...
4: and get corporations to accept you just the way you are!
5: /Wh... what? He's smiling! How rude...
6: /Shirakawa...

1: Now, let's see... you! The man in the blue polo shirt.
2: What is your current job?
3: I'm unemployed.
4: So you're looking for a new job, I see.
5: Companies haven't been accepting you, and maybe you've been shifting the blame onto outside reasons...
6: Remember! First you need to look at yourself from an objective viewpoint!
7: Then, I recommend you enter an area that fits your own personal skill set. Gain experience there, and aim for a higher level of employment! That's how you move up the career ladder!

1: Career ladder...?
2: Does such a thing even exist?
3: Wh... what are you trying to say?
4: Sorry for interrupting your speech... go on, please continue.
5: Are you joking?
6: First, people work at small companies and build up their skills, then move to a bigger company, where they move from lifetime employment to employment with mobility. That's how modern careers work! It's common sense!

1: Do you have subjective data that supports that common sense?
2: Huh...
3: How many examples do you have...
4: that back up your claim that people move from small-to-mid-scale companies to large-scale companies?
5: E... examples?
6: I don't know who thought up the word, or when it came to be...
7: But here in Japan, there isn't a more dubious word than "career ladder."

1: It gives people the illusion that there's some big stairway for them to walk up, and each time they climb to a new level, their status rises.
2: But in current Japanese society, no such system exists!!

1: And why is that? Because of the "double structure" of Japan's industries.
2: Japan's economic market has always been dominated by a group of large corporations.
3: The majority of small-to-mid-scale corporations that exist in Japan operate on sub-contracting and sub-sub-contracting work from the large corporations.
4: In other words, no matter how well you sharpen your skills on sub-contracting and sub-sub-contracting work, you'll always be on that level. That's just the way Japan's system works.

1: In the end, only large corporations can solve the big problems that markets and customers face.
2: What?
3: The truly remarkable thing about this double structure is how it affects IT and advertising companies...
4: They seem like a great place to go, companies running forward on the cutting edge, but when you look inside, they're all just run on firm, archaic pyramid systems that workers will never be able to break through.

1: Ms. Takayanagi. Would it be accurate to say that a lot of your clients are independent sub-contractors?
2: What?
3: I imagine that many people rode on the waves of labor mobility and went into IT companies, which are currently deficient on human resources.
4: But those companies are just working for other ones.
5: In those environments, no one can become a project leader who actually thinks up new systems and proposes things.
6: That's what we're really deficient in.
7: In the end, Japan's vertically-structured society hasn't changed a bit since the feudal era.

1: Working in this system is like riding an elevator that you can't get off from. You need to think very hard
2: before opening the door to one and choosing a floor.

1: You should be well aware of this, and yet you're still egging these people on, encouraging them to go job hunting?
2: Yes, I suppose you would, wouldn't you? After all, every time a corporation makes an informal decision, they pay out and increase your company's profits!
3: What...
4: Is that for real?
5: That's the complete opposite of what she's been telling us!

1: /Hisako...
2: CEO...
3: Don't panic.
4: /If rumors spread that I lost in an argument in my own seminar, my reputation will be ruined!
5: /Who is this guy, anyway? He's unemployed, isn't he?!
6: /W... wait... isn't that...
7: /Ah... now I remember!

1: /Th... this is the Weedwhacker from New York!
sfx: bzzzzz

1: No way... wh... what is he doing here?
2: Who's that guy in the polo shirt?
3: I dunno!
4: /Looks like she's figured out who Shirakawa is.
5: /What is the top pro headhunter... doing in my seminar?!

1: Looks like I ruined the atmosphere of this seminar. I'm very sorry.
2: I'll leave now.
3: CEO!
4: Ahhh!
5: CEO!
sfx: clamor
6: Let's go!
7: Huh...
8: Everyone, please quiet down! We will continue the seminar after a short break.

1: Shirakawa-san!
2: I'm sorry you had to watch that.
3: No... I'm so glad I was able to.
4: And now... I know for sure.
5: Shirakawa-san... you're going to start something very soon, aren't you?

1: That again? You don't know when to give up, do you?
2: Sis!
3: Chinatsu!
4: I'm working right now!
5: Umm... my name is Kitazawa Chinatsu.
6: Kitazawa?
7: She's my little sister.
8: This is my classmate, Tanaka Yuuichirou-kun.
9: We're third-years at Yotsuya Academy University, and next year, we'll be job hunting...

1: Stop interrupting me, Chinatsu!
2: Umm, we have no idea what to do about job hunting! We're really in trouble.
3: But you really know a lot about it, don't you? If you have any more good advice, we'd love to hear it...
4: What are you saying?
5: We knew from the start that you weren't just some unemployed guy who came to sit in on the seminar. You're way more successful than Takayanagi-san is!
6: That's why we really want to hear what you have to say! We want to know how to face job hunting the right way!
7: Please, will you help us?

1: You're in the autumn of your third year, and just now, you're starting to worry and look for help? Are you kidding me?
2: Huh...
3: You're far too late.
4: You've already screwed up your lives far beyond repair.

1: Why didn't you start preparing sooner?
2: Do you even realize the true importance of the first step you take into society? Why haven't you thought more seriously about it?!


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