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Chapter 1 - The Final Intership


tl by dan luffey


Chapter 1 - The Final Internship
Chapter 2 - Reminiscence
Chapter 3 - Rules and Systems
Chapter 4 - In Despair
Chapter 5 - Different Wavelengths
Chapter 6 - Personal Struggles

bubbles: beep

Chapter 1
The Final Internship

1-2: rattle
p3: rattle
bus sign: Eiroku Hospital
3-5: haa

1-3: haa

1: Good morning, Saitou-sensei.
2: Akagi-san.
3: It's been a while.

1: Still commuting by bike, huh?
2: Yes. The bike's gotten a bit old, but it's still ridable.
3: Now that I think about it, it still hasn't even been two years
4: since we first met.
5: That's right.
6: I can't decide whether it's felt long or gone by too quickly.
7: What are you going to do now?

1: Your internship period
2: is almost over, isn't it?
3: I wonder what the best course of action is?
4: Honestly, I haven't really decided yet.
5: How much longer will you be here, Akagi-san?
6: Huh?
7: Up until now, you've been hopping from
8: hospital to hospital, right?

1: I haven't decided on an exact time.
2: If I feel like I want to go somewhere else, then I just go.
3: Why?
4: Lately, I've been thinking...
5: I may be the type of person who never does anything unless something spurs me into action.
6: Akagi-san.
7: What are you searching for here?

1: You're really weird, you know that?
2: If you insist on finding out, then invite me to dinner or something.
3: This isn't the kind of thing to talk about first thing in the morning.
4/: You're the one who brought it up...
5: Oh yeah, I was going to ask.
6: Which department are you in today?

sign: Eiroku University Hospital
Kondou Mutsumi
1: Will you let me continue cutting already,
2: Satou-sensei?
3: Umm, I'm not quite sure I understand your question,
4: Kondou-sensei...

1: I am a surgeon...
2: Therefore, cutting things is my job. I want to keep cutting...
3: I think you're twisting the logic around.
4: After all, surgery is something that patients request doctors to perform...
5: Doctors forcing surgery on their patients is ethically impermissible.
6: slip
7: They have more than they need, don't they?
8: Excess skin...

sign: Urology Department

1: I seeee.
2: Now then, I'm going to place my finger inside your anus.
3: poke
4: Hauuhh!!
5: poke
6: poke poke
7: Your prostate is a bit enlarged, like I thought.
8: Let's do an ultrasound.
9: Right now...
10: I'm in the urology department.

1: Basically, the urology department is the department of dicks and pee.
2: We deal with problems connected to the male genitalia, prostate, and testes, as well as problems with the urinary tract, including those related to the kidneys and bladder.
3: Now, pull down your pants so I can take a look at your penis.
4: Umm...
5: I'm a little embarrassed to get a check up from a female doctor.
6: I am a doctor.
7: I've seen tens of thousands of penises in my career, so please, rest at ease.

1: You have chlamydia.
2: We found many white blood cells in your urine.
3: Chlamydia? Is that a disease?
4: I can't see how I could have gotten it.
5: Then perhaps your wife got it from someone else.
6: This disease can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse, including oral sex.
7: Chlamydia can increase womens' infection rate toward other diseases, and can cause symptoms such as urinary pain.
8: However, 80% of women with chlamydia experience no symptoms at all. If the disease goes untreated, it can cause infertility.
9: Hold on a second here! Are you saying my wife is cheating on me?!
10: Please have her get tested. The disease can be treated with antibacterial drugs.

1: What most people don't know is
2: that the urology department is basically a surgical department.
3: The majority of the surgeries are to remove the prostate for prostate cancer.
4: Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that has been occurring more often in recent years,
5: and most of the patients we admit are suffering from it.

1: The prostate is an organ at the exit to the bladder that weighs approximately 20 grams and looks like a chestnut.
2: It creates prostatic fluid, of which 20~30% of semen is composed.
3: Prostatic fluid contains proteolytic enzymes,
4: which are ejected from the body along with sperms during ejaculation, and work to break down the solidified semen.
5: According to a report from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, 7514 people died from prostate cancer in the year 2000.
6: It's the 8th highest cause of death among Japanese men.

1: Oh my.
2: We'll have to take out all his pelvic nerves too now.
3: Men are so stupid...
4: They can't commit to getting an operation until they get this bad.
5: All men should just get their prostates removed once they get old...
6: It's not like they're going to die without them...

p2: chop
1: Everyone was really shocked.
p3: roll
2: It'd be like asking a woman to get her womb removed after she's had all her children.
3: It's not just that she lacks delicacy.
4: It's her ethics as a doctor...
5: Saitou-sensei,
6: don't you think you've been a little careless lately?

1: Help me out!
2: I worked all day too, you know.
3: S...
4: Sorry.
5: So, what are you going to do?
6: Huh?
7: Your internship period will be up soon, right?
8: What comes next?
9: Mmm...

1: Now that I think about it, I had it easy up until now.
2: I was on the bottom, and all I needed to do was complain to the top.
3: Maybe I just thought all I needed to do was utilize myself as best I could
4: in the environment I was placed in...
5: But...
6: what the hell am I, then?
7: That's not the answer I want to hear.
8: What are you going to do now?

1: I think I'm going to stay at the university hospital.
2: I want to know who I am...
3: If I learn more about who I am by clashing with other people...
4: then I need to find bigger people to clash with.

1: Sheesh.
2: All you ever think about is yourself.
3: I'm already 26 now...
4: I want to make good use of what little time I have left
5: No...
6: I'm thinking about you too, Minagawa-san!
7: I want to stay with you forever...that's why I need to hurry up and become a real man and start saving some money...
8: Whatever!
9: Minagawa-saaaan.

1: You should just stay the night.
2: Recently my dad's been getting lonely when I do that.
3: Minagawa-san...
4: Thanks...
5: Huh?

1: I think you're exactly right.
2: I was only ever thinking about myself.
3: That's kind of random.
4: Can you listen to what I have to say without getting mad?
5: nod

1: When we started going out,
2: I liked you, of course...but I think I was only spending so much time with you because I didn't want to be alone.
3: But now...
4: I think I'm with you because I want to be with you, Minagawa-san.

1: So...?
2: Why did you say "thanks?"
3: Because I think you knew that, but you still went out with me.
4: You really...only ever think about yourself...
5: So you just want me to forgive you so you can feel better about yourself?
6: You have to let me depend on you sometimes too.

p2: kick
1-2: snap

sign: Musashino Dialysis Clinic


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