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Chapter 1 - A Meeting

Invisible Axel #1

tl by danluffey

1: /Motorboat races...
sfx: fssssh
2: /All the fans are older men...
3: /It's almost all elderly people!

1: /What... am I doing here?
sfx: vroooom

1: /How am I going to be able to do PR for motorboat racing?

Chapter 1 - A Meeting

1: Aoki.
2: Oh, yes?

1: Stop daydreaming.
2: Sorry.
3: I'm very sorry.
4: He's a new employee, and doesn't know how to behave properly.
5: Your card!
6: Ah...
7: I am Aoki Tomoya, from the 8th Business bureau of Tenbakudo.
card: 8th Business Bureau
4th Business Team
Tenbakudo Corporation
8: I look forward to working with you.

1: I'm Miyamoto Ritsuko, his supervisor.
2: Please lead him for us.
3: I'm Ono from the Motorboat Racing Association.
4: Aoki-san, you're the son of Hanawa Ryuutarou, aren't you?
5: Y... yes.
6: You think I could get his autograph?
7: My grandmother's a big fan of his.
8: It'd be our pleasure!
9: We can get you as many as you'd like!

1: One of the outstanding men in the enka world, Hanawa Ryuutarou!
2: (A Tsugaru snowdrift that freezes my meal...
3: Whether it be an autograph, or whatever else, just ask Aoki here! His job is to assist the motorboat racing association in any way possible!
3: (The jappa soup warms my heart!

1: [The large advertising company, Tenbakudo
2: Have your father sign an autograph and take it to Ono-san tomorrow.
3: You mean I have to do it by today?
4: But I don't even know where he is!
5: Then look for him! Search every possible place you can, and think of every possible way there is to get that autograph!

1: Aoki... do you know why we let you into our company?
2: You're a hostage.
3: A... hostage?!
4: We employed you because Hanawa Ryuutarou asked us to.
5: Which means that you have only one job.
6: To use Hanawa Ryuutarou as a lure to pull in as much money as you can!
7: You need to use your father's name and face and pay him back for going out of his way to get you this job!

1: You're a businessman at an advertising company! And advertising is all about selling things!
2: What do you need to do to sell something? From this day forward, I'm going to beat all those secrets into your body!

1: I hope you're ready. Because I don't go easy on people.
2: /What was that all about...
3: /This is why I didn't want this job!
4: /I had my own dream...
5: /Ever since I was a child...

1: /I wanted to become a science fiction author!
book 1: A Story About Your Destiny
book 2: Virtual City
2: /But then my father forced to me to give up on my dream and get a job I don't even care about! Business advertising, of all things! It's the farthest thing from what a shy person like me would be good at!
3: /And on top of that, I get stuck with some cranky hysteric lady...
4: /And as if that wasn't bad enough, I get put in charge of...

1: /motorboat racing!
2: /Why motorboat racing? I don't know anything about it! It's just boats driving around in a circle! What's the big deal?
3: /I've got no business sense, I have a terrible supervisor, and I don't care about motorboat racing.
4: /From here on out... what's going to happen to me?

1: Why?
2: How?!
3: How is it that Dengou always manages
4: to be one step ahead of us?!

1: We're in a meeting right now, chief!
2: No texting!
3: Ah...
4: Sorry...
5: Noguchi, say something.
6: Uh... what?
7: Not "what!" You're Aoki's senpai, so give him some words of advice!
8: Uh... give me some time to think.

1: Stop going on group dates all the time
2: and think about your work a little more!
3: Okaaaay.
4: Anyway, almost all the Motorboat Racing Association's advertising funds are going to Dengou.
5: TV commercials, magazines, campaign money, we lost it all!
6: We need to stop this losing streak! It's time to counterattack!
7: I refuse to lose to them again! We need to beat Dengou! Got it?!
8: kay...
9: What do you mean, 'kay?'
10: The new project is pretty much official, though. It's going to be a bit tough to...

1: You people really don't understand advertising at all, do you?
2: Huh...
3: How much mail do you need to send that bargirl, chief?!
4: Ah... sorry.
5: Advertising moves the public... it moves the people.
6: We have the power to move Japan.
7: Japan?

1: We need to make our own Obama!

1: O... Obama?!
2: Obama? You mean the US President?
3: What does Obama have to do with motorboats?
4: All the essentials of advertising can be seen in the American dream that the President sold to the people.
5: Analyzing, researching, and then re-implementing what they did will be the key to our success.
6: We need to figure a way to implement it into our project.
7: For example... like this!

paper: Female figure skater Mayuna
1: That's a sports magazine, right?
2: Look at who's on the cover.
3: We'll switch Asamura Mayuna from figure skating
4: into motorboat racing!

1: What?!
2: There's no way.
3: Forget about it...
4: A gold medalist like her? A front runner in the Olympics? No way.
5: She may be the Queen, she may have won the Olympics, but so what? Why should we care about that?
6: Aoki, go and seduce her at once!
7: M... me?!
8: Go meet Mayuna and get her to start motorboat racing.
9: H... hold on a minute!

1: Asamura Mayuna becomes a motorboat racer! It'll be all over the front page of every sports magazine!
2: It'll cause total chaos!
3: The media will blast it for days, which will give motorboat racing more coverage than it's ever gotten!
4: The entire populace will all be tuned into motorboat racing!
5: A new legendary star will be born! People will flock to the motorboat arenas!
sfx: cheer
6: It'll be the birth of an unprecedented motorboat racing boom!

1: And the one behind it all will be us, or, more importantly, me, Miyamoto Ritsuko!
2: I'll take over all advertising management in one fell swoop and make a killing!
3: Well?
4: My plan's perfect, isn't it?
5: OK then, Aoki. I'm leaving Mayuna to you, so you'd better go and seduce her.
6: Um... er, Miyamoto-san.
7: Got it?

1: Noguchi-san.
2: Miyamoto-san's completely out of her mind.
3: There's no way Asamura Mayuna could possibly do speedboat racing.
4: Yeah. But...
5: You just have to follow through with it now.
6: Seriously?!
7: But there's no way I'll be able to!
8: No, what I mean is,
9: just go there, then come back and say you couldn't do it.
10: But still..
11: Once she sets her mind on something, no one can stop her.

1: Although... I suppose it isn't 100% impossible.
2: Ever since 2009, speedboat racing has been treating athletes from other areas such as skiing, boxing, and gymnastics as "scholarship students."
3: A top athlete like her won't be able to make a smooth conversion, though.
4: If anything, there'd have to be money involved.
5: Speedboat racers make an average of about 20 million yen per year. And it's quite common for top racers to make over one billion yen in award money in their lifetime.
6: No matter how much figure skaters make, they lose a lot in travel and coach fees.
7: If you could pitch it to her like that somehow...
8: Changing subjects, Aoki...
9: Do you still have a guilty conscience about getting into our company purely on your father's connections?
10: Uh...
11: Well... yeah.

1: But...
2: Let's be honest... when you found out that you were in, you were relieved, right?
3: In that case...
4: You have no choice but to pony up and become a real businessman now!

1: /He saw right through me.
2: /And Noguchi-san's exactly right... I WAS relieved when I got into Tenbakudo.
3: /When I realized I didn't have to worry about chasing after my dreams anymore, I was relieved.

sfx: cheer
1: /All I had to do was ask my dad, and he gave me a press pass right away. Hanawa Ryuutarou is really something...

1: And now, our 2nd place skater in the short programs, Yamada Asami has entered the ring!
sfx: cheer
2: She has challenged Asamura Mayuna time and time again, but she's never been able to break through the queen's wall!
3: Will today be the day that she finally stands on the victory pedestal?!
4: She'll need to do her first jump
5: and complete the secret technique she worked into her program in order to defeat Asamura -- the triple axel! This is an absolute requirement for victory!
6: Calm down, Asami!
7: Do your best, sis!
poster: Do your best, Asami!

1: Will she be able to dance gorgeously to Bizet's Carmen?!
2: Her first move!
3: She's gaining speed!
4: Here it comes!

1: The triple axel!

sfx: jerk
1: Ahhh!
2: She didn't land properly!
3: Yamada has made a critical error!
sfx: Aaaahh

sfx: cheer
1: And now, for our final skater in the short program, we present to you the queen of the rink, Asamura Mayuna!
sfx: cheer
2: Will she be able to complete another dignified performance and make this her best season yet?!

1: /Why... I was able to do it during practice...
2: /I lost again...
3: /As long as Asamura-san is there, I'll never be able to win.
4: /I guess I can't beat a genius after all...
5: /No matter how hard I try,
6: /I'll always be 2nd place...

1: /I'm worthless unless I can make it to the Olympics.
2: /My family sacrificed everything and worked their hardest for me...
3: /But at this rate, I can't give anything back to them.
4: /I... will never stand on the top in figure skating...

sfx: waaahh
1: Asamura Mayuna takes the top spot again!
2: She assumed complete victory, with yet another record-breaking performance!
3: Yamada Asami was unable to touch her yet again!
4: Now, we will begin a 10-minute interview.
5: Only organizer companies may ask questions.
6: /I'll only have one quick chance to talk to her -- after the interview ends!

1: Is there anything in particular you're working on for the Olympics?
2: Yes, I plan on sharpening my expression more.
3: /No... even if I do try to talk to her, she'll probably just ignore me.
4: /And then these security guards will beat the crap out of me...
5: That's all the time we have. All media are to vacate the premises at once!
6: Mayu-chan! Please, let me take your photo!
7: Outta the way! Open a path!
8: /Wah... she's leaving! What should I do?
9: /I knew it... I knew I wouldn't be able to do it!

1: /You were relieved, weren't you?
2: /What am I doing?
3: /Go!
4: /Charge through!
5: /I work at an advertising agency!

1: /I'm a businessman!

1: Asamura-san!
2: Would you please become a motorboat racer?!
3: What are you doing? Get back!
4: Umm... you can win 10 billion yen in award money!

1: You'll never get that much in figure skating!
sfx: cheer
2: What are you yelling at her? Stop it!
3: Hey... move it! Clear the way!
4: What company are you from?
5: I want you in my office later!
sfx: haa

1: /She didn't even flinch. Of course not. I probably just looked like some weirdo.
2: /But... I did all I could.

1: /That's Yamada Asami... the skater who won 2nd place.
2: Does it take long to become a motorboat racer?

1: If I become one...
2: could I really win 10 billion yen?

Chapter #1 / END


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