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Career 1 - The Job Hunting Agent

Angel Bank #1

tl by danluffey

1: Do you want an answer?!

right: Dragon Zakura for professionals!! Don't let the media fool you! Don't let images sway you! Let these three guide you on your job hunting!!

1: Ebisawa Yasuo
A job hunting support specialist at Life Partners. Sometimes, he works as a teacher in the business school at Sakuragi runs. He also does side work, and can be quite a nuisance in the office. He seems easygoing, but he's similar to Sakuragi in that he has a sharp eye for the truth of things.

2: Sakuragi Kenji
A lawyer who used to be a bike gang leader. When a school called Ryuzan Academy was on the brink of bankruptcy, he swooped in and sent some of their students into Tokyo University and revived the university. After that, he rebuilt several other schools, and is called the savior of incorporated schools. He also does lawyer work and runs his own business school.

3: Ino Mamako
A high school English teacher at Ryuzan. After growing tired of being a teacher at 32, she decides to change jobs. She's strong-willed and has a tendency to make excuses. She also hates it when Sakuragi tries to push trouble onto her, so during her time as a teacher, they often fought. She's popular with her students, though.

Career 1

The Job Hunting Agent

sfx: clamor
sfx: sigh

1: This spring, we sent 25 students to Tokyo U and 8 to Hitotsubashi U. That's more students in top universities than we had last year.
2: But we shouldn't feel too satisfied with this. We need to strengthen our examination guidance even more this year and aim for better results next year.
3: We need our teachers to be unified.
4: Everyone, let's keep working hard this year!

1: Ino-sensei... did you read the magazines that went on sale yesterday?
2: No... why?
3: They're all doing a special report on our school.
4: Stuff like "A Detailed Analysis on the miraculous higher education achievements of Ryuzan High..."
5: They had a really nice picture of you in there, too.
6: Ha ha. Very funny.

1: Reading the article made me think. I still can't believe this is all really happening.
sign: Humanities Category II -
Hiba Hideo
Sakamoto Shintarou
Nanba Youko
Hashimoto Hiroaki
Yamai Katsuya
2: Just a few years ago, this school could hardly get any students. It was on the verge of collapse...
3: Then Mizuno-san got into Tokyo U, and all of a sudden, we turned into a school geared toward higher education.
4: We completely escaped the managerial dangers the school was facing.
5: There was an interview with Sakuragi-sensei in there too.
6: Sakuragi?

1: After he left, he went to rebuild schools in Ibaraki, Kanagawa, and Saitama.
2: Now he's traveling around Japan as a savior of incorporated schools.
3: Also... apparently he started a business school aimed toward professionals.
4: A business school?
5: Seems like it's really popular. The seminars are filled to the brim each time, it said.
6: I was pretty impressed. He's such a businessman, isn't he?!
7: Hmm...

1: Ino-sensei...
2: Huh?
3: What's wrong? You don't look well.
4: I'm fine.
5: Really? Recently... you seem different. I was getting worried.
6: Nah... I'm the same as always.
7: But...
8: /She stopped spiking her hair too...

1: You're quitting?!
2: Don't be so loud!
3: Sorry.
4: It's not Ryuzan, but teaching that I'm sick of.
5: Why...?

1: I don't have an exact reason,
2: but I just feel like doing something else now.
3: Or maybe...
4: I've just gotten bored of teaching.
5: But you were so passionate...
6: I never really looked up to any of my teachers like you, Miya-chan, so I won't have any regrets if I leave.
7: I'm already 32, too... this may be my last chance to do something new.
8: Ino-sensei...
9: Just kidding.

1: Why don't you go see Sakuragi-sensei, then?
2: Sakuragi?
3: No way! I don't want him telling me how I should live my life.
4: But aren't you nervous about making such a big decision on your own?
5: Don't you think it'd be better if you told someone the whole story and got their advice?
6: Maybe.
7: Ah... this weekend, there's going to be a seminar at that business school.
8: Why don't you go sit in on it?
9: A seminar...

sign: Sakuragi Kenji's Business School Seminar
1: /I can't do this. I'm going home...
2: Hey.

1: Need something from me?
2: Of course not.
3: I just happened to be passing through this hall...

1: Don't lie.
2: My waiting room is this way. C'mon.
3: I'm not lying...
4: You sure about that?
5: So.. tell me what's going on.
6: All of a sudden?

1: The seminar's going to begin soon, so I only have five minutes to listen to you.
2: Look at you, acting all busy...
3: If you'd rather not, then...
4: Alright... I want your advice!
5: On what? Don't tell me you let some lowlife tricked you into paying damages for something?
6: What... stop fooling around!
7: If this is a legal problem, then I'll require payment for it.
8: It's not.
9: I'm... thinking about quitting teaching
10: and looking for a new job.

1: And?
2: And...?
3: Well... so I wanted to ask you what you thought.
4: Right now... how old are you?
5: Honestly.
6: Oh come on, you know!
7: I'm 32.
8: Don't do this.
9: Continue working as a teacher.
10: Huh...
11: The end.
12: Wait a minute!

1: Female... single... 32...
2: If you try to search for a new job now, you'll only drop into a pit of despair.
3: How can you be so sure of that?!
4: /Easily.
5: /That's the way Japanese society works.

1: This is a firm societal system that's been established for decades.
2: A single woman can't change that on her own.
3: And besides, you probably only have some ridiculous reason for wanting to change, right?
4: You want to find a place where you can shine as who you are... you want to find a new you... you want to reset your life...
5: You're just letting those third-rate women's magazines rock your boat. Stop thinking about job hunting, and go on being a teacher.

1: Stop being so extreme! What do you know about my situation?!
2: Everything...
3: Fine then, let me ask you something. How do you intend to go about your job hunting?
4: Well... I'll search on the internet or in magazines for a job that suits me, I guess.
5: Yep... you really don't get it, do you?
6: Get what?
7: Alright... you and I go back pretty far,
8: so I'll give you a helping hand here.

1: The perfect teacher for you is coming to the seminar today.
2: The perfect teacher?
3: I'll let you in for free, so just go into the back and listen to what he says.
4: I'll personally introduce you to him later.
5: You don't need to go that far...
6: You'll never invite fortune into your life until you start taking advantage of the chances you get.
7: Remember, with each year, less and less people come your way.
8: Excuse me?!

1: And now, I would like to introduce today's special instructor to you all.
2: Here at Life Partners, we're working to spread our business into the job hunting support realm.
3: And so, I am proud to introduce to you, our job hunting agent, Ebisawa Yasuo.
4: It's all yours.

1: Hello everyone, nice to meet you.
2: I'm Ebisawa.
3: /A job hunting agent? Is that why he...
4: I'm sure you all probably have no idea what exactly a job hunting agent does,
5: but that's fine. Just let your imagination run wild.
6: /What? This guy seems really half-assed...

1: Now, this may seem random, but does anyone know what the sale price for gold is today?
2: OK... you!
3: Uh...
4: Sorry, but no...
5: It's 2,760 yen to 1g.
6: Do you know what determines the price?
7: The market value?
8: That's right...
9: The market value of gold.
10: Now...
11: Switching subjects...

1: When I was a fourth grader, I started something called an "Angel Bank."
2: Angel...
3: Bank?

1: You know those little tokens that come with candies.
2: If you collect one gold one or five silver ones and send them in, they'll send you back a toy in return.
3: One day, a classmate of mine asked me to let him buy one of my silver angels for 10 yen.
4: He just needed one more, and then he could send in five.
5: In the end, I asked for 10 more yen and sold one to him for 20 yen.
6: And that's when I realized it. "Hmm... I might be able to make some money doing this."

1: The next day, I bought gold angels for 40 yen and silver angels for 10 yen from all my friends.
2: You see, there were a lot of kids who weren't interested in collecting them and sending them in.
3: Then, I added 5 yen in interest to the price of each one and sold them back to other kids, at 45 yen for a gold one, and 15 yen for a silver one.

1: A lot of kids came to buy them. It was more convenient and cheaper to just buy them from me instead of collecting them from the actual candies.
2: Then, some kids from other schools heard rumors of what was happening and started their own businesses.
3: Soon, more and more people got into it, and it became a pretty active industry.

1: Eventually, what I had started truly became a bank that dealt in angels.
2: And so I called it an Angel Bank.

1: That's how market value is born.
2: If there's a deficiency in angels, the price goes up, and if we have a lot, the price goes down.
3: Eventually, people started to lose interest in the toys, and dealt in angels strictly as a means of capital.
4: Eventually it spiraled out of control, and the teachers found out and really let me have it.
5: In the end, the Angel Bank was closed,
6: and the market was done away with.

1: Now... what I'm trying to say is...
2: everything in this world is decided by the market value.
3: The same goes for people.
4: You don't decide what you're worth. The market does.

1: There are a lot of people who ignore the market, though.
2: Especially people who are job-hunting.
3: When people get jobs and become professionals, they start to get confident in their careers.
4: They start to think that they're completely unique.
5: But... there are a lot of people in the world
6: who are like you...
7: And... if you try to make a transaction without knowing about the market value, you'll definitely fail in the end.
8: This is why some people have trouble finding a job.

1: The first step to societal success is knowing the market value.
2: And also setting a fair price for yourself.
3: You can sell yourself after you set your price... if you just try to throw yourself out there...
4: you'll only get left over.

1: Ever since I was a fourth grader, I've been observing my own value change within my Angel Bank,
2: and checking to see whether it's going up or down with the changes in the market.
3: How about starting your own Angel Banks, everyone?
4: I recommend you observe your own set value and then graph the changes
5: You should be able to get a pretty clear picture of the wisdom, experience, and skills you've built up over all these years.
6: Those will be your gold and silver angels.

1: Incidentally, anyone who's in their mid-30s should just stop thinking about changing jobs.
2: Because your market value is zero.
3: Zero?!
4: Z... zero?

1: If you're changing jobs, you can only do it once, or rarely twice, after graduating from university.
2: More than three times is unthinkable.
3: One time...
4: Not more than three times?!
5: But... it happens. Because people aren't aware of things like this.
6: And here are the results.
7: This graph will tell you how much you can make.

1: The people with the highest salaries are those who have never changed jobs. In other words, they've received lifetime employment at the same job. Next comes people who've changed jobs once.
2: After two times, the value goes down a bit more.
side: Wages (in millions of yen)
bottom: Number of Changes
3: And once you get below three, it goes down even further.

1: Some people say life isn't all about money,
2: but how can you believe that after looking at this graph?

1: That was great. You were a total hit out there.
2: Today was a big success.
3: Thank you very much. I had fun doing it too.
4: Now... how about taking all that and turning it into a book?
5: I think we can sell it to an editor friend of mine.
6: You never change... you always try to turn everything into a business, don't you, Sakuragi-san?

1: Ahem.
2: Ah...
3: She's the woman I told you about.
4: Ah... the teacher from Ryuzan.
5: My name is Ino Mamako.
6: Since you came to the seminar,
7: does that mean you want to change jobs?
8: Did you tell him?
9: Briefly.

1: I... don't recommend it.
2: I've already heard that. Too many times.
3: But... hmm...
4: You're going to quit either way, aren't you?
5: How do you know?
6: You're sick of being a teacher.
7: You've had it.
8: And when you get down to it...
9: You don't like boring, stuffy places like schools.

1: If possible, you want to be in a tall skyscraper in the middle of the city, at some corporation that has a cool, Western-sounding name...
2: working in a bright, stylish office.
3: Please... don't put words in my mouth.
4: Women are so easy to figure out.
5: They always aim for the exact opposite of where they came from.

1: But... unfortunately for you,
2: your current angel value is "zero."
3: How rude!
4: I don't have to listen to this!
5: I just told you the truth, since I know you want to find a new job.

1: You've been a high school English teacher for 10 years. If you really want another job, you can find as many as you want.
2: However, all of them will decrease your societal status and income by a great deal.
3: A... a great deal?
4: Like I said. You'll only drop into a pit of despair.
5: Shut up!
6: But... all is not lost.
7: Huh...

1: Ino-san... There is one way
2: to increase the value of your angel.


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