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Chapter 2 - Reminiscence


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 2 - Reminiscence

1: Dialysis?
2: Yes...
3: I know it's outside your area of expertise, so I probably shouldn't ask you about it, but...
4: It isn't outside my area of expertise.
5: I'm not a dialysis doctor, but urology does deal with the kidneys.
6: Dialysis is basically the creation of an artificial kidney.
7: It's currently the first choice for patients with end-stage renal failure.

1: Now, I have a question for you.
2: What function do the kidneys serve within the body?
3: Huh?
4: They filter the blood in the body and creates urine, right?
5: Correct.
5: The kidneys purify the blood, turn body waste and water into urine, and then expel it in order to protect the body.
6: End-stage renal failure is when kidneys virtually cease to function.
7: Do you know what happens if they go unattended?
8: They stop expelling body waste.
9: And the patient dies from urine poisoning.
10: Correct.

1: Which means that dialysis is life support for patients with end-stage renal failure.
2: In dialysis, needles are placed into a vein in the patient's arm.
3: Then, a machine called a dialyzer uses a pump to circulate the blood.
4: The dialyzer filters salt, body waste, and water from the blood that passes through it
5: and then returns the purified blood to the patient's body.
6: One session of dialysis for 4-5 hours is necessary three times a week.
7: For as long as the patient continues to survive.

1: It's impossible for dialysis to improve the functions of the kidneys,
2: and stopping it equals death.
3: Death...
4: Why are you asking about dialysis all of a sudden?
5: Well...
6: Because I saw a friend walk out of a dialysis clinic.
7: Oh. It's simple, then.

1: Just give that person one of your kidneys.
2: Wha...
3: There is only one way for end-stage renal failure patients to be free from dialysis...
4: A kidney transplant.
5: Each person has two kidneys in their bodies, but only having one poses no problems.
6: If you give that person one of your kidneys, then they'll be back to normal.

1: What are you talking about?!
2: Please...
3: Don't you have any morals or delicacy, Kondou-sensei?
sign: Surgery
p: whiirr

1: Oh, Saitou-sensei.
2: Good morning. We've really been running into each other lately, haven't we?
3: Uh...
4: Good morning...

1: Look! The screen's distorting! You have to keep it level!
2: sorry...
3: You idiot! Level! Keep it level!
4: Keep the water surface parallel with the screen!
5: Sorry...

1: chomp
2: Hey, did you hear?
3: Hear what?
4: You know, that woman named Akagi-san? She wears kinda heavy makeup.
5: Oh, yeah. What about her?
6: She said she's going to quit working as a nurse here at the end of this year.

1: What? Really? How come?
2: I don't know. She doesn't really talk with anyone.
3: I wonder if she has any friends.
4: I've never really heard anyone say they were close with her.
5: She seems to know a lot of doctors, though.
6: She probably seduces them all. Not my kind of person.
7: Uwahh, I can't believe you said that!
8: What? Personnel affairs is our business. Besides, if she's gone around working at so many hospitals in the past, it must mean she's a problematic employee.
9: She's quitting?

p1-p3: klak
1: Japanese Chronic Dialysis Therapy Conditions (2000)
2: Patients: approx. 260,000
Average Patient Age: 64 years

1: 23,983 patients died in 2005.
2: Their causes of death are categorized as:
3: 1. Heart failure... 25.8%
2. Infection... 19.2%
3. Cerebrovascular Disease... 9.8%
4: Survival rate after one year of dialysis:
5. 88.4%.
6: 63.1% survival rate after five years.
7: 40.7% survival rate after ten years.

1: A 40.7% survival rate after 10 years...?!

1-2: ding dong
3: Minagawa-san...
4: Look who's here! Hic!
5: Woahh!! You reek of beer! Are you drunk?!
6: I'm not drunk. Give me some water. I need water!
7: Hey, let me borrow a T-shirt. And a jersey too!
8-9: toss
10: Hey, don't just strip in here!

1: What happened.
2: It's rare for you to get this drunk.
3: Who cares? Just shut up and let me console me...
4: I came because you said you wanted to be with me.
5: But you said your dad gives you trouble if you don't come home.
6: And I came here because I don't want to go home, obviously.
7: Figure it out, you idiot...

1: A 40.7% survival rate after 10 years...
2: In other words, 4/10 people who start doing dialysis will be dead within ten years.
3-4: zzzz
5: The survival rate after 10 years may just be low because the average patient age is 64 years...
6: Some patients probably had other diseases as well, so Akagi-san doesn't necessarily fall into that 40.7%...but...
7-8: zzzz
9: Akagi-san...

1: Gotta hurry or you'll be late!
2-4: haa
5: I feel sick...
6: I don't wanna go to work.

1: Hey, Minagawa-chan,
2: the head nurse is calling for you.

1-3: clack
sign: Musashino Dialysis Clinic

1-2: click
3: bzzzz

1: whiiirrr
2: whiiirrr
3: blub blub
p4: thump

1-2: sniff

1-3: sniff

1: Why?
2: Why are you crying?
3: Mom...

1: clink
sign: Musashino Dialysis Clinic


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